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    New Ideas

    Now I know that the next Assassin's Creed game, "Kingdom", has already been announced, so this is an idea for the game that will come after it. Anyway I think that in the game "Assassin's Creed: Kingdom" should have Robin Hood as the main protagonist. I know he's a fictional character but then again so was King Arthur, and yet he was still included in the series as a mentioned character. Moving on, I also think it should be a game that has four playable characters, and the other three playables should be Little John, Maid Marion, and Will Scarlet.
    Since most of the stories portray Robin as a knight who returns home from the Holy Land, I think the game should start during his service in the Third Crusade, and that's where he'll meet up with no other than Altair, whom can teach Robin some of the ways of the Assassins and maybe have him go after a few targets. Then during the early months of 1192, feeling that the war is almost over, King Richard allows some of his knights to return home, and Robin is one of them, but before he leaves Altair, who has sent spies to England, at the request of King Richard, gives him a warning. According to his spies, the Templars in England are backing the Norman nobles who have become corrupt and are oppressing the poor, mainly those who are Saxon, and Richard's brother Prince John is on the verge of rebelling against him. Altair, who actually sees potential in Robin, wants him to start another Assassin Brotherhood in England, to which Robin says he will consider and will send Altair a message by pigeon. Altair then says that he will respond by sending him a list of those who are to be his targets.
    Now I'm sure most of you know what happens when Robin returns to England, he gets cheated out of his land and title by the Norman nobles and the Sheriff of Nottingham himself, and is soon declared an outlaw. Then Robin gathers his band of Merry Men who are outlaws who steal from the rich and give to the poor in public but are secretly the Assassin Brotherhood of the English Rite.

    More details later...
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    Now as I was saying, Robin Hood's Merry Men are outlaws in public but an Assassin Brotherhood in secret, but not all the members are assassins, some like Allan-a-Dale and Friar Tuck are only allies of the brotherhood, and overtime Robin will gain more members who are not a part of his Merry Men. Anyhow, these are ones he will be targeting from 1190-1199 both before and after Richard the Lion Heart's return:

    William I de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby 1190
    ??? 1190
    ??? 1191
    ??? 1191
    Caspar Steinkopf 1192
    Prior Vincent of Emmett 1192
    Ralph of the Scar 1192
    Hubert the Forester 1192
    Sir Philip de Malvoisin 1192 (assisted by Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe)
    Sir Stephen of Trent 1193
    Sir Guy of Gisbourne 1193
    Sir Ralph de Vipont 1193
    Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil 1193
    Sir Albert de Malvoisin 1193
    Gilbert o’ the Red Cap 1193
    Prior of Aymer, Abbot of Jorvauuix 1194
    Sir Maurice de Bracy 1194
    Sir Lachlan Maclean-de Corzon, Baron of Ak’ham 1194
    Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert 1194 (assisted by Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe)
    Sir Conrade Mountfitchet 1196
    Sir Lucas de Beaumanoir, Templar Grand Master 1196
    Bishop of Hereford 1197
    Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse 1197
    Baron William de Wendenal, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire 1197
    Pierre Basille aka John Sabroz aka Dudo aka Bertrand de Gourdon 1199
    Aimar V Boso, Viscount of Limoges 1199

    Now most of these characters are fictional but I did manage to slip five historical figures into the list. Those are William I de Ferrers the 3rd Earl of Derby, Sir Lachlan Maclean-de Corzon the Baron of Ak’ham, Baron William de Wendenal, Pierre Basille, and Aimar V Boso, Viscount of Limoges. William I de Ferrers was an English noble and a member of the Knights-Templar who served in the Third Crusade and died during the Siege of Acre. Sir Lachlan Maclean-de Corzon was also an English noble and Templar Knight who served in the crusade but died two years after it concluded. Baron William de Wendenal was a lesser-known Norman noble whom the Sheriff of Nottingham was based on, plus some versions of the story even portrayed him as the sheriff, however, he himself disappeared from the pages of history, which means his date of his actual death is not known. Pierre Basille is the man, or boy according to some sources, who was responsible for the death of King Richard. As for Aimar V Boso, Viscount of Limoges, he is a French nobleman from the Duchy of Aquitaine who led a revolt against King Richard during his war with France, which also played a part in the Lion Heart's death. As for the fictional characters, not all of them are from the Robin Hood stories, but also from that of "Ivanhoe." See I figured that since Robin was included in this story, and the fact that most of its antagonists are Templars, they could be included as well, and as you can see Wilfred of Ivanhoe is also included in my idea. Oh and as for the three that are only question marks, those are undecided targets.

