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    Why is siege being considered a sport in universe


    talking about the new trailer that is 100% showing off the game not as competent military training but more of an weird meta-sport that no longer has military operators and instead athletes and celebrities appeal, is this really what you think a tom clancy game is?
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    Considering how Harry has invited private military contractors to handle sensible public missions and duties, it wouldn't be surprising the siege operators realized that Harry is a kid with "special conditions" and prefer to go along with his desires to not upset him.

    Then again we jumped the shark years ago and the new skins are dope so i'm all for this new event.
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    Another peice of evidence that Rainbow Six is long dead.

    This is what Tom Clancy was involved in...

    Thats right - they were secret, only highest level gov't officials knew they existed, let alone any ideas of names.
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