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    No inicia el juego Watch Dogs Español

    Me sale un mensaje de error al iniciar el juego ORIGINAL de PC, y me gustaría saber cómo solucionarlo gracias y que pasen un buen día.

    El mensaje es el siguiente

    Unable to find supported text language!
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    Hey karlithaa007, welcome to the Ubisoft forums! We are only able to provide support in English on these forums I'm afraid, so I will be responding to you in English.

    The last line of your post clued me in as to the issue, and I took a look at your account and applied the known workaround for this issue to it for you. Please now verify the game files for Watch_Dogs in Uplay PC, and afterward, you should be able to play without issue

    In future, do also check for a pinned "known issue" thread for your issue, as these allow us to help players much more efficiently! You can find the pinned thread for this particular issue here, as an example. Thanks!
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