    To be continued...
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    Hey I'm back, now as I was saying in the last post, a number of the targets in the list are from the story "Ivanhoe," and that Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe himself is included as character in my idea. Now for those who haven't read the story, the ones from "Ivanhoe" are Hubert the Forester, Sir Philip de Malvoisin, Sir Ralph de Vipont, Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil, Sir Albert de Malvoisin, Sir Maurice de Bracy, Prior of Aymer, Abbot of Jorvauuix, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Sir Conrade Mountfitchet, Sir Lucas de Beaumanoir, and Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse. Now Sir Philip de Malvoisin is a cruel Norman knight from Yorkshire who, according some accounts of the story, is one of the challengers participating at the jousting tournament where Ivanhoe reveals himself and is a loyal follower of Prince John. Hubert is a forester and archer under Malvoisin's employ. Sir Albert de Malvoisin is Sir Philip's brother and is a commander of the Knights-Templar in Templestowe. Sir Ralph de Vipont and Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil are either challengers of the same jousting tournament Sir Philip and Ivanhoe were in or are members of the Knights-Templar (although some accounts say that Vipont is a member of the Knights Hospitalier). Sir Maurice de Bracy is either also a Templar commander or is the leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Free Lancers. Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert is also a Templar and is the arch-nemesis of Ivanhoe. The Prior of Aymer or Abbot of Jorvauuix is a corrupt religious leader who is loyal to Bois-Guilbert. Sir Lucas de Beaumanoir is the Grand Master of the Templars and Sir Conrade de Mountfitchet is his attendant knight. Finally, Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse is Prince John's adviser who tries to help him gain the throne. Oh and my idea also includes the Battle of Torquilstone, but that I'll explain later. As for Wilfred of Ivanhoe; in my idea he is portrayed as an old friend and comrade of Robin Hood or Robin of Loxley with whom he served in the Third Crusade, where he does make an appearance during the game.
    Now the characters from the Robin Hood ballads and novels are Caspar Steinkopf, Prior Vincent of Emmett, Ralph of the Scar, Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Sir Stephen of Trent, Gilbert o' the Red Cap, and the Bishop of Hereford. I decided not to include any characters from Robin Hood plays as targets because I think it's best to stick to the literary ones. Now I'm sure that many of you may already know who Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the Bishop of Hereford are, but I may have to explain the others. Caspar Steinkopf is character that is presented as one the Sheriff's men in the novel "Robin Hood and Little John of the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest" by Pierce Egan the Younger. Prior Vincent of Emmett is a man of the cloth to whom Robin's ally Sir Richard of the Lea owed a debt of 600 pounds and seemed to be a friend of the Sheriff. Ralph of the Scar is one of the Sheriff's men who first appeared in a Robin Hood play by Anthony Munday and later in Howard Pyle's novel. Sir Stephen of Trent is another character from Howard Pyle's novel to whom Ellen o' the Dale, Allan-a-Dale's soon-to-be wife, is to be forced to marry by her father. Finally, Gilbert o' the Red Cap is an archer under the Sheriff's employ. Oh and by the way, about Caspar Steinkopf and Ralph of the Scar, I thought why not portray them as the Sheriff's deputies, partly since not many of the Sheriff's men are identified by name.

    To be continued...
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    Welcome back, now I also said that Little John, Maid Marian, and Will Scarlet should be playable characters as well.

    Now let's start with Little John. Since he's Robin's second-in-command of the Merry Men, I figured why not him. These will be his targets in the 1190s:

    William-a-Trent 1192
    Sir Reginald Front-de-Bœuf 1192
    The Monk 1193
    Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil 1193
    Eric of Lincoln 1193
    Sir Herman of Goodalricke 1196
    Broad Thoresby 1197
    The Three Spears of Spyinghow 1197

    Now like Robin's assassination targets, some of them are from "Ivanhoe" and those are Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil, Sir Herman of Goodalricke, Broad Thoresby, and the Three Spears of Spyinghow. I know I've already added Sir Hugh as one of Robin's targets but the truth is I'm not so sure about whether he should be Robin's target or Little John's. Anyway, as for Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, he is a Norman knight and, according to some accounts, a member of the Knights-Templar who is loyal to Prince John, is the most brutal villain in the "Ivanhoe" story, and resides at Torquilstone Castle. Now I chose him as a target for Little John because some accounts have Front-de-Boeuf as someone who is big and strong just like Little John, which makes him a perfect opponent. Sir Herman of Goodalricke is a preceptor of the Knights-Templar. Broad Thoresby is a soldier who serves under Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse. Finally, the Three Spears of Spyinghow are a trio of northern men-at-arms who once belonged to a gang led by some criminal named Ralph Middleton and are also serving under Fitzhurse.
    As for the other targets William-a-Trent, the Monk, and Eric of Lincoln, they are from the Robin Hood stories. William-a-Trent, according to one story, is the best runner among the Sheriff of Nottingham's men and is killed by Little John as he is trying to catch Will Scarlet who has escaped the Sheriff. The Monk is a character from a ballad called "Robin Hood and the Monk" who has violated the ancient privilege of sanctuary by turning Robin Hood over to the Sheriff and is later killed by Little John for his treachery. Finally, Eric of Lincoln is a noted wrestler and a local braggart who Little John quarrels with when he catches him bullying some beggar.
    Now before we get to Maid Marian or Will Scarlet, I shall pick up where the story had left off. As I had mentioned in the first post, Robin told Altair that he would send him a message if he agreed to start a Brotherhood in England and that Altair would respond with a list of Templars, Templar Affiliates, and Templars Allies whom Robin has to look out for. Of course, by now Robin already knows that Baron William de Wendenal, the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire is in league with the Templars, for it was Templars that the Sheriff had given Robin's land to, but which Templar he still doesn't know. It is a matter of days before Altair and Robin receive each other's messages. Anyway when the pigeon returns with Altair's response, it arrives at a certain point in Sherwood Forest a little ways away from the Merry Men's hideout and is sent the rest of the way by arrow in order to avoid receiving any unwanted company like the Sheriff's men, foresters, bounty hunters, or even Templar Knights. By then it's been months since Robin lost his home in Loxley and was declared an outlaw. As for his band of Merry Men and Assassin Brotherhood, he has already recruited Little John, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, Will Scathelock, David of Doncaster, Arthur-a-Bland, and Gilbert with the Whitehand (and possibly his wife Margaret) and it's not long before the Merry Men start building their reputation of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Friar Tuck as I said before is a member of the Merry Men but not of the Brotherhood. Anyway, back to the list, once Robin receives it he then decides as to which one he should go after first. So first he and his Brotherhood go after Caspar Steinkopf, then William-a-Trent, and Prior Vincent of Emmett and along the way they gain more recruits as well as allies, which I will explain later.

