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    Creator Themes?

    Hey, everyone! I'm new to Trials, and I keep seeing all these amazingly themed tracks that people make - Star Wars, Factories, Pandora, etc. When I go into the editor, however, I only get options for mountaintops, deserts, plains, and snow for settings. I certainly don't see options for the cool items I've seen in many tracks I've played. Is there an expansion pass for the unique stuff I've seen or are the creators just madly skilled?
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    Hey, Welcome! I'm basically new too. (three months ago)
    I think for the most part they are madly skilled creators. You can however get very different looks from custom camera visual settings.
    There is a Tutorial series for the editor available on YouTube. There is a link somewhere in here or just search for Trials Rising Editor Tutorial Series.
    I'm happy to help with what I've learned but as I said, I'm still new too.
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    Hello HotKeys98,

    Welcome to the forums! Yes, that is all due to the work of very talented creators. We have some very talented individuals in the Trials community

    If you are interested in seeing exactly what the season pass contains, you can check out this page here.
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    Hi Hotkeys98 welcome to the forum. I am a track creator myself and although I have only made 1 track in rising I have made many in past trials games. Everything you see in custom tracks and also the in game tracks have been made from the editor. There are something like 8000 different objects and although there isn't for instance any "Star wars" objects to build with there is easily enough objects to create your own customised objects like a spaceship or even the millennium falcon if you are creative enough. The great thing with trials rising is the new addition of the decal tool, this is a tool that enables you to paint objects in different ways with lots of different colours and effects so you can dramatically change the look of all the items. Also the inbuilt environment settings allow you to create endless different looks and atmospheres to gain the right look of the theme you are trying to create. Start with creating something simple just to get used to building tracks and play lots of custom tracks, you will learn how to be creative the more you play and become familiar with the objects people have used to create the looks that they do.

    Also there are lots of tutorials on YouTube which will help you to learn the editor and its tools but the best way to learn how to be creative is to build yourself and gain inspiration from other creators. Best of luck let us know if you build anything and we will be glad to give any feedback and advice
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