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    I get this error every time i try and boot up the game

    Please help
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    I'm stuck with this error. Uplay login Flamespike23 Thanks much.
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    Ubi-Spud's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Hey guys, everyone up until this post should be okay now! Verify your game files, and you're good to go. Thanks for your patience!
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    Hi, ive been having trouble starting up watch dogs. Every time it says "Unable to find supported text language" Ive spent over three hours trying to fix it, still to no success. Please help
    chri0d35, pc
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    help me

    I have this error please help
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    Ubi-Woofer's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Aug 2019
    Hey chri0d35 and loliting, I applied the fix to both of your accounts now for you Please verify your game files for Watch_Dogs in Uplay PC, and you should then be able to launch the game without issue. Let me know if you need any further assistance however!
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    Error language pack

    Hi, I'm gonna need the language pack. Thanks
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    Same Error


    I have the same error. Can you please help?

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    I know am not the only one

    Hello everybody!

    Can someone fix this problem to my,please
    Unable to find language text
    Thank you in advance
    My username is Philippos800
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    Please !! I need a Language pack for Watch_Dogs.
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