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    Ten sam problem z nie można znaleźć obsługiwanego języka tekstowego

    Również mam ten sam problem z komunikatem o treści: nie można znaleźć obsługiwanego języka tekstowego
    nick na Uplay: Airfire370
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    Supported Text Language Error in Watch_Dogs

    Hello dear Ubisoft Team,

    i have a problem, if i want to start my game it always says "unable to find supported text language" Error.
    My Ubisoft name is
    Thanks for your help.

    Yours sincerely

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    [ERROR] "Unable to find supported text language!" error for Watch_Dogs

    Dear lovely Ubisoft/Uplay Support!

    Earlier today, I bought the game Watch_Dogs and installed it. After installing, when trying to run the game, I get the following mentioned message:

    Unable to find supported text language!

    Whilst trying to find a fix on both the internet as on your forums, I tried several fixes, unfortunately without any success.

    Is there any way I could be helped within this issue?

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    Yours sincerely,

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    I bought and installed Watch Dogs today and cannot turn it on because of error: "Unable to Find supported text language"
    I checked the files (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/0...-Game-In-Uplay) - unfortunately it didn't help.
    Please help.

    My username: Redclawface
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    PS: If possible, I would like to have both Dutch (nl-NL) and English (en-US) packs
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    also just bought the game and I am receiving this error. unable to find supported text language ( I am french )
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    Im as well would like to have all language packs that are accessible for my version. Waiting a bit unpatiently.
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    Supported Text Language Error

    When I launch the game it says the error. Uplay is DuskySea9
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    watch dogs language error

    my username is RealSlushy07 (same as my username) i just got the game same thing happened to me Thanks for helping
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    Issue: Unablbe to find supported test language

    Just downloaded the game on my lap top and when I go to play I get the message unable to find supported test language. Please help.


    Username: dylan14489
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