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    Polar Expedition Track Pack

    Greetings Riders!

    On Thursday, January 2nd, 5 new tracks will be coming to Trials Rising in the Polar Expedition track pack. You can check out all the details on these brand-new tracks below. Grab your gloves and boots, Riders, cause these tracks are ice cold!


    You like air? Cause Permafrost has air. You’ll need to really watch your airtime on this track as you string together jumps through a stunning village in Greenland that’s surrounded by glaciers. Will you use the Rhino to control your air time? Or go for the Mantis to possibly skip some jumps? This track has several options to bring home the victory.


    What’s cooler than being cool? Glacial Mass. This track starts you on a glacier and takes you around sinking icebergs that will put your timing skills to the test. If you hear ice cracking on this track, it probably is, so move fast, Riders!


    Been spending most our rides, racing through Inuit’s Paradise. The artic sky complete with Aurora Borealis gives this track the best vibes in the entire Expedition. Don’t get too distracted by the sights, though, as this track makes you pull out some serious technical skills. You may see a Snowman and a Snow Squirrel hanging out, but you’ll need some Snow Bunnyhops if you’re going to get on this leaderboard.


    This track will bring back some serious X-Files nostalgia. Starting during a storm near a military station, you’ll be plunged underground where the military would rather you not see. Secrets are contained within. Will you find them?


    According to Dante, the final level of Hell was covered in ice. Where Inferno takes you into the depth of the fire, Iceferno will take you further into the ice. The Extreme track of the pack, only the top Riders will conquer Iceferno.

    We’d like to thank you all again for your continued support. More updates will be coming later, so stay tuned. Until then, we’ll see you on the leaderboards.
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    Really looking forward to the track pack. Can you say what the difficulty for the other 4 tracks are?

    Edit: For those curious like I was
    Permafrost - Easy
    Glacial Mass - Medium
    Inuitís Paradise - Medium (very hard platinum, Medieval Flair difficulty Platinum basically)
    Out Cold - Hard
    Iceferno - Extreme
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    This Track Pack is really the funniest of the three Packs. Iceferno is so much fun.😁
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    Originally Posted by P4ss4gier57 Go to original post
    This Track Pack is really the funniest of the three Packs. Iceferno is so much fun.😁
    They suck
    All of them are ****
    Stop kissing redlynx's arse they only care about money
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    Somebody's feelings hurt? I agree,def the best track pack.
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    Originally Posted by Un-Speed Go to original post
    They suck
    Let's try and keep the feedback constructive, is there anything about the new track pack that you dislike (driveline, difficulty etc)?
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    Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion, but I feel like the majority of riders were pleased with this new pack.

    Personally, I thought the tracks were nicely done with Iceferno being my favorite so far out of the track packs, because many of the obstacles are beginner ninja and some even remind me of easier versions of orange belt. The only thing constructive I can think of would be that I would like to see a couple of lengthier tracks in the upcoming packs. Most of the easy/med have a top time around 30-40sec and it would be nice to have some that are around 1min, like "Thousand Cloud Village" or "A Pretty Good Wall". A lot of us had to use real money for these, so I feel we deserve at least 1 "epic" track in the lineup.

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    I was glad to see less physics used on the tracks this time.
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    Hi Redlynx, I might be a bit behind on the feedback following the release of this pack, but any chance you can go back to the Fusion style tracks that are more skill then speed? The majority of the newer packs focus on blazing it, with only the odd Hard track for skill and then the Extreme ones which I find too frustrating.

    I know getting a balance to please everyone is a challenge but it seems like it's not changed from this approach for a while now. Fusion was miles better in my opinion, although I have completed all the tracks on Rising anyway, just didn't enjoy it quite as much.

    Thanks (if see this),
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