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    No beta late December

    Today is 31/12/2019
    And still no info on beta even after video says late December 2019 what's going on? Anyone have any info ?
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    Idk... i will hope for a release at 23:59 :')
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    I need the release too
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    Is this game in development hell? look for t he release date for the game and the first thing I see is beta in late 2019 but I have not heard a thing, why are they so quiet...
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    For all we know it was closed beta like they usually do and we were just not invited, and like other titles from Ubisoft they might have an NDA for the testers.
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    and to think they just said it's not even going to be out for 2021.... wtf guys really??
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    Certainly looks like it's going to be a total non-event !!!!
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    Dutch-Mutant's Avatar Junior Member
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    Today: 31-12-2020, still no beta
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    no info from the team in almost 2 years means one thing that game development is dead,
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