    To be continued...

    I haven’t figured out the entire gameplay part for all this yet, but I do have it down that the player has Robin assassinate Prior Vincent not long after he is paid the money Sir Richard of the Lee owed him.
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    I'm back, but before we continue the story we shall discuss Maid Marian. Now here are her targets during the 1190s:

    Sir Stephen of Trent 1193
    Giles de Mauleverer 1194
    Hugh Bardon 1194
    Damian the Squire 1196
    Bishop of Hereford 1197

    Well these are what I have so far. Anyway, three of them are from the story "Ivanhoe"; Giles de Mauleverer, Damian the Squire, and Hugh Bardon. Giles de Mauleverer is a Norman lord of Middleham and is the brother of Prior Aymer. Damian is a squire who serves the Templar Knights at Templestowe. Hugh Bardon is a scoutmaster for Prince John who sends men out on scouting and spying missions. As for Sir Stephen of Trent, I plan to have him killed by both Robin and Marian, and the Bishop of Hereford, maybe Marian should kill him instead of Robin. I'm not entirely sure but maybe I should include Maudlin the Witch of Papplewick as a target for Marian. Anyway, as for Marian herself, she starts out as an informant for Robin and his men regarding their raids as well as finding their targets until she is exposed, which I will explain later in the story, but before I do, I have ideas which I would like to share. For instance, I had an idea for one thing the Templars could be after aside from an Apple of Eden, and that would be King Arthur's sword Excalibur. You see since you guys in Ubisoft have already portrayed Excalibur as a Sword of Eden, I thought why not include that. You see, in my idea Prince John will especially want Excalibur so he can use it against his brother King Richard. Now aside from that, I also have other weapons in mind; Sir Lancelot's sword Arondight, Sir Galahad's Sword with the Red Hilt, Sir Gawain's Axe, the Sword of William the Conqueror, the Battleaxe of Thorkell the Tall (the Viking), and the Spear of Boudicca. The reason I chose a weapon that belonged to Thorkell is because I read somewhere that he was murdered in Greenwich, England. Oh and for those who don't know who Boudicca is, she was a great warrior queen who lead a rebellion against the Romans when they still had control over England.

    To be continued...
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    Hello again, now before we get back to the story, I just want to get Will Scarlet off my chest, here's what I have so far for his targets during the 1190s:

    ??? 1192
    Sir Ralph de Vipont 1193
    Sir Louis Winkelbrand 1194
    Baldwin de Oyley 1194
    ??? 1196
    Stephen Steelheart 1197

