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    "Glitch of Death" achievement unobtainable.

    So as the title says, I am unable to unlock this achievement for the life of me. In my last fight in this game I even had a Raisin's Girl afflicted with 3 different effects. Shock, Fire, and Grossed Out. When I use TimeFart Glitch it will skip their turn and they die but no achievement pops up. I swear I've done this a billion times to.
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    Sorry for the 2 month late reply, I may not be much help as I just started playing this game. But are you able to get the achievement with fighting 6th graders? Maybe it's something wrong with just the raisin girls. Have you tried updating your game, a re-download? Try loading previous saves and trying to do it again to see if your current save is corrupted. Hope this helps a little bit
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