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    Before we continue with the main story there are a few things I've been meaning to bring up. First of all, I've decided to make a slight change in the Prior Vincent episode. Instead of having the prior and the guards go into the alley all at once, I'll have the guards go in first and after Robin takes care of them, Prior Vincent goes in to investigate, and instead of having Robin take him from behind I'll have him perform an air assassination on the prior just like he does with Kendall. Now the second thing is that having Prince John and the Sheriff raise or double the reward on Robin's head gave a radical idea. Remember all those mercenaries that appeared on Odyssey, well I thought why not do the same in this game, plus it would also make sense since Robin is an outlaw. Anyway, the mercenary tier will begin with Wat o' the Crabstaff aka the Tinker, which means that I decided he will be recruited the same way he was in the story, only instead of him defeating Robin it will be vice-versa, meaning Robin will defeat him but he'll still be impressed with Wat's fighting skills and recruits him. Also to appear in the tier are Hubert the Forester, Clim the Sow Gelder, Sir Guy of Gisborne, Eric o' Lincoln, Gilbert o' the Red Cap, and Sir Robert of the Wolfsbane, but when Gisborne is defeated, that's when mercenaries start randomly appearing. Anyway here are some of the names I have in mind for these mercenaries, both men and women:

    Dinadan the Knight’s Son
    Galleron of the Mountains
    Rolf the Swordsman
    Sir Manfred of Lancaster
    Sir Osric of Shrewsbury
    Gamel the Dragon’s Claw
    Merek the Lance Breaker
    Sir Rowan of the Thames
    Drogo the Terrible
    George of Spalding
    Lord Elias Longsword
    Sir Anselm of Colchester
    Dame Margaret of Warwick
    Brangwine of the Bloodstone
    Gundred the Witch’s Apprentice
    Isembard the Wandering Minstrel
    Lucius o’ Seacourt
    Giselle of the Red Hood
    Dame Adelina de Bethencourt
    Lady Magdalen de Beauvais

    I haven't figured out all of the biographies for all these characters yet, so for now they'll just have to wait. Now like the mercenaries in Odyssey, the ones that randomly appear can either be killed or recruited, however, only Marion can kill the women mercenaries, so if Robin, Little John, or Will Scarlet face them, they will only be recruited. I know this might sound ridiculous but like I said before it's not in Robin's nature to kill a woman, and it might as well be the same for Little John and Will.
    Anyway, when we last left the main story, a large party of Templars was on its way to Wales to capture Rhitta Gawr the Giant and the Afanc, while a smaller party was on its way to Camelot to capture the Questing Beast. Meanwhile, back at the Lake of Avalon, we see Robin and the others returning the Apple of Eden they got from Beowulf's Dragon to the Lady in the Lake. She then tells them that the Questing Beast is in Camelot, and explains why they didn't see it the last time they were there. According to her, it was the Staff of Merlin that kept the monster away, for it feared the staff's power. Determined to see this through, our heroes decide to depart for the ruins of Camelot immediately, and King Richard comes along for he is eager to see the remains of the kingdom where King Arthur once ruled.
    Upon reaching the ruins, Robin and the others dismount and spread out with weapons drawn, that is after King Richard looks upon them in ahh. They search the whole ruins for the creature but so far have no luck, meanwhile we hear a loud his coming from inside a window on King Arthur's old castle and suddenly we see a pair of huge glowing snake eyes appear. It is the Questing Beast itself, and it hisses once more as it looks upon our heroes. Knowing that they'll soon be coming into the castle, the monster then pull's its head back inside, goes into hiding, and awaits their arrival.
    After having found nothing in the city ruins, Robin and the others gather and then turn to the one place they haven't searched yet, the castle itself, which King Richard, of course, is actually quite anxious to go inside of. All the others are anxious as well, for they didn't get to see the whole inside of the castle during their last visit. As they head towards it, we hear them speaking of the back story behind creature. When they enter the place, we see the beast peeping through a hole in the ceiling before disappearing again. Our heroes decide not to separate, fearing that the monster might try to pick them off one by one. They keep searching, until they reach Arthur's main throne room where they find a number of Templar Knights lying dead, but they don't Sir Conrade or Sir Herman among them. Suddenly, they hear a loud and monstrous hissing sound coming from a large hole in the wall, which is followed by a growl. Soon we see those glowing eyes again, and then out pops a gigantic snake head that is looking straight at them. Although some of our heroes are scared of what they see, they try not to make a single noise, so as not to provoke the monster. After the head appears the body of a leopard that has the hanches of a lion and the hooves of a deer. Robin and the others back away as the beast slowly approaches. Then after staring at them for a few seconds, the monster then gives a another growl as it leaps at our heroes who all jump out of the way. Once everyone is back on their feet, Robin decides that they shall kill the monster with Arthurian weapons. So he arms himself with Excalibur and Carnwennan (and has the bow Fail-not on standby), King Richard with Clarent and Pridwen, Little John with Rhongomiant and Sir Gawain's Axe, Will Scarlet with Galatine, Wilfred of Ivanhoe with Arondight, and Altair with Secace. Then after a long battle (one which takes place inside during first half and outside during the second), Robin manages to slay the monster, and once it is dead, its right upper fang starts to glow. Knowing what this means, Robin cuts out the fang and it changes back into and Apple of Eden. Then when he turns around, he sees not only one dead animal, but four of them; a snake, a leopard, a lion, and a deer. Everyone is amazed to see that the sphere could actually bind four animals into one monster.
    Before we go any further, here are some more mercenaries I came up with:

    Faramond the Suppressor
    Barbetta the Queen of Savages
    Isolda of the Greenwood
    Sir Thurston de Balon
    Jasper the Mad Jester
    Sir Wolfstan de Logris
    Hardwin Longstaff
    Genevieve the Archer
    Petronilla of Winchelsea
    Ida Warhammer

    Back to the story, our heroes soon spot Sir Herman and his party (or what's left of it), who had been watching them the whole time. The Templar then tells them to enjoy their victory and that it'll be their last. When Robin demands to know what he means, Sir Herman simply tells him that Sir Conrade de Mountfitchet and Sir William of the Wolfsbane have already left for Wales, and will have already caught Rhitta Gawr the Giant and the Afanc by the time our heroes get there.
    Next we see Robin and the others returning the Apple of Eden to the Lady of the Lake, or Lady Nimue as she is also called. Robin then informs her that Templars are already on their way to Wales to capture Rhitta Gawr and the Afanc, and that it was their plan to keep him and his Brotherhood busy with foiling one group's attempt while the others would be more successful, plus they've got a few day head start on them. This being the case, Lady Nimue suggests that if the Templars successfully capture their pray, then the Assassins must intercept them before they return to where they are hiding. So it is decided that they will start the next morning, as for King Richard, he has to part ways with Robin and his Brotherhood because he must return to London where he has other matters to attend to, while Philip of Cognac and Mercedier remain with the Brotherhood.

