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    Dear users,

    Due to illness of one of our main programmers we had to delay a bit the release of the add-on with the patch and dedicated server of both versions.
    However, during this time we took into account the comments and suggestions you sent in to make many changes to the code that will fix most, if not all bugs and will improve (!) the sim with the new features.

    The add-on with the patch will include:

    1. <LI>New DGen (dynamic campaign generator), which will include new campaigns and improvements of gameplay.
      <LI>New features for the control of gunfire power of the ships, that will help to tune custom-made missions (especially for online gameplay) and to allow you to fine-tune the Dynamic campaign.
      <LI>New planes: Flyable F2A-2, Ki-100-I Ko, G4M Betty AI only G4M + MXY7 as fully working system.
      <LI>New map - Marianes (Singapore still in development)

    In addition, if all is OK, you will enjoy AI Tempest MkV (for the merged install only). The cockpit for this plane is also in development.
    A very talented third-party modeller did an incredible good work without any bugs in 3D technology. His name and his skins you will be announced with the release.

    I hope to release this add-on/patch next week when our programmer involved in this development gets better.

    For the future we are also preparing some other nice surprises for the community.

    IN the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots of the Ki-100-I Ko to whet your appetite.

    Oleg Maddox.
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    I'm sorry to hear that and I hope he'll recover soon.
    In the mean time we can wait (can we? ) and I'm very pleased to hear their will be a MXY7, I'm looking forward to that...well...plane.
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    what is a MXY7?????

    totally unknown for me...

    will this be a japanese uberplane like the famous german ochkatzlschwoaf?? we defended with sucess the luftwhiners in this important point.

    stop japanese uberplanes!!!

    corsair won the war. be sure
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    Hope your main programmer gets better soon... and not just for PF. Just for his own well being.
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    Sorry to hear about the programmer's health problems, hope he will be ok soon.Glad to hear the news aobut the upcoming add-on/patch from Mr Maddox, sounds great to me.

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    The MXY7 is the Ohka or "Baka Bomb" piloted missile. Not exactly what I would call an "uber type" .

    The addition of the Ki-100 so early is fantastic! A question: Does that plane list mean the "Betty" is AI only or that the "Betty"-Ohka combination is AI only? Not clear.
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    Betty flyable as far as i understood, read it like: "G4M Betty and AI only G4M + MXY7 as fully working system.
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    Dear Oleg,

    first of all my best wishes for good health to your collegue, and hope he will be back soon with you and us.

    It is from the very beginning, that is the first IL2 release, that I immediately put aside all other flight simulators available at that time(except Flanker). So today I have on my machine IL2+AEP+PF for propeller driven WW2 planes (ok there are some exceptions with ME232 etc.) and Lock On for jet fighters. I went through all (sure 95%) the flight simulators from the first nearly 20 years ago on MAC and PC. I must admit that there are only two simulators that have me hooked so much in regard to their capability to immerse myself. The first was many many years ago with Hellcats Over The Pacific and FA18 Hornet on MAC from Graphic Simulations and then your IL2 and the various addons. Between jets and propeller driven aircraft I clearly am a propeller fanatic.

    I am myself a private pilot and aerobatic pilot and fly about various standard airplanes like pipers, cessnas, diamond, and cap10 for aerobatics, but fly also an older (1950's) fighter pilot trainer plane the Pilatus P3-05. So when I mean immersion I have some idea about what it means. With the very powerful scenario generator you have given us the possibility to extend the lifetime of the product ad infinitum.

    Very interestingly there are some similarities in behaviour between the Graphic Simulations team and your team. They made many patches available, I had the possibility to talk directly to the developers (believe it on the phone yes) and solve problems I had, they were very friendly open and reactive. In fact they were totally passionate as yourself and your team is too.

    But I think were you really for me have won the gold medal is in the customer care business. How many softwares (some professional costing a thousand dollars and more) after being sold full of bugs become a nightmare regarding support, when they are not just abandoned. I have had some bitter experience. But IL2 which after all is said to be a game product (not "important"), for after hours leisure activity, is being supported, improved, corrected, perfected etc..by a very dedicated team.

    I paid around 60 US$ (yes in Europe it is more expensive)for IL2, a little less (25 US$) for AEP and again about 60 US$ for PF. This is an investment distributed over two years and there is potential for years to come. Basically if I try to make an hourly cost calculation, thank's to you Oleg I am having incredible fun for free.

    So dear Oleg when yo ask us to excuse you because you may have a week delay for an upgrade, I say: Are you kidding?

    We are the ones that should ask you to excuse us that we are being so impatient and eager to get new planes, maps, functions etc. etc.

    So after all this is said:

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, and I wish to you and your team the best possible success in your actual and future business.

    Now sorry to leave you but I have a war to win somewhere in the Pacific.
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    Thank you folks for the Info, getting the Baka is a very very big surprise for me.

    I think Oleg Maddox shares his favorite flight sim with us..

    Getting such uniqe planes like Mistel, V1 mostly all of the important planes in whole WW2 - now KI 100 and Tempest.

    Just one thing i cant understand: Oleg listen to the community and doing such a lot of efforts. Why get PF such worst ratings???

    Mostly ratings are clear under 80 points, this seems for me not fair.

    Ratings should be above 80 points. So what went wrong in the PR and Marketing department???
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