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    Shield Operator (Attacker)

    A attacker that has a shield that dispurst a EMP smoke on front of it that will disrupt enemy gadgets, sights, and can also give Warden a buff in gameplay to counter such operator.
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    You forgot to mention that smoke is also a metal-melting poisonous gas
    Btw, Warden is affected by EMP, he won't being able to turn his watches on.
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    Originally Posted by CortlanB. Go to original post
    A attacker that has a shield that dispurst a EMP smoke on front of it that will disrupt enemy gadgets, sights, and can also give Warden a buff in gameplay to counter such operator.
    What does this say in English?
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    Operator Ideas

    Intel Gatherer (Attacker)
    Description: this operator can shoot a launcher, similar to Ash, that has a bulletproof camera that drills into a reinforced wall. Can be destroyed by bandit or Kaid and leaves a hole smaller than a Maverick hole in the wall.

    Reinforcement operator (Defender)
    Description: Has 3 half reinforcements that can be double stacked behind another reinforcement or in place of a regular reinforcement that can pair up with Mira or a new Tachanka rework I have in mind.

    Anti-roamer/tracker (Attacker)
    Description: Has 2 drones that shoots defenders with a tracking dart that will continue to ping them until to ping them until it is pulled out. His/her drones can be captured by Mozzie and has has regular drone counters.

    Distractor (Defender)
    Description: this operator has small mines that are triggered by proximity. Sounds emitted from the mines will resemble defender gunshots and will also give off a threat indicator ring to distract them even farther.

    Secondary Gadget Disruptor (Defender)
    Description: This defender has magnetic bars that can be placed over windows and doorways that will push back enemies grenades and thrown gadgets back at the Attackers.
    (This was before Wamai was introduced.)

    Versatile Operator (Attacker)
    Description: This operator is much similar to Captiao or Zofia with a launcher similar to ash. The launcher is a 1 shot grenade launcher with both frag grenades and a new grenade that they carry, a Tear gas grenade. The launcher works as a double projectile system that can shoot into a fully barricaded door or window and even a soft surface and releases the grenade on the other side with the momentum behind it still. Also the new tear gas grenade works similar as a AOE concussion effect that makes it much harder to aim.

    Anti-Trap (Defender)
    Description: A defender that can lower their heat signature that can counter Glaz, Jackel scans (when on), Lions drone, Nomads airjabs, and claymores.
    (Ubisoft can make it where claymores and Airjabs are heat sensed)

    Shield Operator (Attacker/Defender?)
    Description: This operator has a shield that shoots a concussive wave forward effecting all operators in its path, this blast works similar to echos. Once shot, it has a 10 second cooldown before the next one.

    Anti-Camper (Attacker)
    Description: This operator has a gun equipped sight, similar to Glaz, that can detect enimes thought walls that has been stationary for a decent amount of time such as 7 or so seconds. The scope also has a 1x range.

    New Secondary Gadgets
    Description: Attackers can get a new tear gas grenade that makes it harder for Defenders to ADS properly and does no damage and can carry 2. For Defenders, a small white phosphorus grenade denies a snall area for a few seconds and works similar to Captiao bolts.

    De-buffer (Attacker)
    Description: This Attacker has a impact grenade like gadget that is filled with something similar to Lesions GU mines that will shoot out fragments of these needles, affecting any defender close enough. It has the same effect as lesion but lastes for 8 seconds.

    Healer (Attacker)
    Description: An Attacker that can heal other attackers back to full health but needs to shoot them with a short range syringe that will heal 5 health every .5 seconds. This operator can heal themself also but only has 2 of them.

    Long range Sledge (Attacker)
    Description: An operator with a slingshot with ball bearings that can act as as a long range sledge but has a limited number of shots. Also dont create as big as a hole as sledge but big enough to vault through. The bearings will also go through damaging anyone or anything in its path.

    Unique Anchor (Defender)
    Description: A defender with a break action or bolt action rifle that can shoot through reinforcements. Can pair with Mira or an intel gatherer really well but cannot shot through Miras window.

    Intel Gatherer (Defender)
    Description: A defender that throws a device, similar to Elas Grzmot, that will ping attackers every 1 second when they are in the devices AOE. Can be placed anywhere but has to have a line of sight and within its sphere of effect.

    Long range barricader (Defender)
    Description: A defender that can launch a newly placed barricade over damaged or already broken barricades. Has to have line of sight similar to Amaru but doesn't have the cooldown aspect. The barricades can have their own special design to it when placed to have their own giveaway to who put up the barricade. Can place the barricades from either top or bottom or even the sides.

    Slows Attackers (Defender)
    Description: This defender has devices similar looking to a floor spotlight that shoots out in a 45° cone in front of it where it was placed. This device does not harm attackers but slows them and disorients their vision a bit. The effect is more devastating at close proximity.

    Area denial (Attacker)
    Description: A attacker that leaves behind oil slicks with a device similar to yings candela. It rolls out in a straight line and will stop when it hits a wall, shot or destroyed. When shot, the oil slick will catch on fire and follow the trail.

