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    Steep Entusiast

    I have played 550 hours on this game, and every challenge is opened.
    I am lookin for players who wanna join me on exploring and have some fun in-game.

    You can add me on: Liptaz1.0 (My user profile on ubisoft)
    My other profile is: Liptaz2.0 (never gets used anymore, but got steep here also. SO u got even more scores to beat. )
    Steam: Liptaz

    I have lots of Ubisoft games if that is more interesting.
    Games like: FarCry5, FarCry New Dawn, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, division 2, the crew 2 etc...

    I use Discord to communication, my I.D is: Liptaz#8224

    If this sound interesting, add me anywhere!
    I am tierd of ripping the mountains alone.

    Biggest Welcome From
    Liptaz, (-The Happy Norwegian-)
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    Sent you a request - maybe we can explore some day, but I live in USA.
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