    Anyway, so far all of them are from "Ivanhoe"; Sir Louis Winkelbrand is Sir Maurice de Bracy's lieutenant and is second-in-command of the Free Lancers, Baldwin de Oyley is a squire who serves under Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, and Stephen Steelheart aka Stephen Wetheral is a soldier who serves under Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse and is referred to as Steelheart due to his cruelty. As for Sir Ralph de Vipont, I'm having trouble deciding whether it should be Robin who kills him or Will Scarlet, and as for the other two, they still remain undecided, although a part of me thinks one of them should be Will's father Sir Guy of Gamwell's steward, who is acting as a spy for the Normans and Templars.
    Now getting back to the story, as I was saying Robin Hood's Brotherhood gains more recruits including Will Stutley, Halbert Lindsay aka Hal of the Keep, his sister Maude (who later becomes Will Scarlet's wife), Wat o' the Crabstaff aka the Tinker, and maybe Will Scarlet's brother Stephan Gamwell and their sister Winifred (who later becomes Little John's wife). They also gain allies including Sir Richard of the Lee, his son Henry, and his wife Lady of Verysdale and also Sir Guy of Gamwell. Anyway, news soon reaches Robin and the others that the Third Crusade has finally ended, that is at least a few days or more after it actually happened, which means that Richard the Lion Heart will soon return. Robin also receives another message from Altair warning him that two Templars are on their way back from the Holy Land, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf. Robin remembers seeing those two during his service in the Crusade. Soon the outlaws/assassins catch wind of a big tournament which will take place in Ashby and that it will include jousting, wrestling, and an archery competition. The grand prize for the archery tournament will be a special arrow. Robin and the others, however, are suspicious that the tournament is a trap, and their suspicions are confirmed when Friar Tuck comes back from the Blue Boar Inn with information which he got from a drunk Ralph of the Scar, one of the Sheriff's men, who is also on Robin's list. Tuck also heard from Ralph of the Scar that Prince John and the Sheriff will be there and that those participating in the joust will be Sir Philip de Malvoisin, Sir Ralph de Vipont, and Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil who are all on Robin's list along with Bois-Guilbert and Front-de-Boeuf. Also there are two among the competitors in the archery tournament who are also on Robin's list, Sir Philip's forester Hubert and Gilbert o' the Red Cap. As for the wrestling event, among the competitors is Eric o' Lincoln, another name on the list. Now instead of having the prize be a golden arrow or a silver one, I thought why not make it an Arrow of Eden or Isu Arrow, I mean what else would the Templars use as bait to trap an Assassin. Anyway, it is decided that both Robin and Gilbert with the Whitehand will go to the tournament in disguise and win the arrow without be recognised. Little John will be going as well to take part in the wrestling event.
    Anyway, on the next day the tournament in Ashby has begun, and it starts with the jousting competition. While in disguise, Robin watches as the proceedings commence. In the royal box he see Prince John, the Sheriff, and Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse, who is also on his list, and in the spectators' seats he sees Maid Marian along with Cedric of Rotherwood aka Cedric the Saxon and his ward Lady Rowena, and Isaac of York and his daughter Rebecca. Robin recognises Cedric as the father of his old friend and comrade-in-arms Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. Anyhow, after seeing all the Saxon knights being defeated, Robin soon spots a mysterious knight who arrives unannounced. Malvoisin, Vipont, Grantmesnil, Bois-Guilbert, and Front-de-Boeuf are all defeated by this knight but he himself is wounded during the match with Sir Reginald which turns into a sword fight. When the knight is awarded by no other than Prince John, he removes his helmet and reveals himself as Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. When Ivanhoe is taken to a tent where he is tended to by Marian, Lady Rowena, Isaac, and Rebecca, Robin sneaks into it, leaving Gilbert to stand watch outside, and greets him before revealing who he is. Ivanhoe is overjoyed to see his former comrade-in-arms and even addresses him as Robin of Loxley. At first Cedric (who is also there), Rowena, Isaac, and Rebecca react in shock due to Robin's reputation among the rich, but he assures them that they have nothing to fear for he only robs from those who are enemies of King Richard. Marian, on the other hand, expresses her concern, fearing that there could be a trap, but Robin convinces her that he knows what he's doing. Then Gilbert informs Robin that the wrestling event is about to begin, so with that Robin bids the others farewell for the time being and exits the tent. Marian, of course, is still worried, but Wilfred of Ivanhoe assures that if there is a trap, they will think of a way to help Robin escape. Meanwhile, Little John, who is also in disguise, takes part in the wrestling competition and defeats all his opponents including Eric o' Lincoln and two others by the names Egbert of Stoke and William of the Scar. And now comes the archery event...
    Out at archery range, Robin is able to best all his opponents including his man Gilbert with the Whitehand as well as the forester Hubert and Gilbert o' the Red Cap. During the competition, Robin catches a glimpse of the grand prize, and it's an arrow like he had never seen before. After the final round, Robin is declared the winner and is given the arrow, but before he can leave he is soon surrounded by guards and then his disguise is removed before the whole crowd. Every way out is blocked off by lines of soldiers to prevent any escape attempt. Before the Sheriff can boast about his success, however, two of the guards are shot down by some unknown archer, it is Marian in disguise. And soon after, all the horses come running out of the stable and stampede through the soldiers. Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe comes riding out after them and tells Robin to make a break for it while he holds off the guards. At first Robin hesitates but then does as Ivanhoe says and mounts one of the escaped horses, taking Gilbert with the Whitehand and the mysterious arrow with him. Little John also removes his disguise and joins them. Once Eric o' Lincoln realizes that it was Little John who defeated him in the competition, he swears that he will get even. When a crossbowman is about to take a shot, the disguised Marian gives him an arrow in the back, killing him. Ivanhoe holds the soldiers off as best he can but soon weakens again due to his wound and is then apprehended. Marian is then caught as well, along with Lady Rowena, Isaac of York, and Rebecca. As for Cedric the Saxon, he is prevented from interfering by a few guards. The Sheriff is enraged by his failure in capturing Robin Hood once again and becomes even more furious when he sees that Marian was one of those who helped Robin escape. He then angrily orders for them to be taken to Nottingham Castle. Prince John is also angered by the outcome, but tries to remain calm, as do Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf.
    Back in Sherwood Forest on the following night, Robin and the others try to hatch up a plan to break Marian, Ivanhoe, and the others out of the Sheriff's dungeon. They decide to pull it off at midnight and Robin handpicks those who will go with him. He chooses Little John, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, David of Doncaster, and Wat o' the Crabstaff. Gilbert with the Whitehand wants to go with them since he was with Robin at the tournament but Robin convinces him to remain behind. On their way to Nottingham they are soon joined by Cedric the Saxon who is equally determined to help his son and ward escape. When they arrive at Nottingham, they scale the walls and once they're inside, they notice that there aren't as many guards as they expected. Although they feel something is a little off, Robin and his companions continue with their plan and make their way to Nottingham Castle. Once they infiltrate the castle, they kill some of the guards as they make their way to the dungeon, but when they get there and check all the cells, not a single one of them contains Marian, Ivanhoe, or any of the others. Robin then asks one of the prisoners who tells him they had been taken away hours ago, but he doesn't know where. With that, Robin has John, Will, Much, David, and Wat free all the prisoners and head back to Sherwood while he and Cedric head for the Sheriff's quarters. There they find Ralph of the Scar whom they interrogate and learn that the Sheriff along with half his force have taken their friends to Torquilstone Castle, a well fortified stronghold where Sirs Brian de Bois-Guilbert and Reginald Front-de-Boeuf (along with a small squad of Templar Knights) are waiting for them. He also says that Sir Philip Malvoisin and his men, including his forester Hubert who is out gathering other foresters who are loyal to Prince John, are there, and so are the Prior of Aymer, the Bishop of Hereford, Sir Maurice de Bracy, his lieutenant Sir Louis Winkelbrand, and their mercenary band of Free Lancers. Robin remembers all those names from the list Altair sent him. Before he and Cedric leave, Robin kills Ralph of the Scar with his hidden blade before the villain can call out for help. After they escape Nottingham, Robin tells Cedric to go and gather all his Saxon friends and to meet him and the rest of the Merry Men in the forest outside Torquilstone by morning. Cedric agree, knowing that they'll need a large force to take the castle.
    Back at their hideout, Robin gathers all the Merry Men and informs them that the situation has changed, and that they are to meet Cedric and his men by morning. So in no time at all, every man in Sherwood forest, including the new recruits, ride out for Torquilstone. All accept Friar Tuck, who heads in another direction to get more help.