    Leg and shoe bracers (Defender)
    Description: This defender deploys a bag similar to rooks plate bag that gives defenders leg and shoe braces. These braces provides little to no armor but comes with multiple benefits such as, take reduce damage move faster through Gridlocks Trax Stingers, brace for better impact from Nomads airjabs, halfs the time from footprints on jackal scans, and move faster while crouched or prone.

    Mobile sledge drone (Attacker)
    Description: Has a drone that has minimal jumping height but can create holes in soft walls, destroy barricades, and enemy gadgets that the drone can reach. Has more HP than a normal drone but moves much slower.

    Hard breacher with time (Attacker)
    Description: Has 2 square charges that has to be manually placed on walls. Once deployed, it can be set off immediately to create a small hole or wait patiently to create a much larger hole that can compare to 2 thermite charges.

    Area denial anchor (Defender)
    Description: A defender who, within a radius of themselves, can create a fire around them to deny attacker pushes. This operator will also be the first operator immune to all fire sources. Though immune to Goyos fire, the blast still does its initial damage.

    Gadget Finder (Attacker)
    Description: This attacker throws a sticky grenade that charges up and will reveal defender gadgets in a large radius that all attackers can see.

    Anti-hard breacher (Defender)
    Description: Has a deployable turrent, similar to a bullet-proof camera or maestros evil eye, that can shoot out a constant stream of electricity that will electrify reinforced walls, barbed wire, deployable shield, etc... and the stream will remain constant, even off turrent, and can be change from the operator camera. Can be shot from the side and melee but will only be disabled from a Thatcher EMP.

    Reviver (Defender)
    Description: This defender comes equipped with a device, that is placed similar to Jaegers ADS, that will automatically revive a downed teammate within its line of sight. The device only gives back 40hp and will not heal you if taken damaged. Also has 2 shoots, 2 they can place, and can also revive yourself.

    Unique Anchor (Defender)
    Description: This defender comes with a bag of EOD vest, similar to rook, that will reduce damage taken from all explosives by 35-40%.

    Unique Drone Operator (Attacker)
    Description: A attacker with 2 spider drones that can climb walls and ceilings. The drones will cloak when stationary a d be used as a normal drone viewing camera.

    Immobilizer (Attacker)
    Description: This operator has a a gun mounted gadget that shoots out a projectile that sticks to all surfaces, similar to Nomads airjabs. This device will shock and slow defenders within its radius until shot or destroyed. Also does less damage than a clash shield.

    Idea for future operators
    Have the existing CTUs gain new operators but have a different country of origin to remain diverse.

    DLC Operators
    Have all the DLC operators, future and existing, operator videos added to the game.

    Drone Specialists (Attacker)
    Description: A operator with a drone that can switch between two modes, smoke and explosive. When in smoke mode, the drone will release a cloud of smoke around it providing cover if someone dont have smokes or use them already. Explosive mode allows you to detonate the drone once that will damage a small area but not enough to kill a defender. Another detail is that, if a defender will shoot it, it will release smoke or detonate whatever mode the drone is in.

    Tracker (Attacker)
    Description: A attacker that leads his primary weapon with a shorter magazine with tracker bullets that will ping a defender 3 times in quick succession but will also do reduced damage to said defender. The 1 shot headshot mechanic still applys.

    Secondary Gadget Disruptor (Defender)
    Description: A defender with a double wide shield, such as the deployable shield, that acts as a Mira window but can also see through smoke, nulls the effect of flashbangs, and is much tougher to destroy than a regular deployable shield. Also the shield has a overhang that is much more difficult to shoot from above.

    Trap Operator (Defender)
    Description: This defender is equipped with strings of Piano wire that can be placed on doorways and windows. When a attacker is cut with a string, it will make them bleed and leave blood trails behind such as in the DBNO state. Also, chest height strings will cut for 10 HP, while ankle height strings will only cut for 5 HP but will slow down a normal walking attacker for a brief second but can fully trip an attacker while spiriting.

    Unique Gadget Hacker (Attacker)
    Description: This attacker has a unique dart gun that can hack into enemy controlled gadgets such as Maestros evil eyes, Valk cams, Echo drones, etc... and control them without defenders able to access these anymore. This operator can also be able to hack enemy default cameras. This operator has 3 charges for his/her gadget.

    Intel Gatherer (Attacker)
    Description: A attacker that can place 3 chest mounted cameras on their self or teammates. When killed, you can still view out of the camera of your killed teammates and work as a stationary drone. The camera is destroyed if the player dies from an explosion and can be shot if detected.

    Trap Operator (Defender)
    Description: Can place down a small box that is triggered by a attacker when in close proximity. The box will release nard wire that is already electrified.

    Gas Trap Operator (Defender)
    Description: This operator can carry gas canisters, similar to smoke, that can be manually detonated. When a attacker is trapped in the gas, it will invert their movement and look controls for a short time.

    Tracker Operator (Attacker)
    Description: This operator has a drone/dog type of gadget that can scan other gadgets defenders leave behind such as Kapkan traps, frost mats, deployable shields, bardwire, alibi holograms, etc... and can use their gadget to track and locate a defender. This operators counters is defenders who cant place down gadgets such as warden, pulse, vigil, Doc etc...
    P.S. Can have the tracking ability not so much the same as jackel but shows a general direction the defender is.

