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I feel like you're forgetting that vertical play is a thing. Even if you get in the perfect spot with you covered from the front, sides and vertical youre still weaker than a lot of other ops. I could just peak the edge of your shield and destroy it, i could lob a flash or frag, air jab, which if you want to stop that you now need jagers or wamais utility which couldve been used for better coverage of the obj if you played a more mobile op.
The position I showed in the screenshots has a solid ceiling and is very, very difficult to peek. Ultimately every operator is vulnerable to some sort of attack and none are completely free of risk. But it should be pretty obvious that Tachanka requires cover and that cover is available in the map environment and from deployable shields. Even if an attacker does find a way to get you it still has to get past your teammates. As long as you haven't parked him in the middle of nowhere where your teammates wouldn't probably be.