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    I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted above.

    For the latency tool, when you install and open it, things will be set at 0 or some other number. If 0, leave as 0. For all of the other ones, set at 64 (or at 32 which works better for some rigs).

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    I cool and good to go now. I cleaned up old files, download driver 77.30 from battlefield 2 CD. cleared out cookies and stuff like that.....run virse scan....and spent over 45min defragging the hard drive.
    I just played the game and even was able to fly and shoot at people on-line.
    got shot down several times but I can live with this for now. Thank you for your replies back to my help.

    I will be trying the 77.77 drivers on the amd 3000+ 64-bit system in the next few days and will report on how that goes. right now it flew good over this last weekend with a freind played a mod. Uber Demon games

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