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    Inventory full?

    Hey guys, Iím quite new to Far Cry New Dawn, and just trying to upgrade the weapons to something remotely useful.. Iíve progressed to tier 2 weapons so far, but seem to have an issue with the amount of dynamite I can hold in my inventory. I need more of it to craft certain weapons.. have plenty of resources to produce more dynamite, but it tells me that the inventory is full. Do I need to increase the inventory capacity so that I can hold greater quantities?.. and if so.. how exactly do I do that?

    Thanks for any advice

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    If you don't know it already..... you can increase the capacity of dynamite and munition and other things with perk points.
    Go to the screen where your perks are.
    There are some fields with a small yellow arrow on it, what means that you can level them up (unlimited as it seems) with perk points.
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