    To be continued...

    I also have it down that the player has both Little John and Robin win both the wrestling and archery competitions and have Robin infiltrate Nottingham Castle, after having him lead the others quietly through the town, have him check each cell in the dungeon, make his way to the Sheriff's quarters, and assassinate Ralph of the Scar. I also think that maybe the player should have Robin lead his men all the way to Torquilstone Castle.
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    Alright I'm back, now before we continue with the story, there's something else I want to share. I just came up with another legendary weapon and possible Isu Artifact which the Templars could be after, the Staff of Merlin, the great wizard who instructed King Arthur. See I figured that since Merlin was considered a wizard, why not make his staff a Staff of Eden.
    Anyway back to the story, Robin Hood and his Merry Men arrive at their destination at the edge of a forest outside of Torquilstone Castle, just a few hours before dawn, and wait there for Cedric of Rotherwood to arrive with his Saxon friends. Since it is hours before morning, they decide to get some sleep but before they do Robin goes on reconnaissance to see if there is any other way into the castle aside from the main gate. He is in luck, for he finds a secret tunnel on the other side of the castle. When Robin returns, he tells the others about the tunnel before they put in for the rest of the night, but they keep a lookout posted since they are near enemy territory. Meanwhile, over in the castle, we see the Sheriff, or Baron William de Wendenal, toasting with Sirs Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, Maurice de Bracy, Louis Winkelbrand, and Philip de Malvoisin along with the Prior of Aymer and the Bishop of Hereford. They discuss what their next move will be concerning Robin Hood as well as how to help Prince John take the throne among other things. Suddenly, Hubert who has just returned with about fifty-or-so foresters, comes in with a courier and informs them of what has happened at Nottingham Castle. The Sheriff is a bit disappointed that he lost another deputy but he did anticipate that Robin would make such an attempt, which is why he had the prisoners moved to Torquilstone Castle where fortifications were stronger than that of Nottingham. Now he and his compatriots know for sure that Robin will be coming soon. When Hubert mentions that Cedric was seen there with Robin, the Sheriff can see that changes things because he knows that Cedric has many friends who would be willing to help, not to mention they were also going to use the prisoners to force Cedric to surrender Rotherwood to them. Knowing that Robin and Cedric won't attack during the night, the Sheriff tells his compatriots that they will wake the men and ready the defenses at dawn. We then see Marian down in the dungeon with Lady Rowena, Rebecca, Ivanhoe, and Isaac of York. Ivanhoe is resting and still recovering from his wound, while Marian is looking out a barred window, wondering if Robin is coming to rescue her and the others. Lady Rowena and Rebecca convince her not to lose hope for Robin is well-known for his cunning and cleverness.
    Soon it is morning, and Cedric has just arrived with a number of armed Saxons. Now he and Robin try to decide on how they should go about taking the castle when soon Friar Tuck arrives with Kirjath Jairam, a friend Isaac's, who brings a number of armed Jewish refugees, and Sir Richard of the Lee and his son Henry who bring a number of knights who still remain loyal to King Richard. Now with their force even bigger, the allies go over their strategy on how to take Torquilstone Castle. Robin then mentions the secret tunnel he found on the other side of the castle and then comes up with a plan that during the confusion of the upcoming battle, when the time is right, he and a few others will sneak into the tunnel, retrieve Marian and the others, and then open the main gate from the inside. The others all agree, and then prepare to attack. Those who are to go with Robin are Little John, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, and Friar Tuck.
    Now the battle begins, and Robin and his men are acting as archers while Sir Richard and his knights act as cavalry and Saxons and refugees charge as infantry, taking assault ladders with them. As the battle rages on, Robin soon takes advantage of the opportunity and slips away with John, Will, Much, and Tuck, leaving Allan-a-Dale and Will Scathlock in charge of the others. The five of them sneak around the castle and head into the tunnel, which leads to a secret door in the castle wall. Lucky for them, the secret door is inside the dungeon. They find a guard who has the keys and force him to show them the cell their friends are in, that is before killing him. They open the cell door and find that their friends are safe and sound. Marian, who is overjoyed, embraces Robin, and Wilfred of Ivanhoe who is still a bit weak but is able to stand, comes over and greets his old comrade-in-arms with a handshake. Robin then tells them about the plan and Ivanhoe says he has enough strength left to help in opening the main gate. So they all exit the cell and head out of the dungeon. The do have to jump a few guards along the way but they're able to reach the main gate and start lifting the big drop bar. Soon they are spotted by the forester Hubert who instead of informing his master Sir Philip or the Sheriff, decides to take a shot at Robin, but Marian sees the forester and gives a warning and Robin dodges the arrow which just misses Isaac, and then draws the Arrow of Eden and shoots. The arrow hits Hubert in the chest, and the forester falls off the wall and hits the ground. After that, our heroes successfully remove the bar and open the gate, giving way to their allies outside, who storm in through it. Meanwhile, upon realizing that their enemies have broken through the main gate, the Sheriff and his compatriots order their men to head into the courtyard and stop them. Sir Philip de Malvoisin then sees that his forester has been killed and swears that he'll avenge him. Seeing that it's the Arrow of Eden in Hubert's chest, he can guess that it was Robin who did it. Then as the battle continues, Robin soon spots the Sheriff and his comrades heading indoors along with some of de Bracy's mercenaries. Knowing that they're headed for the secret tunnel, Robin, along with Little John, Ivanhoe, Cedric, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, Allan-a-Dale, David of Doncaster, Hal of the Keep, and Arthur-a-Bland, goes after them. Upon hearing them coming, Sir Maurice de Bracy orders his men to hold off their pursuers. They only manage to hold off Cedric, Ivanhoe, Will, Much, Allan, David, Hal, and Arthur, but Robin and Little John get past them and continue on pursuit. The Sheriff and the others are soon joined by the Bishop of Hereford and the Prior of Aymer, and when they reach the dungeon and realize that Robin and Little John are still on their tail, Sirs Reginald and Philip stay behind with swords drawn, while the others flee. Sir Philip asks Robin if it was he who killed Hubert, since the Arrow of Eden was in his body, to which Robin responds "yes," and then tells Sir Reginald that Robin is his and charges at him. As for Sir Reginald, he's actually more interested in Little John anyway since they both match in strength and size.

