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    Iím not getting my daily login for Odyssey either

    My phone is an iPhone 5 or 6 itís been a while since Iíve upgraded it so I donít remember which one it is but itís an iPhone but Iím thinking Sam just isnít giving the dailies like he is supposed to on Odyssey
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    No login rewards

    I'm not getting any daily login rewards
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    No daily login from Sam for AC Odyssey

    Playing: Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Console: XBox One S
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy 7
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    Same problem

    I am not getting daily log in for assassin's creed and I am using ps4
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    I don't receive my Daily Reward, even in RB6, FarCry Primal, For Honor or AC Odyssey

    I'm using a samsung j6+, I play in ps4, and I don't receive my daily reward either
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    i am having this same issue
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    No Daily Logins from Sam for AC Odyssey

    XBox One
    Assassinís Creed Odyssey
    iPhone 7 running ios 12.1.4
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    Is SAM working from home?

    No daily login for AC Odyssey on Xbox One X. Trying to get the reward, but no.
    ...kinda like toilet paper, it just isn't there.
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    Sam no daily login

    I am playing odyssey and sam wont send me a daily login help I'm on ps4
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    No daily login

    Same here, tried odyssey on pc, with android app on galaxy s9
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