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    Lol people get so upset when things aren't done quickly. Good things take time.

    I agree on some level that the devs have missed some marks and made mistakes, but this game is kind of the first of a new genre. They created something totally unique, and have been basically just trying stuff out.

    Also, this game is quite complicated, and could be pushing the limits of current gaming technology.

    I am confident that this game will become a legend on next gen, and I think overall, the teams working on For Honor have done a fairly standup job.

    This game has the potential to dominate the esports scene, it just needs some polishing.
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    I also have suspicions that the reason production seems to be slowing down isn't because they aren't fixing problems, but instead, they are fixing the problems elsewhere. Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge.
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    bruh we just want a similar ( not equal ) R6 attention to FH from Ubisoft

    I'm 100% sure they will take more FH devs to R6, Just like Epic took the entire Paragon team to Fortnite

    these things sucks man .
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