    Shield Operator (Attacker)
    Description:A attacker that has a shield that dispurst a EMP smoke on front of it that will disrupt enemy gadgets, sights, and can also give Warden a buff in gameplay to counter such operator.

    Sticky Trap Operator (Defender)
    Description: A defender that lays down a blanket of a sticky adhesive that is hard to spot and will not only slow down the Attackers but will also make a much louder walking noise than usual.

    Disruptor/Breacher (Attacker)
    Description: This operator is equipped with a gun mounted, high pressure air canister that can be used in many different applications. The first is it can be charged up to create a devastating hole on a soft wall or floor, another can be charged up to send defenders flying backwards like Nomads airjabs. Also can send defenders gadgets back at them such as C4, impact grenades, GU mines, etc...

    Intel Denial/Gatherer (Attacker)
    Description: A attacker that has a launcher that shoots globs of paint to cover up Mira windows, Maestros evil eye, and clash's shield to deny intel and is permanent. Also can shoot a defender or the ground that will leave footprints behind for attackers to see and follow.
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    Current Operator Feedback

    Blackbeard Rework
    Description: Give Blackbeard an unbreakable shield that has a small hole that protects 65% of his head so defenders can still land headshots and will only protect his shoulders and some of his upper torso.

    Re-work of Castle
    Description: Castle now has 2 thin sheets of metal that can block in coming sniper shots, melee attacks, and Fuze charges. Can still be destroyed by regular explosives.

    Re-work of Tachanka
    Description: Can walk around with 1 of 3 Soviet-era MGs that has a big belt feed magazine can be the first operator that choices his/her gadget style.
    #2 Can place his turrent on ledges, deployable shields, and my new Double reincforment operator.

    Alibi Patch
    Description: Can have alibi holograms holding different weapons and wear different headgear and uniforms.

    Dokkaebi Patch
    Description: Only show phones that are hackable in close range just in case of a TK or someone leaves for an unknown reason.

    Leison rework idea
    Description: my idea for a leison idea is to take away his cloak ability for the GU mines but to make them smaller by 50% or so
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    Misc Feedback ideas

    Description: I propose to add a variety of attachments to add to the weapons in Siege that look different. Such as Battlefield 4 that had multiple of the same attachment but looked nothing alike, such as sights, grips, and suppressor looks.

    Change to bomb
    Description: While defusing the bomb as a defender, the timer will go into overtime unless interrupted while in the process.

    Change to operator picking
    Description: can select up kill to 5 attackers and 5 defenders that will pick one of those if AFK for a unknown reason.

    QOL change
    Have the attackers drone spawn near the area you picked instead of a random locaton.

    Change to shield operators
    Have shield operators sway their shield side to side depending on how many rounds they are absorbing and what kind of caliber is hitting the shield.

    Shotgun Attachments
    Have a new attachment slot for shotgun that let's you select what type of ammunition that switch it up between slug for range, 00 for a basic loadout, and short shells for tube magazine shotguns that holds more ammo but does less damage.
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    Hi CortlanB.! I sincerely appreciate the number of suggestions you have been posting. Please note if you have something new to add within the same day, you should use the Edit Post feature instead of creating a new post. You can find it by hitting the + button. I recommend writing out your ideas in a Word document before posting, as continuously posting is considered spamming.
    I've gone ahead and merged your current posts together, organized by Operator Ideas, Current Operator Feedback, and misc feedback/suggestions.
    Also, In the future, please make sure to post original operator ideas under Player Content, as it is a space that is supposed to be used for player-created content like operator ideas. You are more than welcome to continue posting your ideas in this thread, but please keep in mind the spamming rule. Thank you!
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    I'm so sorry, I'm new to this kind of thing and didn't realize that I was spamming. But thank you, i do appreciate what you have done for me and that you took the time to do so. Also another big thanks for listening to my ideas and hope that some will make it to the game in the future. Bless you and have a great day.
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    I like a lot of these operators, they are great ideas, my only issue IMO the only shield that belongs in the game should be monty, the rest are too annoying to play against when compared to their utility. For example, blitz and clash are more or less useless but are really frustrating to play against, which detracts from the game. I also think the defender with the explosive plates is a bit useless, when you think about it how often do you die to grenades? other than that I like it.
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    Originally Posted by Eddie..... Go to original post
    I like a lot of these operators, they are great ideas, my only issue IMO the only shield that belongs in the game should be monty, the rest are too annoying to play against when compared to their utility. For example, blitz and clash are more or less useless but are really frustrating to play against, which detracts from the game. I also think the defender with the explosive plates is a bit useless, when you think about it how often do you die to grenades? other than that I like it.
    Thank you for the feedback friend, I appreciate good and bad criticism to see what I can do to tweak my ideas and see what else I can think more of. Also with the EOD vest defender, i see what your saying but i was thinking about claymores, fuze charges, and other explosive sources you can die from but thank you nonetheless.
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