Hello everyone !

I'm proud to present to you 10 operator ideas for the game we love : Rainbow Six Siege. The game has almost been out for five years now and we have tons of operators from different CTUs. But as time goes by, creating new and fun content is getting more complicated like the controversy over recycled weapons. Also, this will prevent having to come up with new CTU colors as I assume that finding new colors for each season is getting complicated.

Jokes aside, I tried to create original operators with load-outs we haven’t seen before in the game like a 2 speed female GIGN defender with a P90, or a 3 armor FBI attacker with a shield. Most ideas were imagined out of a general consensus from the R6 community like seeing a dog added to the game. Others are inspired by ideas of other players (so you may come across similarities with other operator ideas). And finally some are just the product of my own fantasy!

These operators were imagined to be similar in design to the original operators. So most of them are thought through an authentic look.

Furthermore, you will realized that I tried to keep the design of the operators the closest possible to the “spirit” of the original ones. Spetznaz ? They have things that go BOOM (except for Glaz). GIGN ? They have support roles, etc...

If weapon stats are indicated this means that these are not in the game. The submitted stats are propositions of course and are open for debate. But when creating weapons, I also kept in mind the operators speed and gadgets utility for the sake of balance. Additionally, I kept the DPS of each new weapon in the range of their existing counterparts. So, nothing should be OP.

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so the ideas are subject to change.

Finally, if this gets enough support, I'm considering creating the operator logo's and maybe one day drawing them completely! I know a friend who has excellent design skills.

Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment below!


Attacker - Wolf (logo: dog head) Role: Hunter/Entry fragger. Speed: 2 / Armor: 2

Loadout :

⁃ C9 carbine (comes with Acog)

⁃ 552 Commando

⁃ M870

Secondary :

⁃ P12

⁃ Walther p99 (⚔️: 49, capacity: 16+1) Has more recoil than the P12.

Primary Gadget: German Shepherd named Roxy which constantly leans on Wolf if not told otherwise. They are several ways to use Roxy and that depends on your play-style.

When going on the cameras you can control Roxy via a camera and speaker placed on the dog. Besides guiding her, available orders include "guard" or "attack".

Press "guard" to order Roxy to stay at a location and guard a defuser or a doorway for instance. You can also hold the primary gadget button and select "guard". The dog will then guard the location where you are at.

Press "attack" if you see an enemy. The dog will then rush towards the closest enemy. You can also quickly press the primary gadget button if an enemy appears in front of you. Although it is just quicker to shoot him instantly.

Enemies hit by the dog enter a struggle animation on the ground. You need to keep pressing a button for several seconds to release yourself from the dog (to make the struggle is more challenging, maybe add QTE’s to the fight). If you fail to spam the struggle button the dog downs you and holds you in place like a frost mat. You will then have to wait until an allied operator comes to help you by killing the dog and then revives you.

Roxy grunts when an enemy operator is "nearby". So you ought to simply keep her near you.

If you are down and your dog is still alive, Roxy attacks enemy operators who get too close to you.

However, she does have some downsides:

She will not trigger Gu mines but can trigger Kapkan traps. Injuring her.

Can get caught by frost mats. Injuring her.

Can be denied by gas canisters. Making her leave the area of effect.

Defenders can hear the dog panting. Which will give away you position if he is at your side.

Quantity: 1

Secondary gadget:

⁃ Smoke grenades

⁃ Breach charges

Side note: If a defender kills her : the score feed will show "You Monster !" and grant you 5 points. If it an attacker, he will loose 100 points and get Reverse fire activated.

Defender - Panzer (logo: ?)

Role: Tank. Relies on soaking damage and using spray and pray tactics. Speed: 1 / Armor: 3


⁃ XM 556 microgun (it’s a compact minigun) (Rpm: 2400, ⚔️: 43, Capacity: 200). Can’t Ads.

Secondary :

⁃ P12

⁃ Walther P99

Gadget: Sentry: deployable exoskeleton: turns Panzer into a 2 speed, 4 armor operator for a short duration. Emp grenades deactivate the device. Quantity: Infinite but limited in time.

