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    "Supported Text Language" Error in Watch_Dogs | POST HERE

    Hello everyone,

    We are aware of the "supported text language" error affecting some players when attempting to play Watch_Dogs, and while we are working to resolve this issue in the future, we do have a workaround that we are able to implement in the meantime.

    As such, if experiencing this issue and needing assistance, please report this in this thread here, or else contact our team via Twitter, Facebook, or a new Support Ticket and a member of our team will be able to assist you.

    Please specify when reporting the issue the correct username of the Ubisoft Account where you are affected by this issue, if you do not use the same username as here on the forums.

    All future threads posted about this issue will be merged with this thread to try and reduce the number of threads about the same issue being posted.

    Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding, and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this error.
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    Not working

    i Bought it today and it ain't working
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    Originally Posted by Xandrite111 Go to original post
    i Bought it today and it ain't working
    Welcome to the Ubisoft forums, Xandrite111! Sorry to hear that you have encountered this error.

    I have now applied the workaround to your account, so please verify the game files for Watch_Dogs in Uplay PC, and afterward attempt to launch the game again. It should then work without issue. Happy gaming!
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    Please apply the fix to my account

    I also just bought the game and I am receiving this error.
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    language problem

    I have a problem with the language.

    my game language is Polish

    Does not help:


    I have applied a fix to your account now, could you please complete the following steps:
    1- Exit out of Uplay completely. You may need to close the application from the Task Bar.
    2- Locate the game's install folder. By default, it is: C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft\gamesWATCH_DOGS
    3- Rename game folder to Watch_Dogs_Patch.
    4- Restart Uplay and Login to your account.
    5- Under the Games Tab, click on the Watch_Dogs game tile.
    6- Underneath the Play button, click Locate Installed Game.
    7- Navigate to the renamed gamed folder of Watch_Dogs_Patch and select it.
    8- The play button has changed to Download. Select the Download button, and it will download 1.5 GB worth of new files.
    9- Allow the download to finish. You should now be able to launch and play Watch_Dogs!

    For anyone else still experiencing this issue, please send a message to our team on Facebook or Twitter and we can resolve this for you!
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    I have the same problem but on a program called "Geforce Now"
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    "Unable to Find supported text language" Can You help me?
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    Hi, i have the same problem 'unable to find supported text language'
    can you fix mine too?
    username : miko.dj

    thank you
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    I am having this trouble too

    I have reinstalled the game hoping it would work but it still comes up with unaible to find supported language... can you fix it pls :c
    kind regards
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    Watch dog

    Bien le bonjour

    J'ai un souci avec watch dog qui refuse de ce lancer . "Unable to find supported text language "

    De ce que j ai cru comprendre il faut juste rajouter des pack de language.

    A qui doit on s adresser pour cela ?

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