    To be continued...

    I have it down that the player has to have Robin do his reconnaissance around the castle, give his men the command to fire volleys of arrows during the battle as well as firing his own arrows, have him along with Little John, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, and Friar Tuck sneak into the secret tunnel all the way to the dungeon, force the guard with the keys to tell him and the others where the right cell is as well as kill him, take the keys and unlock the cell door. Then the player has to have Robin lead the others as they make their way to the main gate (while killing any guards they run into), kill Hubert the Forester with the Arrow of Eden, and have him and the others remove the bar and open the gate. Next the player has to have Robin take further part in the battle, and maybe kill off a few soldiers, then have him along with Ivanhoe, Cedric, John, Will (Scarlet), Much, Allan, David, Hal, and Arthur chase after the Sheriff and his comrades into the castle, and then continue the pursuit only along with Little John after the others are held off.
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    Originally Posted by frontierchris Go to original post
    Now I know that the next Assassin's Creed game, "Kingdom", has already been announced
    Nothing was announced. There are only rumours...
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    Oh I see! Anyway, as I was saying, Sir Reginald seemed to see Little John as more of a worthy opponent than Robin due to his strength and size being equal to that of his own. After a few strikes, Sir Reginald breaks Little John's quarterstaff in two with his sword. Then after ducking when his opponent swings his weapon at him, Little John grabs a sword he finds mounted on the wall and then the fight is fair. Meanwhile, the fight between Robin and Sir Philip continues until one of them (Sir Philip) manages to knock the other (Robin) through a door and into the castle's dining hall. Then when Robin gets back on his feet, the fight resumes. Back in the hallway, as Little John and Sir Reginald fight they soon come to a stairway, which they climb up as their blades clash. After they reach the top, the accidently knock down a candle holder with lit candles on it, which lands on a curtain and lights it on fire. Just so you know, I'm not including Ulrica of Torquilstone since I've added enough Ivanhoe characters already, so instead the castle will be burned down by accident. Two accidents that is, the one caused by Little John and Sir Reginald and another caused by Robin and Sir Philip. During their duel, Robin and Sir Philip accidently knock down a pitcher of wine which shatters near the fireplace when it lands, and once it reaches the flames, the wine gets lit up and then so does the rug. In spite of these accidents, both duels continue. The one between Robin and Sir Philip soon gets more interesting when the two end up fighting on the dining room table. Meanwhile, the one between Little John and Sir Reginald eventually becomes a battle of strength when they end up losing their swords, meaning they fight with their bare hands. As for the other two, after a while of two blades clashing against each other, Robin manages to knock Sir Philip off the dining room table. When Robin himself is off the table, Sir Philip cheats by taking a goblet and throwing wine into Robin's face before knocking him to the floor. Then when Sir Philip is about to finish Robin, Wilfred of Ivanhoe intervenes by springing on him. After dropping his sword, Sir Philip manages to shake off Ivanhoe, who falls to the floor, and then draws a dagger, deciding to kill him first. However, before he can get any closer, Robin stabs him from behind with his hidden blade. Then when Sir Philip drops his dagger, Ivanhoe retrieves it and sticks him in the gut. As he lays on the floor dying, Sir Philip swears that his brother Sir Albert de Malvoisin will avenge him (maybe while they're in the animus), but Robin retorts by saying that Sir Albert is one of those next on his list. After noticing that the fire is starting to spread, and knowing that they can't stop it, Robin and Wilfred exit the dining hall.
    Knowing that the Sheriff and his compatriots are probably long gone by now, Robin and Wilfred decide to go find Little John. Meanwhile, Little John and Sir Reginald are still fighting barehanded. As the fire continues to spread, the two giants fight fiercely and eventually, both of them manage to get their swords back. Then, after a few minutes of blades clashing, Little John impales Sir Reginald through the torso, and Robin and Wilfred arrive just in time to see it. After Sir Reginald breaths his last breath, the three allies make a run for it as the fire starts to spread throughout the castle. As soon as they find Cedric and the others, they exit the castle as it continues to burn. By now the battle is over and those of the Sheriff's men, the mercenaries, foresters and the Templars who are still alive have been taken prisoner. Knowing they have no place to lock them up, Robin and Cedric send them packing back to Nottingham, leaving all their weapons behind them. As for Sir Philip's men, with their leader dead they all disband. Meanwhile, Baron William de Wendenal, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Sir Maurice de Bracy, Sir Louis Winkelbrand, and the Bishop of Hereford watch from a distance as Torquilstone Castle burns to the ground. Suddenly, the Prior of Aymer approaches and informs them of what has happened to Sirs Reginald and Philip, for he had witnessed both of their deaths. The six of them then ride for the fortified temple of Templestowe where they inform Sir Albert de Malvoisin, the preceptor of Templestowe's Templar Preceptory, of his brother's death by the hands of Robin and Ivanhoe, as well as that of Hubert and Sir Reginald, and the burning of Torquilstone Castle. Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, who is good friends with Sir Albert, also informs him that he suspects Robin Hood of leading an Assassin Brotherhood just like the one in the Holy Land. They also send a messenger to Prince John, informing him and Baron Waldemar Fitzhurse of the defeat.