Secondary gadgets:

⁃ Impact grenades

⁃ Deployable shield

Passive: can withstand one head shot from low caliber weapons due to superior armor.


Attacker - Cobra ? (logo : ?) Role: Support. Speed : 1 / Armor : 3

Loadout :

⁃ Minimi 5.56 Mk3 para. (Rpm: 800, ⚔️: 38, capacity: 100)

⁃ CGCQB⁃ 412.


⁃ PRB92

⁃ P9

Gadget: Morphine syringe worth 30 HP each. HP gradually increases (1/sec) until reaching 30. So it takes 30 seconds to gain +30HP permanently. Maximum one per operator and no over stim.

Quantity: 5


⁃ Frag grenades

⁃ Flash grenades

Passive ability: revives are worth 50HP (if he still have syringes) instead of 20 to make up for the fact that applying syringes must be done up close to the wounded operator. The animation is different from the standard revive as he applies an Israeli bandage (which will stay apparent on the wounded operator) and then gives a morphine dose (if they are remaining syringes).

Bio: paratrooper commando combat medic

Defender - Marine (logo: sonar) Role: Intel Gatherer. Speed: 2 / Armor: 2

Loadout :

⁃ P90

⁃ G2 (RPM: 980, ⚔️: 43, capacity : 30. Locked 3 round burst or single). No Acog.



⁃ PRB92

⁃ P9

Gadget: Portable Sonar Motion detector. Deployable gadget that detects movement. Can be detected by IQ and disrupted by Thatcher/Kali.

Upon trigger: Loud sound reveals the enemies’ approximate position for the next 5 seconds. The sound is imagined as being eirie but slightly melodious. Quantity: 3 (acquired instantly but have to be manually placed like an ADS device).

If an attacker runs in the area of effect: Lion-like scan reveals enemy outline but stops as soon as the operator stops running.

Secondary gadgets:

⁃ barbed wire.

⁃ C4

Bio: worked as a golden ear on a French submarine.


Attacker - Cossack (logo ?) Role: Hard Breacher. Speed: 1 / Armor: 3


⁃ AK-12

⁃ AK-74 M (with Russian sights).


⁃ Udav (⚔️: 56 Capacity: 18+1. Recoil: high).

⁃ Gsh

Gadget: Rocket launcher that fires liquid oxygen warheads. Weakens a reinforced surface upon impact. Rendering it weak to regular breaching tools. The size of the hole is big enough for an operator to vault through it. But beware the blast upon arrival will severely injure if not kill the operators in the vicinity. Quantity: 2 rockets

Secondary :

⁃ Smoke

⁃ Frag grenades

Character design: Taliban vibes. Dressed in multicam. Wears round black sunglasses.

Defender - Anastasia (logo: ?) Role: Trap operator/Assassin. Speed : 3 / Armor: 1


⁃ 9x19vsn

⁃ Sasg 12

⁃ Bizon (650 rpm, 35 ⚔️, capacity : 64)



⁃ SR2-Veresk (⚔️:34. Rpm: 900. Capacity: 20 or 30 ? Recoil: high).

Gadget: Can place a suitcase filled with explosives. Instantly kills until a certain distance. Shield operators are protected from the blast if facing the IED, but get thrown to the ground similarly to an airjab. Remotely triggered. Quantity: 2 suitcases.

Animation: Takes our a silver suitcase. Opens it. Activates the explosive. Closes the suitcase. Places it carefully on the ground.The placement of the suitcases are strategic. That is why the animation is relatively lengthy.


- Bullet proof camera

- Barbed wire.

Passive ability: Anastasia can trigger a suicide vest if she is downed. Must stay pressed 1full second to detonate.

Character design: Russian agent dressed up as a wealthy civilian. Wears a bomb vest underneath her outfit.


Attacker - Trench (logo: ?) Role: Area denial/Pusher. Speed: 1 / Armor: 3


⁃ AR-33 (a buffed version).

⁃ LVOA-C (⚔️: 59. Capacity: 30. Semi-automatic). Low recoil. High rate of fire.


