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    lots of cool people about this. i wish i could be this lenient. payed uplay+ but my account is still suspended after 4 days now. so here we go with what we all want to really say: F you POS company and your POS greedy service! im done!! uninstalling uplay and only using steam now. F your subscription piece of **** service. Hope this corporation goes down in flames. Im review bombing all my ubi tittles on steam now. And dont forget: I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR I WILL ACTUALLY SUE YOU
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    Jesus this is still happening 2 years down the line, Ubisoft is an absolute joke.
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    Ubi-Nacho's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello ElMetaKnight.

    Sorry to hear you've been having issues with your Ubisoft+ subscription. Apologies for any frustration caused.

    Could we confirm if you've been able to open a support ticket with us, to look into the matter for you?

    Thank you.
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