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    Hey CorckfordCK,

    Nice to see your streaming on Mixer,
    Don't worry about only having 1 or 2 people watching to start with, this is normal with streaming
    The more you keep at it, the more viewers you will recieve.
    I wish you luck with it and I will keep en eye out for another of your streams.
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    Thanks for the encouragement UbiOton(See what I did there?)

    I know this is a hard concept for Ubi to understand, but I stream because I enjoy it and I want to share the things I enjoy, not because of "numbers", so I've no concern for the amount of people that view or follow.
    But again, thank you, and I hope you(or anyone) gets some enjoyment out of watching.
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    Streaming Faction Support missions right now. No HUD, Extreme Difficulty.
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    I'll be starting a stream at 1800 PST.
    The plan: Check out the new immersive options, and hit up the Deep State content on my current maxed character.
    Same deal as always, no narration/voice over/commentary. Just a showcase of the new options and gameplay.

    Drop by and hopefully be entertained.

    (There have been some quality issues with my past streams. Hopefully I've been able to resolve those.)
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    Sorry any/all. Had to cut it short. As they say in Paris, "Good enough, sell it anyway."
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    Streamed the final Deep State mission last night. Even got a new follower... *shrug*
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    I'll be trying my stream again tonight for Virtual-Chris' community challenge. https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...you-stay-alive
    (Hopefully my bandwidth will allow)

    Starting at 1800 PST.
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    I'll be getting new fiber internet later this week, and in preparation to test the new streaming quality I fumbled around a bit and decided to clean up some of my captures.... I managed to wipe my OneDrive. Bye bye pretty pics and literally hundreds of clips of bugs. While getting my recording settings back to where I want them I recorded these two unedited clips.

    These are not as tactical or serious as my old streams used to be, but they were both pretty fun encounters.

    (Extreme Difficulty)

    Once I do get my fiber in, I'll be running a stream(At request) of the Red Patriot aDvEnTuRe. More details to come for those interested.
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    It seems Mixer's not a thing anymore?
    Fiber is installed, I got Twitch set up. I'm streaming right now to test out the quality.
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