⁃ Glock 18 (1200 RPM. ⚔️: 33. Capacity: 33)

⁃ P226 MK 25

Gadget: Flamethrower (Range: 30 meters ⚔️: 75/FULL second. Ignores armor). Puts on fire soft surfaces. Enemies hit by fire have to put it out by holding a key. Running while being on fire increases damage.

Quantity : to be defined.


⁃ Frag grenades.

⁃ Claymore.

Character design: leather trench coat, gas mask (ww1 style)

Defender - Bishop (logo : ?)Role : Area denial/Support. Speed: 1 / Armor : 3


⁃ FMG-9 (but maybe increase its rate of fire. FYI: in game model has 800 rpm vs 1200 in real life).

⁃ F2000 (⚔️: 37 Rpm: 850 Capacity: 30+1) has recoil. Vortex sight can be equipped. No Acog. For those who think this is OP. IT IS NOT. Jaeger’s Carabine and Maestro’s Alda are still the best weapons on defense and let’s not forget that Jaeger is a 3 speed…

⁃ Kel Tec KSG (⚔️:46. Capacity: 14+1. Long range)


⁃ Silencer Co Maxim 9 (⚔️: 40. Capacity: 17+1) low recoil, integrated suppressor.

⁃ Auto 6 (Rate of fire: ? ⚔️: 78. Capacity: 6. Recoil: Out of the charts). 3 round burst revolver imported from Watch dogs. Side note: I love this gun. If you played the game and like it too, let me know in the comments !

Gadget: Special foam that obstructs holes in walls. Bishop throws the ball/container that contains the foam at a destroyed surface. The foam expands slowly and hardens until it is considered as a regular breachable surface. Ideal to fill a breached wall. Quantity: 2

Secondary Gadget:

⁃ Shield

⁃ Bulletproof Camera

Character design: Cyberpunk vibes. Futuristic gas mask.


Attacker - Salt (logo: ?) Role : Disabler/Pusher. Speed: 1 / Armor: 3 (but same running animation as blitz).

Loadout :

⁃ SWAT Bulletproof Shield (smaller than regular shields as legs are fully revealed). When aiming down sights, the shield doesn’t move like for other operators. Instead, Salt extends his arm and holds the gun sideways, to acquire sights. Therefore, his arm is exposed but not his head.

Secondary :

⁃ P10-C

⁃ 1911

⁃ 5.7.

Gadget : Tear gas pocket grenade launcher. While holding to his shield, Salt can switch to a pocket grenade launcher that fires tear gas grenades. Each grenade releases gas for several seconds. Area of effect still needs to be defined but it is imagined to expand similarly took smoke's gas canisters. Operators hit by the gas will have vision impairness (screen distortion: blurred screen). It’s like a mini Zofia. The effect is not quite the same though. It is severely longer but less important. Quantity: 3

Should the following operators be immune to the effect ? Salt, Trench, Sledge, Thatcher, Lion, Finka, Smoke, Mute.


⁃ Breach charges

⁃ Smoke grenades

Character design: Modern/Commando

Bio: specialized in riot control. He got good at taking care of multiple enemies.

Defender - Eve (logo: queen’s crown) Role: Support Speed: 3 / Armor: 1


⁃ Wilson combat AR9 with an integrated suppressor (⚔️: 49. Capacity: 50 round drum magazine). Semi-automatic. Very low recoil. A cog can be equipped. High damage drop off though.

⁃ M1014

Secondary :

⁃ Barretta 93R (1100rpm, ⚔️33, capacity : 20) (locked 3 round burst).

⁃ Taran tactical combat master with integrated suppressor (50 dmg+ 22 round mag).

Gadget: ammunition pack that grants complete resupply of reinforcements, ammo and conventional gadgets (can only be used twice). Quantity: 1


⁃ Impact

⁃ Barbed wire

Passive ability: Reinforces surfaces 1.5 seconds faster.

Character design: She is in her late 50’s. Dressed up as a typical 1990’s inspector. Bio: trained ash, FBI veteran.

Shout out to AcidRainLake on Reddit for helping improve the ideas.