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    Longkos1314: Hi there, Longkos1314! It seems that you fall into the same category as what I posted above! Please follow the steps provided
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    Originally Posted by UbiDork Go to original post
    Hi there, everyone!

    It looks like everyone who's posted in the last 5 days has purchased the game from a digital retailer that did not include a language pack for the game to launch correctly. With that said, we can try and assist you with getting the game up and running with the correct language pack, but if our support is unable to do so, you'll need to contact your retailer for further assistance. To get started, please create a support ticket here with your proof of purchase attached for more assistance.
    Then how come my UPLAY key didn’t provide a language pack? Just wondering, thanks.
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    Its not working on geforce now

    Pls its says "Unable to find your text language"
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    I have this error and do not have the Spyware programme. I have also tried without success the BIN folder file transfers. Please help.
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    Me 2

    Please Apply the patch to my game. Thanks

    I'm tired of jumping through endless hoops just patch the game or give a refund.
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    Same here, please apply patch to my account.
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    Thanks for the updates, everyone!

    Please create a support ticket here to get the language pack added to your account.

    TuneyTunes: Did you receive the game from an unapproved digital retailer? Here is our list of approved Ubisoft digital retailers.

    Timflow7k: It doesn't look like you purchased Watch Dogs from the Ubisoft Store. If you'd like to request a refund, please contact your retailer. However, if you would like to have this resolved, please follow the steps provided.
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    same issue

    help pls

    Tried to do create support ticket but doesn't allow you to submit as you have apparently moved you're support to live chat instead but this is also unavailable; is this due to different working hours, in light of COVID-19?

    Update: also tried the renaming sol, couldn't get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated. Also sorry for the spam.
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    Hello everyone,

    I apologise for any confusion in this thread. As I wrote in my original post, you are welcome to reply to this thread for assistance with this issue, or as my colleague Dork has directed, you can create a support case / start a Live Chat if wanting potentially faster assistance. Our replies here on the forums may be slower depending on the volume of posts / queries we have received. You do not need to provide your proof of purchase when contacting us for this issue.

    With that said, I have resolved this issue for the below players who posted since my last reply, who were not already assisted in a support case:


    You should all now verify the game files for Watch_Dogs in Uplay PC to have the changes applied to your game, and the game should then launch afterward!

    The following players, as far as I could see, were already assisted with this issue, but you're welcome to ask for further assistance if you need it:

    rory1708 (I added the pack for you last time, my apologies for missing your name off my previous list!)

    Lt._Hernandez and Fr4ncelli - You are most welcome!

    Timflow7k and HarrAssYoSelf14 - Where you both had posted multiple times in succession, I merged your posts and deleted the subsequent ones. Please try to edit your posts to contain more information rather than adding new ones if you can!
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    Hello. I have the same problem. My id is ciupek170893 and my language is Polish. Can you help me, please?
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