    To be continued...
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    Now as we continue with the story, it is less than a week later and we see our heroes on the road and have just crossed the border into Wales. Then we see a rider coming their way, it's Will Stutely whom they sent to scout ahead. He comes with news that he spotted the Templars and their allies coming up the road less than a mile ahead. Robin asks if they got Rhitta Gawr the Giant and the Afanc, and Stutely says they haven't and that they have many wounded among them. This means that they had failed their mission and Robin and the others don't have to intercept them. Nevertheless, Robin has everyone go into hiding among some nearby rocks. Little John asks if he is planning an ambush, but Robin says he has something else in mind.
    Next we see Robin and the others watching as Sirs Conrade and William passing by with their party. They can see that Will Stutely was right, for there are plenty of carts and wagons carrying many who are seriously injured. Some of the riders are in pretty bad shape as well; broken arms & legs, bandaged heads, busted jaws, etc. Some of the mercenaries also seem to have lost either a hand, an arm, a leg, etc. As soon as they all pass by, Robin has Philip of Cognac, Mercadier, and a few others follow them and find out where they're secret base is. Once the Templars and mercenaries are out of sight, Robin and his Brotherhood continue on their journey.
    Within two days, our heroes have reached their first stop in Wales, the Llyn yr Afanc, a pool in the River Conwy which is located in what is today known as Caernarfonshire (a county which was created in the year 1284) near the village of Betws-y-Coed. Before they go after the monster, however, they go to the village and stay at a local inn for the night, so they can get some rest after their long journey. While there, they ask around among the village people about the creature. According to them, the Afanc is a demonic creature that is part crocodile and part beaver, and it attacks anyone who enters the waters of the Llyn yr Afanc. They also say that a number of villagers have gone missing over the last forty-nine years since the Second Crusade and were later found dead, their bodies all mauled and chewed up, some of them even missing a limb or two. Finally they mention that a large band of mercenaries under a man named Sir William of the Wolfsbane recently came to capture the beast, but had soon left after suffering heavy losses. Robin decides that he and his party will get an early start the next morning after breakfast.
    Before we continue with the story, I want to give the physical description of the Afanc which I have in mind. As I may have mentioned earlier, the creature doesn't have any exact form so I decided to make a chimera-like creature just like the Questing Beast, course then again I have seen plenty of pictures portraying it as such in different versions. Anyway, in my version, the Afanc has the head and torso of a crocodile and the ears, shoulders, and legs of a beaver. As for the tail, half of it will be that of a crocodile and the rest will be that of a beaver, making it look as if it has a fluke like a whale or a dolphin. Note that it will have spikes on its back and tail will also be coming out of its beaver shoulders and the beaver half of the tail. I thought of also giving it buck teeth like a beaver but that would make it look ridiculous, I mean I already gave it beaver ears. Anyway, I also intend to have it swim like a whale/dolphin, and it'll be able to leap out of the water as well. Although it won't have any buck teeth, its jaw will be powerful enough to chomp through a tree trunk, in just one bite that is.
    Another thing I'd like to share is the biographies of those mercenaries I mentioned, as well as their weapons, before the story continues:

    Dinadan the Knight’s Son

    As a boy, Dinadan always looked up to his father whom was an outstanding knight, and had hoped to one day follow in his footsteps. Having missed his chance to join the Third Crusade, through which he had hoped to earn his knighthood, he then resorted to being a mercenary. He believed that if he captured or killed enough criminals or any people who were considered major threats to the Kingdom of England, he would finally achieve his goal of becoming a knight.

    Weapons: Lance, Sword, & Shield

    Galleron of the Mountains

    Having hailed down from the mountains of Dartmoor, Galleron, a wild man and experienced game hunter came to find some other line of work. Overtime, he soon gained a passion for man hunting and became a mercenary. After having caught a number of criminals, dead or alive, Galleron couldn’t help feeling there was something missing in his life.

    Weapons: Spear & Club

    Rolf the Swordsman

    Rolf had been a very skilled swordfighter since before the Third Crusade. He had competed in carnivals and tournaments and always bested his opponents with his superior skill. Then, after having served in the Crusade, he took up work as a mercenary instead of going back to his old life of competition. Yet he still hoped that one day he would find an opponent whose skill matched that of his own.

    Weapons: Sword & Shield

    Sir Manfred of Lancaster

    Sir Manfred was a former crusader turned mercenary who was known to be ruthless and cruel even when he wasn’t on a job, especially with his competitors. One time a fellow mercenary, Sir Edward de Challon, tried to claim one of his kills for himself and in response, Sir Manfred cut him down.

    Weapons: Sword, Shield, & Throw Knives

    Sir Osric of Shrewsbury

    Sir Osric was a knight-turned-mercenary who was known to be quite cunning whenever he was on the job. In spite of this, he was also known for his generosity, for he usually gave some of the money he earned to the poor.

    Weapons: Morning Star & Shield

    Gamel the Dragon’s Claw

    Gamel was a mercenary who earned his epithet from a special club he wielded which was decorated with what he claimed with the claws of a dragon. He was even known to fight very ferociously and show no mercy as if he were a dragon himself.

    Weapons: Dragon Claw Club

    Merek the Lance Breaker

    Merek was a man of great size and strength, but one day he was attacked by some mounted knights who were armed with lances. All of the knights charged at him one by one, but had all failed to strike so much as one killing blow, for Merek was able to grab hold of each lance and broke them all in half as if they were twigs. It was this incident that earned him his epithet “the Lance Breaker,” and soon made a career as a prizefighter and mercenary.

