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    Liberation Sequence 6 help! Canoe ride from hell

    That canoe and my controller is turning into the bane of me wanting to do any AC replay. Seriously. Iíve tried too many times to count. Iíve tried delicately using L stick but still manage to crash or turn my boat around and usually desynchronise only 100 m in!! Iíve tried adjusting controller sensitivity and if anything that just made it harder.

    Iím going to stop playing Liberation now for the safety of my controller and TV but itís a shame that this one mission stops me from continuing as I really wanted to play out rest of storyline so any pointers would be appreciated if anyone has managed to do this ďwith easeĒ on Xbox One.
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    Hey Elimagruff,

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Canoe ride.

    Have you checked out any guides online of players who have had more success?
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