My idea for what could be a mission format and why I don't need a massive open world map. A few mission oriented maps that were large enough for a player to decide their own mission approach.

Relations between the US and Russia had been deteriorating for months in an escalating tit for tat. The latest had been the US leaking intel to Ukrainian state forces resulting in a hit on a Russian Spec Ops operation and capture of an agent in a particularly embarrassing operation for Russian State Security. The decision was made to show the US there would be consequences.

Some of the survivors of Raven Rock had been given a second chance at redemption by participating in high risk ops. Pietr Demidoff was one such survivor tasked now with leading the team for retribution. The Op was simple. Hit a CIA listening post near Shatili in Georgia. For the Russian military the post was a constant affont sitting as close as it was to Chechnya and Ingushetia and the Russians were fairly certain it wasn't just a passive listening post. The objective of the raid was to grab the CIA staffer running the post and hand them over to Al Qaeda operatives. In a further act of disinformation and to extend deniability they would leave the body of a Kurdish militant known to have some contact with the fundamentalist movement. While the US might be fairly certain it was a Russian operation, they wouldn't be able to prove it and they'd face the gut wrenching spectacle of an agent in Al Qaeda custody.

The first step in the op was to grab the Kurdish militant from his mountain post near Kokluce in Eastern Turkey. The team would then be inserted near the listening post. Grab the CIA staffer, leave the body and hand off the prisoner to another team that would pass them to Al Qaeda.

The Kurdish commander and the CIA staffer

The team preparing for insertion

On the ground in Turkey

Taking down the Kurdish post

Taking down the Kurdish Commander and making sure it doesn't just look like a hit, but a firefight

Preparing the maskirovka

Inbound to the CIA station

Eliminating the personal security detail

Grabbing the quarry

Eliminating the base defense forces before exfil - no witnesses

Time to go