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    I need friends :/


    just want some friends to play with i'm just a casual looking to get better before i start getting into ranked i just got this game on pc after having it on xbox and then playing on pc for a bit so im not to bad but not to good
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    Hey there. I could help you get better and we could play if you want (Deadly.002#2708)
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    wanna play im 14 and just started playing on my pc on siege i used to play on xbox and ps4 so i know how to play the game my mechanics are just bad
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    sure man just tell me your discord name and tag
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    Hi, I think I'll be able to help. The thing is I'm pretty young and turning 13 in a few months and wanting someone to play with and get better before I get into ranked. Also, I can only play on Friday-Sunday because of school and be able to play for a few hours each day.
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    Also just incase my discord is Zed#3286
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    hi im 11 and I started about a week ago and im just looking for friends too.
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    also my discord is ZeekChord#5755
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