Hello players!

2020 is a new decade and the beginning of the third decade of Nadeo. In our first decade, we released and had success with Trackmania. In the second decade, we joined Ubisoft, created new adventures and the studio grew in many aspects. Even though we are five times bigger from when we first joined Ubisoft, we continue to be just as agile as we were before. We recruited more talented, positive, autonomous and engaged people to join the Nadeo team.

While it is difficult to predict what will happen in this decade, we want to share some of our goals and hopes for the new decade with you all.

🔸We wish everyone the best with the beginning of a new year and decade.
🔸We strive to make Trackmania the standard racing game of the world.
🔸We want to keep improving Shootmania for the players who love the concept and have
continued to play it over the years.
🔸We aspire to continue to surprise players with our creativity and new technology.
🔸Lastly, we hope to enjoy another decade of new releases and updates for players to enjoy
on a regular basis.

We want to thank you all for the continued support 😃and have a wonderful new year 🌟! Weve been working on a few projects, so be sure to stay tuned!

Florent 'Hylis' Castelnerac
Ubisoft Nadeo