    To be continued...

    For this I have it down that the player has to have Robin and Little John each face Sirs Philip and Reginald in a boss fight. After Sir Reginald's energy bar is a fifth empty, we come to the scene where Little John's quarterstaff is broke in half and he grabs the sword from the wall and when it's a quarter empty, that's when we come to the scene where the accident with the candle holder occurs. When Sir Philip's energy bar is a quarter empty, we come to the scene where he knocks Robin through the dining room door, and when it's half empty the scene of the wine pitcher accident occurs. When Sir Reginald's energy bar is half empty, we come to the scene where the two giants lose their swords and they start using their bare hands. When Sir Philip's is three quarters empty, we then see the scene where he and Robin end up dueling on the dining room table. Then once Sir Philip's energy bar is entirely empty, that's when we come to the scene in which Robin manages to knock Sir Philip off the table and then gets off himself and Sir Philip cheats with the goblet of wine, knocks Robin down, and is about to finish him when Ivanhoe intervenes, then the player has to have Robin stab Sir Philip with the hidden blade before he can kill Ivanhoe. Then once Sir Reginald's energy bar is three quarters empty after all the fist fighting, we come to the scene where the two giants manage to pick up their swords. Finally, when Sir Reginald's energy bar is entirely empty, we come to the scene where he is impaled by Little John and Robin and Ivanhoe arrive in time to witness it.
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    Before we continue with the story, I recently remembered to add some wild game for the player to hunt:

    Wild Boar
    Red Fox
    Mallard Duck
    Red Deer
    Brown Hare
    Roe Deer
    White-Fronted Goose

