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    Ubisoft Case Escalated

    I opened up a case on the 29th December 2019 and it was escalated by an Ubisoft agent I spoke to via live chat and said it would take a couple of days to investigate, does anyone know the wait time for it to be resolved? It still currently says the same thing. Thanks
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    hah, I've opened a case two weeks ago and it has been escalated and not solved yet, welcome to Ubisoft support.
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    it depends on the priority of your question
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    Originally Posted by tedomoco Go to original post
    it depends on the priority of your question
    Actually cases are prioritized strictly on a first come first served basis, however some issues take longer for various reasons to resolve than others, so resolution time can vary greatly.

    Glorious955: if your case has not been resolved yet please Private Message me with your case's ticket number and i will be happy to make an inquiry to Support asking for a status update on your behalf.
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