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    Three operator concepts

    *Highly subject to change. I am not a game designer by any means, and no human can predict the consequences of something perfectly*

    Concept: “Breach” attacker

    Gadget: Breaching Blades
    Use to equip a pair of blades, (switch type using firing mode button, similar to Capitao, default [B]) one that can cut through windows silently, and another that can cut through barricades (excluding castle barricades) silently. Operated in a similar way to Maverick, using the blades to trace the outline of a hole, which the operator then moves out of the way quietly (to a button prompt, gives more control to the player), using a short animation (compensating for the time taken to cut the hole twice, once for the window, once for the barricade) which can be canceled in case of danger.

    Primary weapon choices: FMG-9, F2
    FMG-9 attachments: barrel{none, flash hider, silencer} sight{none, reflex sight, holographic, red dot} grip{none, angled foregrip} underbarrel{none, laser sight}
    F2 attachments: barrel{none, flash hider, silencer} sight{none, ACOG, reflex sight, holographic} grip{none, angled foregrip, vertical grip} underbarrel{none}

    Secondary weapon choices: 5.7 USG, D50
    5.7 USG attachments: barrel{none, silencer} underbarrel{none, laser}
    D50 attachments: barrel{none, silencer, muzzle brake}

    Gear choices: impact grenade, flashbang


    Concept: “Trace” defender (WIP operator, all is subject to change)

    Gadget: Tracker Augment
    Small pistol (similar to Doc’s stim pistol) which, when fired at a camera (of any kind, excluding Maestro Evil Eyes) replaces the “scan for enemies” function with “tag,” which operates in the same way (press and hold button, enemies on screen are tagged) but instead of having a stationary ping, the enemies are tagged with a ping that follows them, are not alerted to being pinged, and (possibly, though would likely make the ability overpowered) makes the blue light associated with a defender using a camera not appear. Ping lasts for 10 seconds, and the pistol can be fired up to three times, but the augment fired cannot be recovered if the user misses or augments a camera that they do not want augmented.



    Concept: “Arachnid” Defender

    Gadget: Enhanced Rappel
    Ability functioning similarly to Nokk and Caveira, a toggle using a charge based system. The ability drains its “timer” when it is used, and can be toggled off and on at will, depending on if it has a charge available. When active, the user can rappel on any surface, whether it be an outer wall, skylight, or inner wall. This rappel is used just like a normal rappel, in that while using it, the operator can change stance, enter windows, shoot, lean, strafe, etc… However, it also allows one to rappel on the ceiling of a room, similarly to a skylight, but strafing is mostly unavailable other than a short range of movement when close to the ceiling or wall (given the hook is embedded in the ceiling or wall, rather than hanging on a ledge)



    If anyone has ideas on weapons, gear, and changes to abilities, I would love to hear them. We all want R6 to be the best it can be.
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    Remove Acog scope on Breach F2, given that would make Breach work too well at any range, and make them play more outside, peeking windows rather than doing their job of silent breaching.

    Make Arachnids Enhanced Rappel have a long timer for use (not charge, short down time, long time active.
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