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    Issue Linking Epic and Ubisoft Accounts

    I recently obtained Steep for free through an Epic sale. Whenever I try to link my accounts, it works fine in the browser and goes through all stages and goes to "Sucess!", but in the launcher, I get a red message in the "We'll refresh this once you are signed in" window, saying, "There was an error signing you in. Please try again." I've tried time and time again, to the same response. Can I have help?
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    Issue Linking Epic and Ubisoft Accounts

    Same problem, except Ubi asks for key, which epic did not give me ,some help please
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    Hey Raider_Aegis,

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues launching the game.

    The link is successful as I can see the profile on our end is linked, have you had issues since?
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