    Well this is what I have so far anyway. Now back to the story, it is now months since the Battle of Torquilstone, and Ivanhoe, his father Cedric, Rowena, Isaac, Rebecca, and Marian are all now fugitives just like Robin. They take refuge at Robin's hideout in Sherwood Forest, but only Marian becomes a member of the Merry Men. However, she, Ivanhoe, and Rowena have joined the Assassin Brotherhood. Sir Richard of the Lee's son Henry has also become a fugitive after accidentally killing a knight during a joust and having killed the knight's squire who tried to take revenge on Henry. Knowing that the current court system cannot be trusted, he hides out in Sherwood Forest and also joins the Brotherhood, but not the Merry Men. Kirjath Jairam also joins the Brotherhood as a means to seal their alliance with the Jewish refugees. Soon, Allan-a-Dale receives bad news concerning his true love Ellen o' the Dale, and asks Robin and the others for his help. According to Allan, Ellen is being forced to marry a Norman knight named Sir Stephen of Trent, who is also an allie of the Templars, and is on Robin's list. Anyway, since she refuses to marry him, Sir Stephen has taken her back to his home, Trent Castle by force, and has sent for the Prior of Aymer, who is to wed them the next morning. Knowing they have no time to lose, Robin and Allan mount up and ride for Trent. Marian goes with them as well, even though Robin would rather she stay behind but Ellen is her friend and she wants to help, plus it is possible that she also thinks it's time that she got her hands dirty. Anyhow, once they arrive in Trent, it is night and the three friends sneak into the castle. Next they grab one of his guards, whom they force to reveal where Ellen is being held. He tells them she has been locked up in Sir Stephen's chambers, before they kill him. They then quietly make their way to the knight's bed chambers, where they find another guard whom, by a stroke of luck, has the keys to the bedroom door. They kill him, take the keys, and then open they door to find Ellen weeping on the bed. When she sees them, she feels overjoyed and relieved and embraces Allan and kisses him. She also embraces Marian, for she had wondered what had happened to her after the incident at Torquilstone Castle. Then after Robin, Marian, Allan, and Ellen manage to get out of the castle and make for the horses, they are soon spotted by no other than Sir Stephen himself who runs and calls for his guards. Once they reach the horses, the four friends ride off and are soon being chased by Sir Stephen and his guards. They follow them into the forest where they soon lose them and stop in confusion. Then suddenly, many arrows come raining down and kill all the guards, and Sir Stephen's horse is then spooked and through's him off the saddle. When he gets on his feet, Sir Stephen draws his sword and calls out to the outlaws, demanding them to come out and face him. Then Maid Marian comes up from behind and stabs him with her hidden blade, while Robin comes out from the bushes and stabs him in the stomach with his. Once Sir Stephen expires, his body is taken back to his castle and is left there for the Prior of Aymer to see. Next we see a triple wedding in Sherwood Forest where Allan is being married to Ellen, Will Scarlett to Maud Lindsay, and Little John to Winifred Gamwell, by Friar Tuck. As for Robin and Marian, they decide not to marry until King Richard returns and pardons them, and so do Ivanhoe and Rowena.
    Later, we see Robin praying at St. Mary's Church in Nottingham when a monk spots him and violates the ancient privilege of sanctuary by reporting to the Sheriff, who along with many guards captures him. Once word of this reaches Sherwood Forest, the outlaws and their allies hatch a plan to rescue Robin. Their plan is to rescue him during his execution which takes place the next morning. In the meantime, Little John finds the treacherous monk and kills him. Next it is morning and we see the Sheriff at the gallows in the village square getting ready to hang Robin as an angry crowd of peasants and serfs is being held back by his guards. We then see Marian and the others sneaking into the village and taking up their positions after dispatching all the lookouts. We also see Wilfred of Ivanhoe disguised as a blind man in a cloak moving towards the gallows. The guards pay him no mind, thinking that he is harmless since he is blind. Then when the executioner pulls the lever, Marian shoots an arrow which snaps the rope and Robin lands on his feet after falling through the trap door. Another arrow from Much, the Miller's Son lands into the executioner's throat, killing him, while the two guards assisting him also get struck by arrows. Desperate to kill Robin, the Sheriff draws his sword and is about to strike when Ivanhoe removes his disguise, leaps onto the gallows, and blocks him. After saying, "Not so fast Sheriff" Wilfred gives him a right-hook, knocking him off the gallows, and then he cuts Robin loose from his bonds. The Sheriff's guards try to intervene but are soon kept at bay by the outlaws and Assassins who are spread out in different places with bows and arrows at ready, giving Robin and Wilfred time to escape on horseback. Then as Marian and the others pull back an enraged Sheriff orders his men to go after them, but they are unsuccessful for the outlaws and Assassin's had all vanished.
    Some time later, we see Robin, Wilfred, and Little John out hunting, and they manage to bag a Red Deer, two pheasants, and four rabbits. Meanwhile, back in Nottingham, the Sheriff has hired Sir Guy of Gisborne, one of England's most feared mercenaries, to kill both Robin and Ivanhoe. Gisborne has worked for the Sheriff before, and has taken jobs from the Templars as well. The Sheriff then offers to have Sir Maurice de Bracy and his Free Lancers accompany him, but Gisbourne only wants Bracy and his lieutenant Sir Louis Winkelbrand to assist him because even though Gisbourne usually works alone, he trusts Bracy and Winkelbrand since he's worked with them before. He even believes that just the three of them would be enough since they're only after two men. What Gisborne doesn't know, however, is that he is also on Robin's list due to his connection with the Templars. Before they leave, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert tells them that if they find Isaac of York's daughter Rebecca, they are to bring her to Templestowe where he'll be waiting.
    Now, Gisborne, Bracy, and Winkelbrand are seen in Sherwood Forest searching for Robin and Ivanhoe when they stumble upon Maid Marian, Lady Rowena, and Rebecca who have just finished bathing in a nearby pond. After Bracy tells him who they are, Gisborne decides to kidnap them and use them as bait to lure both Robin and Ivanhoe into a trap. The three mercenaries then grab the three ladies and tie them up. Remembering what Bois-Guilbert asked of them, Gisborne has Winkelbrand take Rebecca to Templestowe while he and Bracy take care of Marian and Rowena. Suddenly, they spot one of Robin's men standing watch by the road. Gisborne sees this as a perfect opportunity to get Robin and Ivanhoe's attention. He writes a message, then ties it to an arrow, and then shoots it into a tree next to the outlaw who passes it along to the next archer while Gisborne and Bracy ride off with the ladies.

    To be continued...

    Now I have it down that the player has to have Robin, along with Allan-a-Dale and Marian, ride all the way to Trent, infiltrate Sir Stephen’s castle, interrogate the first guard and kill him, make their way to Sir Stephen’s chambers, kill the second guard, take the keys, and unlock the door. Next the player has to have Robin, along with Marian, Allan, and Ellen, reach the forest before Sir Stephen and his guards catch up. Then once Sir Stephen is all alone the player has to have Marian come up from behind and stab him with her hidden blade.
    I also have it down that the player has to have Little John find the traitorous monk and kill him. The player also has to Marian, along with a few others, sneak into Nottingham and take up her position either on a roof or somewhere on the village wall. Then the player has to have Marian shoot the hanging rope before it’s too late, then have Robin, along with Ivanhoe, ride all the way to the village gates as the guards give chase, and then have Marian escape as well.
    Finally, the player has to have Robin, along with Ivanhoe and Little John, hunt down the deer, pheasants, and rabbits.
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