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    International Delta Unit (Realistic teamplay)

    Delta Force is international tactical unit that plays military coop games on high strategic level. Our main game is Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We have strict in game rules, contact our commander or captain for info.Every weekend our squad receives new task force missions by Delta commander. These missions are open for everyone that wants to practice with our unit.
    You must be over 18 and have a microphone, and speak well english. We are currently 30+ of age.

    Write below if you are interested.

    Website is complete but not launched.

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    Blindfire669 reporting for duty
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    Racen, are you interested in a friendly match, hit me up on PS4.

    Add, Mikki1964
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    Add me to your group

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    Leave your gametag and we will add you
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    Melzas86 Thanks.
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    Tnx man ill add you right away
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    For all interested in playing Tactical with mic add me , central europe timezone

    PS: LIR-a-v-e-n
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    Afteerfrag's Avatar Junior Member
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    Oct 2019
    hi add me? waiting for info's, im 35:
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    I'm All about tactical stealth

    Need a team that plays well and is very tactical and communication is a must plz add me
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