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    Common Ubi - Do something about this cheater\hacker in STEEP

    One more example is the Big Air Slash Challenge.
    His bogus score = 51174. This was from a few basic jumps on a challenge with a six jump limit. He also fell.
    That score is not possible,

    PLEASE do something about it.
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    Hey Septugenarian, thank you for bringing this to our attention! Would you be able to send a screenshot of the score and leaderboard with their username visible?
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    Hi UbiFate -

    Yes, I will come back with some images later, but as I noted earlier, he also blocked out his name with a bunch of marks similar to ||||||||.
    I also listed some of the other runs he has hacked\cheated on in my first post on the Player Support forum, so they should not be hard to find.
    I only rediscovered his user name when he scored another weekly best yesterday and hadn't changed it to ||||||||

    [EDIT: It looks like |||||| is not a name change after all ]
    The person using |||||||||||, has a score of 123123123 on Half Pipe

    Cheers for now... Old Guy.
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    List of hacked challanges

    Oops I thought I'd listed more challenges in previous posts, but this list should do you (too many for screen shots)....

    I haven't looked at Japan, but it looks like all free-ride and freestyle challenges in the Alps and Alaska have been hacked.
    The name being used in Alaska is Neo -__- . I haven't looked at all the challenges but he seems to like using 999999999 for the scores there.

    Alps... Burger Shot (NateHotShot) = 85629 w\ 15 sec in air. I expect he found an exploit, but not certain.
    Half Pipe = 123123123
    Red Bull Aravis = 192556
    Bargy = 89946
    Creed = 136280
    Rooftop ( |||||||| for al time and name for weekly) - Weekly = 19669 All Time = 45333
    Xtreme Aravis = 99400

    Alaska... Urban Street Styler = 999999999
    Street Tactics = 999999999 (using both Neo -__- and ||||||||||| )

    Can't be bothered listing more. These should be enough evidence.
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    Forgot.... I reckon all Free ride all time best score replays need to be reviewed as people have used a 'go back and fourth' exploit since I forget when.
    It may have been a year or more since I saw the first one.

    Back again UbiFate...
    The person using |||||||||||| in first place @ 158422 - Neo in 2nd = 48302

    Get on this UbiSoft....

    It's looking like this may be one of those on line groups that I've read about that wreak havoc on many on line games
    1st and 2nd on the current Tournament are |||||||| and Neo-_- .

    btw - I don't know if these scores are international, but I am in Australia.
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    Yeah 2 cheaters on top of this week tournament leader board on PC.
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    Hi Bacheh-

    One of the mods - UbiFate - has informed the "internal team" (whatever that is)
    He just hasn't posted back here, but did message back to me yesterday.

    Hopefully they fix this before the Tournament is over.

    What region are you in Bacheh ? I've always wondered if the scores are international, or if they have separate scoring
    in different regions.
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    I followed Neol -__- around the edge of the Japan Special Score (hard) Freestyle and he went off course, Ending the run for me.
    Meanwhile he completed the course with only 2 jumps and.... . Who'da guessed = 999999999

    After a promise that Ubi was going to look into these cheats, going on four days ago.... NADA! ZIP. \
    A couple of days to go for the current tournament and it looks like hackers will be 'winning'.

    Not good enough UbiSoft. You could at least be policing the game if you are going to force people to play it on line.

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