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    Oh, the great unwashed.

    Not worthy of dusting off my TrackIR hat.
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    Oh yes..the lovely Gamespy forums.

    Home of the most unmoderated forums ever.As well as the home of the biggest,over inflated ego,loudmouth,I should have been aborted before I was born,lower than pond scum forum denizens ever to grace any internet forum.

    I do have to laugh when I see half of what is posted over in those forums.
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    BSS_Goat's Avatar Senior Member
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    Killer Prodigy writes:
    "i found IL-2 to be a little off. i tried to pull an Immelmann in an Fw-190 at around 405 mph and it stalled...and i pulled out of the stall...and tried it again after a steeper dive at greater speed...i still stalled and pulled out of it. idk...it seemed off"

    D@mn, finally real proof that IL2 is fecked...
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    Somebody needs to tell him stall is a product of angle of attack, not airspeed...just say'in.
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    Treetop64's Avatar Senior Member
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    -- Said in an uppity, snotty voice:

    "*ahem* Well, obviously this poor rabble is of a community that is of considerably less intellectual capacity than our esteemed club. It is simply impossible for these commoners to absorb what it is to be a true flightsimmer, and thus understand, no less comprehend, the finer aspects of said activity.

    "Now, pass me the XBox controller so that I may partake upon the flightsimming experience that is Secret Weapons Over Normandy.

    "IL-2 Sturmovodka? HA! What rubbish..."
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    "Sim's will attract older more intelligent, also read: richer crowd. guys who turn entire basements into virtual pc cockpits. peeps who spend 300~400 plus bucks on a wheel or flight sticks just for the realism it adds. a typical sim might have eye-candy, but physics would most important. you console-luvin turds don't understand this so stick to what you can grasp."

    I like this guy.
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    Chuck_Older's Avatar Banned
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    GTR and GPL. Pfffft. I can drive a car in Simpsons Hit and Run, what's the big deal
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    Ow... That linked thread was physically painful to read.

    Reminds me of the people who complain about GTR or GPL because they are 'hard to drive'... meaning you actually have to ease off the gas when approaching a hairpin turn.

    Scary thing is, these people will grow up and vote.

    I'm shaking... I.. I think I need my medication...
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    Some of what was said is true. The community kills the games. Look at how many threads about the gunsight on the FW, 50 cal, etc. etc. I sometimes wonder why the Dev team keeps putting out addons and such.

    The main thing most people forget is that this is a G-A-M-E , to have F-U-N with. If you want realism, get a pilots liscense !

    Let's face it, the 1000 or so psycho's here will not make enough money for 1C or any other developer. BoB must have a kick-a$$ single player mode or it will go the way of the Dodo bird. Onwhiners, the few, (very few compared to other sims) that play every
    night is just not enough to warrent further devlopment. It is just a matter of time before UbiSoft (tm) pulls the plug.
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