1. #1021
    Thanks, works perfect.
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  2. #1022

    same problem

    i have the same problem
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  3. #1023
    I have the same issue.
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  4. #1024

    Text Language Issue

    I have this issue with my game too :/
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  5. #1025
    Got the same problem.
    I tried re-installing, moving the files from the bin ordner and verifying the files. Nothing worked for me :/
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    Ubi-Mark.'s Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Nov 2017
    Hello Hackers,

    I applied a fix to your account. Can you please verify your game files? Once it's done, you should be able to start your game!
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  7. #1027
    Thank you!
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  8. #1028

    Not working

    I Bought it today and it ain't working, it helps
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  9. #1029
    Bought the game today and it isn't working because of this error, can it get fixed asap? I barely have free time because of work and I've been wasting 3 hours so far :/

    Edit: 4 hours .......
    Edit: Edit: 5 hours .... Why is it that when you buy a game, that you have to wait so long before you can actually play the game?? My time is up for today, next free day is in 2 weeks, thanks a lot, I hope I will be able to play it at that time. :/
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  10. #1030
    Hi there,

    Picked up the game recently, but am also unfortunately dealing with this issue. Once any of the support staff sees this thread again, could you also apply the fix to my account?

    Thanks in advance.
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