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    anyone else got install issues

    i recently had to go through the irritation of having 2 installs on my ssd because uplay would not accept my installed copy from epic games store not sure why it wont just detect the game install and ignore folder names but after being forced to install the game twice im here questioning if its epics fault or just a bad idea to have hard coded folder names for installs why cant i just pick where my game is already installed why a spacific does the folder have to be WATCH_DOGS2 epic game store installed it to watchdogs2
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    Hey there CharlieToast - welcome to the Ubisoft forums!

    If you own two versions of the game - one via Uplay, and one from Epic Games - you would be required to install each version separately as while they are the same game, the files required to run each are different and not shared.

    It is possible to locate your installed game if looking at the correct version by clicking on the game tile in Uplay PC, then underneath "download", pressing the "Locate installed game" link. You are then able to browse for the correct install location.
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