    Weapons: Battleaxe & Cudgel

    Sir Rowan of the Thames

    Sir Rowan was once a wealthy knight who did trading along the River Thames, but soon went out of business due to bankruptcy. He then took up work as a mercenary in order to regain his fortune and feed his family.

    Weapons: Longsword

    Drogo the Terrible

    Drogo was always known to be very brutal whenever was out on a job. Ever since he was young, he always wanted to become a great warrior, and as a man he went through a lot of training and later fought in the Third Crusade as a mercenary. However, during the war Drogo became more and more brutal and gained an obsession for carnage, which earned him his epithet “the Terrible,” and upon his return to England he continued career as a mercenary, but only took jobs that involved bloodshed, which he craved even more than gold.

    Weapons: Flail & Battleaxe

    George of Spalding

    George was once a salesman who worked in the marketing town of Spalding, until he went out of business due to poor merchandise. Desperate for money to keep his wife and children fed, he became a mercenary.

    Weapons: Sword & Wooden Shield

    Lord Elias Longsword

    Elias Longsword was a lord from Kent who was known for his cold hearted cruelty against the poor, even his own serfs. Whenever he was starting to run low on money, Lord Elias would take on jobs as a mercenary, and showed just as much cruelty to those he was being paid to kill. He was also known to be greedy, and would always keep the pay for himself, even if he had to kill some other mercenary who was working with him.

    Weapons: Longsword

    Sir Anselm of Colchester

    Sir Anselm was once a merchant who did business in the market town of Colchester, but soon ended up in debt due to an indenture which turned out to be a complete flop as well as gambling in jousting tournaments. To pay off his debts, Sir Anselm took up work as a mercenary, but only accepted jobs that paid high.

    Weapons: Falchion & Shield

    Dame Margaret of Warwick

    In spite of her knighthood and her fighting skills, Dame Margaret still wasn’t allowed to join the army or enter any jousting tournaments. So as a last resort, she became a mercenary and took on jobs where she could put her talent to use.

    Weapons: Sword, Mace, & Shield

    Brangwine of the Bloodstone

    Brangwine was a traveling mercenary who earned her epithet from the bloodstone she wore around her neck, a gift from her mother, which meant it was precious to her. After her parents died, she ended up out on the streets of Greenwich and spent the next few years learning whatever was necessary to survive, including fighting. Her mercenary days began when she collected her first bounty, a bandit who was worth one thousand gold pieces, which she used to have a special sword and dagger forged for her, each one fitted with two bloodstones she found in the mountains.

    Weapons: Bloodstone Sword & Bloodstone Dagger

    Gundred the Witch’s Apprentice

    Having studied alchemy under Maudlin the Witch of Papplewick, Gundred aimed to one day become a great sorceress. However, upon hearing that her teacher was killed, she vowed vengeance on Maudlin’s killer, Maid Marian. In order to hunt Marian down, Gundred became a mercenary and hunted down other criminals to gain some experience.

    Weapons: Staff & Knife

    Isembard the Wandering Minstrel

    All his life, Isembard had been fascinated with music and learned to play instruments like the lute, the harp, the psaltery, the shawm, and so on. Having left home in Cambridge, he aimed to travel throughout England and perform many ballads for everyone. He performed in every town and village he passed through sharing his musical genius as well as making a few coin. Along the way, he even taught himself how to fight and eventually became a mercenary, and used his music as a means to lure his prey.

    Weapons: Sword & Dagger

    Lucius o’ Seacourt

    Lucius was once a local bully in the village of Seacourt who always taunted others, a habit which he never broke. Upon becoming a mercenary, he used his taunting habit as a weapon, provoking his targets into letting their guard down and giving him the chance he wanted to cut them down.

    Weapons: Mace & Three-Ball Flail

    Giselle of the Red Hood

    Being the daughter of a great swordsman and bowman, Giselle wished to one day follow in her father’s footsteps and become a great warrior. As a child she always watched her father practice, and after having lost him during the Crusades, she trained herself in the ways of swordsmanship by remembering all her father’s movements, and in archery which she figured out on her own. Once her skills were perfected, Giselle then put them to use by becoming a mercenary, and also dawned a red colored hood through which she earned her epithet.

