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    Homm 3 Purchase help

    Hello I know this may be the wrong place to post this , but maybe someone here has gone through the same thing and can help me out. I purchased a copy of 7 in November even though I already owned it because it came with a copy of 3. I did not receive the key for 3 and when i went to suppport they told me the version I bought did not come with 3. So i sent them 2 screenshots showing that they advertised that it did. Now every 4 days they close the ticket and include copy and paste text that they are looking into it. No additional info in over a month.

    Can not seem to be able to contact support any other way.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hey jthoms,

    Sorry for the delay in getting to your thread.

    It appears as though this issue has been resolved since your thread went up.
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