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    My Feedbacks

    Hello everyone,

    I picked up Steep for free from Epic Games Store, and so far I'm enjoying it well. But, there are some annoying things in the game that makes me frustrated and quit the game.

    1. I like playing games in the third person perspective and the camera in that perspective is really important. Camera angles in this game is very annoying, especially during wing-suiting. The character gets to the top of the screen and the camera is centered on my character's groin, obstructing the view of my path.
    Just Cause 3 and 4 have a very good camera for wing-suiting.

    2. During snowboarding, the camera sometimes points at the ground and I cannot see where I am going. During paragliding, the camera can sometimes give motion sickness.

    3. Please separate the camera angle controls, trick buttons and leaning/direction controls. It's really hard to accelerate towards a jump and do the trick done by pressing L Stick up/W key.

    4. The events in the game are not available as a list, making it hard to understand what I am supposed to do or find the "story" events.

    5. Sometimes, the map would randomly zoom in when pressing and holding the A/D key in PC.

    These things make the game annoying for long playing sessions, causing failure in even the simplest of events. Please fix them so that I can enjoy the game even more.
    Thank you.
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    More Feedback and Suggestions

    Today I lost all my score in an event because I was stuck in the fence of the finish line and game aborted the event for going in wrong direction for too long. I almost broke my PC, but then I remembered that I myself am broke. So here are some suggestions for making the game better.
    1. Improve the "Event cancelled going in wrong direction too long" mechanics. Either remove that, or make it so that events don't get cancelled for being stuck in the fence of the finish line.
    2. The problem mentioned above can also be caused by getting stuck between a rock and the slope for too long. Even if the rock is in the line with the finish line, or I'm trying to escape from the spot.
    3. A mini-map showing detailed elevation would be helpful for planning my route through the event.
    4. The camera centres on the character sometimes while snowboarding and doing tricks. I want to see where I'm going, it should be center on that.
    5. The G-force often ruins the whole event. An ability to increase the G-force tolerance of the rider would be helpful.
    6. It will be a lot better if the finish line marker is always pointed by an arrow on screen.
    7. The checkpoint orange markers are often hard to see, especially when the sky is a similar colour. A different or more visible colour would be better.
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    My Feedback

    After completing the tutorial section for the game and waiting in anticipation at sking down the highest peaks on the map i was stunned to find that almost everything in the game was locked and required hours of boring and repetetive grinding in order to gain XP and unlock the game. this totally ruined what could have been a really awesome and fun game.
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    The game was released too far back for Ubi to 'fix' anything. You will have to live with the faults, or quit the game.
    - Yes, it can be frustrating to miss the last gate because you crashed into the platform, or get stuck between flags and other objects. There is a peculiar
    rock type that has this issue as well, and I believe it's intentional.
    I also find the orange gates difficult to follow, particularly with Wing and Rocket suit. I used a special monitor calibration with the red pushed up early on, but it didn't help much.

    - And, yes, the camera can throw you off a fair bit, particularly when it climbs up your bum. You could switch to first person, but the speed is too intense.
    Another personal hate is the so called ''ghost". The opaque "ghost" can be a real pain when you are trying to beat your own best score.

    - A detailed mini-map would not help as you move through the scenery too fast to follow. Most of the time if you take your eyes off the path at all, particularly in races, you will hit something, or miss a gate.
    However you can plant markers using the main map and can zoom in quite close when plotting a course. This can be useful with freeride and freestyle events.
    - Races... Keep on the ground as much as possible. Taking air wastes time.

    - Sometimes switching to first person view can help get you unstuck, but there are also a good number of low spots where you can get
    stuck and have to re-start. Most of these can be avoided, or can be traversed if you have adequate speed on approach.

    - The Mtn Story event have their own icon, and are shown in the 'progress' list with the other events.

    - G-force does add another level of difficulty, and makes the freestyle and freeride challenges more difficult. The idea with G-force is you score higher if you land well,
    but you can still win gold in those events with a heavy heartbeat. Main thing to avoid is falling down, as you loose your multiplier if you do.
    The main trick with geforce is to pull up when your heart starts beating. It also helps setup tricks.
    There is no timer with the trick runs, so no need to be going flat out all the time.
    Watch the replays for the best scores (currently the all time have been hacked so don't bother with them) for the best lines, and to pick up tricks such as
    pulling up and finding your own path.

    What are you referring to as 'grinding' ? If you are finding the game boring, it's probably not the game for you. I don't think I have any racing type games
    that have all tracks unlocked from day one.
    This is a game of skill after all, but you can start with trick safety on, which may help a bit. Read the 'Learning's, and check out some tutorials too.
    I've had the game so long I forgot the medium and hard runs were locked, but there should be plenty of easy runs to start with.

    When I first got the game I did some exploration and it was a bit boring for the most part (there are some Easter eggs in the scenery though),
    but there is no need to avoid doing the challenges for lack of practice anyway. There is no long term penalty for failing a run.
    There are no power ups either. You just have to get good at it. New skies\snowboards and other gear are only cosmetic. Your 'level' is just an indication of how many challenges you have completed,and how long you have played the game.

    It's not all that difficult to get Bronze in most of the challenges. And once you get the basics down it's not all that difficult to win Gold, with a few exceptions.
    Gold is not the end of it. You can improve all runs beyond gold.

    Wingsuit, in particular can be very tricky, but after awhile going through tunnels in rock that seemed almost impossible at first becomes easier.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the all time scores atm have been filled by a couple of hackers who will hopefully be turfed out soon, but even after wining gold in all
    events the daily and weekly scores keep the challenges alive.
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