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    Then don't care about winning just have fun. I for one am having the game become less and less fun as people cry about the dumbest stuff tbh. The less hardcore it gets the more boring it gets. If you don't have fun with the game then find a game you can have fun with. Don't play like a pro then but to sit here and say that we have to nerf the game because you don't want to actually play a tactical game tactically...that is a bit absurd.
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    again, having the rounds be longer would help greatly for the name of the game is intel isn't it. That is what siege was built around. Rushing needlessly and twitch shooting like a 12 year old on adderal.Another reason why I suggest LONG rounds is because honestly, some of siege's maps are 'WAY to Large" to comfortably get control of map sight without rushing about. The map sizes are massive and require more droning and heavily favor random roaming and thus require more droning which means more time on camera and drones than on the ground. Which is important for a game where every second counts.
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    It shouldnt have to be longer people should adapt.
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    I whole heartedly disagree with that "people should adapt" because frankly this game does two things horribly. One being easing players into the game. There is none of that. Should there be? Well there can't with the steep learning curve along with the smurfs and tons of maps. There just isn't anyway.

    Another thing siege does poorly is instill bad behavior in players. What do I mean by this? Consider this. There is Ranked and Quickplay. The only main difference in these is well.. your rank. But in quickplay there is also the fact that there are less rounds and it has shorter rounds. Quickplay being the mode that is the safetest for many is 1. Too short. Players in ranked know how to manage time well where as I've had to remind countless players in quickplay that they ought to use their extra drone before they push in blindly. This mode being shorter than now ranked and unranked instills a carelessness in players.

    If all the modes were the same time and even a minute and a half longer. I know as a day one player, the community would benefit for you lose nothing if you make the round longer. The only complaint other players have is "Ugh it takes too long because person too scared to go into obj".
    Well not everyone plays like you. You want to rush into the obj like a ash main, go crazy. But that is all you complain about is 'things being too long'. Siege was never about run and gun. Go to Cod if you want that. Modern Warefare is pretty decent.
    But siege has always been about intel. Lets keep it that way. Ranked or Not.
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