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    help in the south china sea please.

    i have been on a mission: patrolling south sea. i have been patrolling for many many hours. Please teach me what im doing wrong and tell me what i need to do. Thank you.
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    Use the compass, draw a 50nm circle around the patrol point.
    Spend two days circling in that area - try and stay within that 50nm circle

    After 2 or 2.5 days, you will have sunk a few ships in the circle and it will end.
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    Are you playing with any mods? They do affect missions.

    Is it just that you're not spotting anything or is that you're not receiving a message that your mission is complete?
    Mission lengths in the version that I play are generally 5 days but can be up to 10 days but the patrol range circle is larger than in the standard game.
    I'm using the Fall of the Rising Sun mega-mod that's available at SUBSIM.COM
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