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    Help with realism in career mode.

    I recently loaded up SH4, been years since I last played, and got it all patched up to 1.4. When I set my realism and then went into career mode, it only lets me pick easy, normal, hard, or very hard. No custom option. I am pretty sure I used to be able to use my custom settings in career, what am I missing? I know my custom settings are not working because I have unlimited fuel which I do not want.

    Any ideas or is this normal? Like I said, its been a while, so maybe I am just remembering incorrectly.

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    Never mind, I am not sure what happened. It is working now though I think.
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    Actually, I did not get it working correctly, but instead forced myself to learn to manually do targeting.

    Just curious if it is even possible to use custom realism mode in career like I thought I used to?
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    I'm currently using the Steam version of the game and the Difficulty settings seem to work fine.

    Next time you're in port, click on your Radio and you should be able to customize what settings you're playing with.
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