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    No ac odyssey daily log help plz
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    Same issue

    Playing assassin creed odyssey and not receiving the daily rewards. Playing on Xbox one and using the Ubisoft club a pp on iPhone XR
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    No daily login AC odyssey

    No daily login for AC odyssey xbox and got an android phone
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    No daily login as well

    Platform: PS4
    Game: AC Odyssey
    Mobile Device: LG K30
    Mobile OS: Android 8.1.0

    Is there a list somewhere with the mobile devices that work for the daily login?
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    No daily login

    I won’t get a daily login

    Platform: ps4
    Game: assassins creed odyssey
    Mobile Device: iPhone XR
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    Same, thanks Sam 🥴

    No login, AC Odyssey, xbox1, LG phone
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    No daily login for AC odyssey ps4

    I have also not received my daily login bounus for AC odyssey on ps4 and I have loged in to the ubisoft club app on my lg stylo 4 android smart phone help would be great.
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    Not getting daily login ac odyssey PS4 pixel phone.
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