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    Question regarding the Harley-Davidson EV

    Could it be that this bike is bugged in some way?

    I thought a large wheel bike looks fun so I decided to buy it. And wow, I must say it's very underwhelming - to a point where I wonder if it may be bugged.

    1. With a 50% upgraded H-D EV I literally can't make the steep upwards jump on Fault Village (with the spinning wheel below). With the KTM500 I already made top 500 runs when it was 50% upgraded on this track. I can even do this jump with the bronco.
    2. On frozen facility is it almost impossible for me to jump over the first saw blade, it only barely works and I have to be lucky the blade doesn't kill me. Again, the H-D EV is at ~50% upgrades. Even the bronco clears it with ease.
    3. Ending Jump on domino dash with 60% upgrades seems almost impossible. Tango with worse stats displayed can do it easy.

    I'll update here if something drastically changes with the remaining upgrades, but I almost can't believe this is real so far.

    Edit: It does appear that the bike is absolutely atrocious at bunnyhopping - I can barely get it off flat ground. Others have point this out as well. Seems weird given how even the bunker says bunnyhoping is a key technique in this game.
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    It´s not a Bug it´s just a Cash grab.

    Almoust weird how they throw this Bike in a Shop to buy. No Event around it not even a Post on official Announcments.

    I´m glad i decided to wait couse then i could ride it on Midnight Circuit to make my own opinion and yeah ... not my Cup of Tea.
    Its kinda bulky with those big Tires but also its way to light... Tier 3 Harley has at least high torque.

    The only thing that´s sad for me is that those 50 Blueprints will only delay your collekting progress for the other Bike Parts in the Buncer ect
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    I fear it's not a bug as well.

    Whilst I understand that the people at redlynx have mouths to feed and sell stuff to do so, they really could have given the bike the ability to bunnyhop.

    I doubt anyone expected it to beat the KTM/Bandito but it could at least be better than the bronco at clearing jumps where agility matters.
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