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    Originally Posted by Ubi-RealDude Go to original post
    I get that the "evil" in this case would be cheaters... but what exactly constitutes as "neutral" or "good" in terms of matchmaking?
    Imagine a spectrum from "White Knight" to "Hacker".

    "Good" will be players that are confirmed non-cheaters. They rarely get reported. They accurately report sketchy behavior. They fill out bug reports. They have stable internet connection. They do not exploit glitches.

    "Neutral" will be players that are not confirmed. They may spam reports. They may have unreliable internet connection. They may occasionally participate in low-grade cheating such as exploiting glitches. They may also choose to opt-into playing with everyone.

    Another way to look at it is a "good" would prefer slower matchmaking with confirmed game integrity. A "neutral" would prefer faster matchmaking with unconfirmed game integrity.
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    You play on PC?
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    Originally Posted by J_Tokyo_Rogue Go to original post
    No, just no. Period.
    I can't count how many players i reported for using lag switch on ps4... (wait... maybe it's not cheating?)
    Yes maybe we have bad connection with many server and depend were do from the other player.
    The usa country is large. The wold is more!
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    Originally Posted by Vulture-... Go to original post
    I am not a huge PvP player, but with the content desert we are all stranded in (IMO), I recently started venturing into the DZ looking for some tidbit of Div2 that could spark my interest back up. I don't mind being downed by a superior player. I also have a pretty thick skin for toxicity and griefing, however...

    I have yet to have one session where I did not run into someone cheating in one manner or another. I've been shot through walls in rooms where no other agent could have got a line on me, had someone stand and do emotes while I emptied an entire belt of LMG ammo into him while he took no damage only to vanish, lag switchers popping about and shooting me in the back, and in one case I watched a player run through a wall to evade my fire only to carefully stick the barrel of his shotgun through the wall and one shot me.

    I gave up on reporting some time ago as the rampancy of cheating appears to be well beyond Ubi's control. A clan member said it best while I was venting about it, "You gotta cheat the cheaters man, if you aren't don't bother. It's fun."
    Time to change clan brother
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    UPDATE: Oh my god i dont believe this.. I understand now why people dont give a damn about reporting. Ubisoft responded with a mail stating, "Thank you for helping to maintain the integrity of the game. As such I will gladly forward the information you have provided to the Rainbow Six: Siege team". The Title of the ticket is so clear and bold and says "The Division 2".........
    I give up. I'm sorry.
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    Originally Posted by whit3skul Go to original post
    If you havent run into one, then you are either on console or you havent been into dz lately.. I've got a pretty fine build. By fine, i mean 500k armor and a decent AR with 20k dmg... plain and simple. rest i leave it to my skills.. But if you think that "effective/well tuned" means 2 tapping with a shotty or throwing a seeker for a one hit kill or shooting thru walls or headshotting while their gun in pointed in the opposite direction or bombarding you from 200m away, then ya i do not have such stupid builds and cheats. and normalized ??? i think you are way behind everybody.. its the same dmg now in all dzs..
    Ok boomer..
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    currently all aiming cheating engine is always allowed crosshair auto lock to obj, so basically, it is so hard to ban them . however, i think they should focus only fire rate and hit accuracy better than cross hair aiming, it's so easy to prevent from detection. one solution still is that isolated suspect cheating players, then as i said for any people who have played shooting game many yrs, there was no suspect cheating, we can detect aimbot etc, cheating manner. if i said, i really hope all data can be exchange in server side, not our PC.

    in this game, it's so easy to cheat, as all aiming cheating engine do enable the cross hair to locate on players, u can't see it's not legit as it's legit due to crosshair do on obj.
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    So I've brought up BF2 many times, and I remember when you logged into the game there was a list of servers to choose from and that list would give info on that server, like. Knives only, no vehicles, FF ON, what map was currently being play IF they had a rotation because there were servers that only played one map, latency....etc., but the bigger point is that they were huge maps with 60 odd players and there always was a "moderator" in-game. I knew many of them by playing on their servers quite a bit and when someone was cheating you told the moderator in real time and he/she would observe that player and if it was true they'd be GONE. Knife only server and you used a gun - GONE. No vehicles and you jumped in a tank - GONE. Wall hack and caught -GONE. Aim-bot - GONE. And if a person did enough they were banned from that server. Why is this not possible today? Why do you need video and a "ticket/"

    PS...Is there anyway to know how many players have been banned because of cheating? That would be some interesting info.
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    Originally Posted by Pitchman47 Go to original post
    Yes maybe we have bad connection with many server and depend were do from the other player.
    The usa country is large. The wold is more!
    You don't have much idea of what is a lag switch do? Do you?

    Just watch the first 30 secondes...

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