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    Trouble renewing Uplay+

    So for some reason, they failed to charge my Paypal account, and immediately suspended my Uplay+ subscription. So when I go to try and fix it by getting them to try again, it tells me my sub is in another country and I have to change it before I can re-sub. So my location and address are in my country of origin (Australia), and I can't understand why it won't let me just renew with my current details. So I log a ticket.. and it's been 2 days and no action/progress. Very unhappy with the support service.

    Still no resolution to the problem. Everytime I try to resub, I get an immediate 'Payment Failed'. Every contact I have made with Ubisoft has left me frustrated. I have proved conclusively that any of my payment methods are valid in THEIR STORE, as I have bought 1 game with Paypal and another game with my current payment method, a credit card. Both of which went through immediately. So it's only a problem with UPLAY+. Unfortunately for them, I now own ALL the games I was using the UPLAY+ sub for and now have no inclination to stick my foot back in this particular bear trap. I won't be using this ******ed service again and will advise all my friends to do the same. FWIW, ORIGIN has no such issues, plus they respond and fix things. You can say a lot of things about EA, but they fix their billing issues ASAP.
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    Same problem

    Yeah. i've had the same problem. PayPal payment method not accepted for some reason. I know my PayPal works since i use it on other platforms and the account works perfectly well on those platforms. So it seems that something is broken with Uplay+.

    I wonder if other people have had the same problem during dec/jan month transition ?

    i talked to a service agent and he told me to wait for 24 hours since i've actually already been charged. I changed my payment method and that worked for a second and i got a screen saying my payment was ok BUT UPLAY+ STILL DOESN'T WORK and my status is suspended and my subsription is cancelled altough ive PAID FOR IT
    Something is broken. I hope this gets fixed soon

    i've been scrolling through the forums and it seems this has happened before. Hopefully Ubisoft will fix this. Now im beginning to worry that i'm gonna be charged every month without getting access to Uplay+ since ive already been charged
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    Got same

    Same thing with my PayPal yesterday happened. And even when adding card, it's takes one cent from me and says it's can't be processed. And silence from support.
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    Originally Posted by G-Fri Go to original post
    Same thing with my PayPal yesterday happened. And even when adding card, it's takes one cent from me and says it's can't be processed. And silence from support.
    yeah excactly the same problem im having. I get charged a cent for changing my payment method but Uplay+ doesn't accept my card EXCEPT for the first time when I got charged full price for Uplay+ ...but Uplay+ STILL doesn't work and now doesn't accept my card AT ALL.

    Im currently in contact with a service agent. I'll let u know how this works out
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    yup similar issue, uplay account didn't renew for January via paypal and uplay is suspended.

    raised a ticket had an agent spend 30 minutes expending all his energy on diverting me to help pages that i had already tried. paypal shows as active, tried adding new card, tried different browsers, different devices inc mobile, incognito mode etc etc.

    fyi I even did a packet capture and whilst i cannot see into the packets I can tell you from looking at the traffic and headers it in not even attempting to make a call to process the payment or add new card details , it is just flipping straight to the error message.

    So the agent then tells me i have to follow the instructions on the uplay client troubleshooting page , which has nothing to do with processing a payment through a web page, he even told me to send a screenshot of the payment window in order to progress ! yeah right , here take my card details mate .

    in the end i had to send him a clipped screenie , just showing the red text error at the bottom of the payment window, as he said he could not progress the issue without it.

    I swear if the agents spent half as much energy on listening and dealing with the issues that they do on diversionary tactics to get rid of you , they would get a lot more done.

    really unimpressed and going back through the forums this issue has been around for years.
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    The same for me... Check your PayPal accounts, there has not even been any charging attempt from Ubisoft, there is definitely smth. wrong with whole payment system again - similar things was happening at the beginning of service. Let`s be patient and give guys some more days to figure it out. At the moment there are no possibility to add PayPal as payment method either. Maybe they have been hacked or system just broke down in New Years Eve ... Happy New Year everyone and let`s hope everything will come back to normal ASAP
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    OMG! The same thing happened to my subscription! Ubisoft did not charge my Paypal and instantly suspended my subscription without a warning. I contacted their support and OMFG, they did not have any clue! All he could say were that I did not have enough balance and told me to change payment method. And finally asked me to wait for 24h, but there was 48h and nothing happen.

    So dear Ubisoft, if you are reading this, please fix this mess, you gonna lose a bunch of customers including me. Please don't suspend people accounts because of your failure to charging their money, that the most basic rule of doing business. And please teach your supporters to do their job correctly, they are gonna cost your company lots of money and make your brand image worst!

    P/S: I am using my Paypal for many subscriptions without any hassle including Humble Bundle and EA Origin. So this is your fault.
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    I've had the same issue as well. Logged in today to find my subscription suspended. I use PayPal as well and there was absolutely nothing that should have stopped a payment going out on 1st Jan. Cant change my payment method on my account as it says:

    'Oh no, your new payment method failed. To keep enjoying your Uplay+ you may need to update your payment details?'

    How can you get a message telling you you cant update your payment details unitl you update your payment details?!?!?!

    Live chat with Ubi was no use either. Was told that the system may not let me change my payment details until next month during the new billing period. What use is that if I want to be able to get access to my games today? Guess I'll just have to go play other peoples games instead...
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    The creation surpassed its creator. I think it's safe to say that at this moment not even ubistoft knows what's happening or where to serch for the error.
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    BOP3635 man i can't change payment method from 1 of november 2018, i was told i will be able to change 1 of december 2019 and we are in 2020 all rdy, still is not possible. ubisoft dont give a crap to fix anything as this problem beginning when uplay+ started all rdy.
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