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    Can people learn & change?

    Does anyone deserve forgiveness or a second chance after doing something stupid?

    2 years ago when the game was released, I fell in love and wanted to meet everyone in the community and build the biggest strongest team ever. It was all new! I was over excited and selfish and inconsiderate.. eventually I was muted for recruiting in other teams who reported my posts. As polite and encouraging as they were, it was rude and I respect the decisions by the devs and community support made 24 months ago.. Ive struggled and suffered with no voice in the game for 15 months now, Iíve learned and Iíve grown. I would never repeat the mistake. I value my account to much and have more respect for the community. I hope Iíve proven my loyalty. After almost 2 years of good behaviour since.

    Iím writing to ask, please, who can I talk to about being given back the privilege of being able to talk to my team for team wars?
    Itís a crucial aspect of the game and I did not realise in the beginning, how my excitement for the game and building a team and decisions I stupidly made would impact game play still 2 years on...

    Please is there ANY way I can have the ban removed due to these unique circumstances? Being a loyal customer, player, promoter for 2 years. Please Iíll do anything, please help. Thankyou.
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    1 year penalty would be fine in my opinion though I don't know how much of a **** you were. But even if ban is not lifted, gamechat is 100% useless. Every team that respects itself uses discord so not much of a loss there. Cheers
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    For what it's worth, I hope one of the community team members sees this and helps you out. Normally this kind of chat spamming is punished by a week ban from chat or something, so I guess they forgot to put an end-date on your suspension and just left it on permanently. For sure you shouldn't be out of chat forever for a minor offence 2 years ago.

    Good luck!
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    You don't get muted for a first offense (unless it was something really bad). In your case, if you got a permanent mute, you would have received several temporary mutes first, ranging from 1 to 3 days. If the behavior continued, you would have got a permanent ban. Whether your intentions were good or not, spam is spam. I don't have any way to unmute players, as the system wasn't designed that way. I'll reach out to the team and see if there is anything we can do, but I can't make any promises.
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    I agree with Apolo. OP, if you just use Discord, you won't be feel left out. An in game mute is really not that big of a deal, whether temporary or permanent. Maybe in the future if they ever gave a way to privately message players this would be a difficult situation, but not being able to speak in team chat is not that severe of a hindrance. If your team doesn't use discord, I recommend joining one that does. And if you are loyal to your team and they don't use Discord, you just have to choose between being able to communicate or staying loyal.

    Most of what I say in team generally revolves around bad weekly TVT picks. That's the extent of communication.

    To Buck, I suggest having the team change the rules. Repeat offenders for a rule that results in muting should be in increments of countable time frames. Warning first offense. 1-3 days second offense. 1 week 3rd offense. And subsequent offensives result in a half a year or a year. Going from a few days to a lifetime is a bit overkill. People change and grow and learn their lesson in yearly time spans. I myself have had experience with this. Maturity can increase in someone greatly in that span of time.
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