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    Mosquito in a Honeypot issue

    I cannot talk to Mosquito outside Raisins after winning the battle inside Raisins. I like the game but cannot progress without talking to him and he is nowhere to be found.
    I am playing on a PS4
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    Are you saying you didn't get the cutscene where you select your Kryptonite?
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    Hi I got same issue. Won the fight and did not get the cut scene. The best is Mosquito is already in my team. I can fight with him. Nevertheless mission can not be completed. Any help?
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    Drysek--are you also playing on PS4?
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    yes I am playing on PS4 Pro. Running latest Update of the Game.


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    Hey! PS4 player here too. I can't be certain this is the cause but it seems I took a wrong turn to achieve this bug. After leaving the alleyway the game gives the option to go right or left, going right triggers a call from Cartman that you haven't picked your kryptonite yet but I went left before triggering this and the fight scene and entered Raisins. This triggered a call from Cartman telling me to go to Raisins so I presume there was something out of sequence there. After the fight I can't find ~Mosquito and didn't have the conversation about kryptonite. I also have the terrible feeling I have to restart as I made the error of a newie RPG player and didn't create any backup save slots I suck... But hope that helps track this down!
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    Almost 2 years later and this game breaking glitch still occurs.
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