    Weapons: Sword, Bow and Arrow, & Dagger

    Dame Adelina de Bethencourt

    After earning her knighthood, Dame Adelina de Bethencourt had hoped that she would be able to participate in tournaments just like the male knights, but couldn’t much to her disappointment. This being the case, she passed herself for a man and won many a jousting tournament. However, she was soon discovered during her last tournament and was disqualified, but as an act of chivalry they allowed her to keep her title. After that she became a mercenary and took on many jobs which involved fighting.

    Weapons: Lance, Falchion, & Shield

    Lady Magdalen de Beauvais

    Lady Magdalen was a noblewoman who was known to be the “She-Devil of all Nobility” due to her passion for carnage and bloodshed. There have also been rumors that she always had her prisoners brutally tortured for her own delight, especially in ways that made them bleed. As a mercenary, she never showed mercy to her targets. It is said that she liked to cut them up before finally killing them.

    Weapons: Pair of Knives

    Faramond the Suppressor

    Faramond was a mercenary who earned his epithet from having once suppressed an entire group of bandits up in the Pennines, single handedly. He often bragged about it, and became overconfident, believing that he could stand against anything. He even became so overconfident that he believed he could easily take down Robin Hood without any trouble.

    Weapons: Sword & Morning Star

    Barbetta the Queen of Savages

    Barbetta was the daughter of a Saxon man and a Briton woman, whom she had lost at a young age. After her parents died, she went to live among the Britons, but as she grew older, she became more and more wilder. So wild that she soon left her Briton kin, and went to live in the forests where she taught herself many forms of combat and eventually became mercenary. Whenever she was in battle she always fought ferociously and never showed any mercy be her enemies, man or beast, and through her many bloody escapades she became the most savage woman in the whole of England, thus earning her epithet “the Queen of Savages.” There were even rumors that she once viciously slaughtered a whole pack of wolves and even wrestled a huge boar to the death.

    Weapons: Spear, Shortsword, & Wooden Shield

    Isolda of the Greenwood

    After having lost her husband and later her home due to an unpaid debt, Isolda took to living in the Greenwood Forest, taking her 9 year-old daughter Alice with her. While surviving on wild game and water from a nearby creek, Isolda taught herself archery and other means of fighting, and became a mercenary, either to pay off her husband’s debt and get her home back or just to buy food, clothes, blankets, etc. for her and her daughter.

    Weapons: Hunting Sword, Bow and Arrow, & Dagger

    Sir Thurston de Balon

    Sir Thurston was a knight who deserted the Third Crusade and took up work as a mercenary back in England. In spite of usually being successful in his work, everyone still viewed Sir Thurston as a coward and a traitor. In time, however, that no longer mattered to him and all he cared about was making money, and was willing to earn it even if he had to kill women and children for it.

    Weapons: Sword & Shield

    Jasper the Mad Jester

    Jasper was once a court jester who served a wealthy duke in Essex. Unfortunately, he became so obsessed with being funny that he lost his mind and started making jokes that were viewed as revolting and questionable. Due to his insanity and sick sense of humor, the duke had Jasper banished from Essex, never to return. In spite of his banishment, Jasper soon gained a new passion for killing and became a mercenary. He never brought his targets back alive, and their bodies were usually cut up and bloodied. Before his victims died, the last thing they heard was Jasper’s insane cackling, and the last thing they saw was him looking down on them with a psychotic grin on his face. All these horrible acts earned him the nickname, “the Mad Jester,” while some referred to him as “the Bloody Jester.”

    Weapons: Pair of Shortswords

    Sir Wolfstan de Logris

    Sir Wolfstan was a knight-turned-mercenary, and Templar affiliate, who came to be known as “the Tamer of Wolves.” He earned this title for having trained a whole pack of wolves, about fifteen to be exact, including the pack leader whom he named Bloodfang, which he kept as pets and had taken with him on many a job. Not only were these wolves useful in tracking down his targets, but also whenever he wasn’t in the mood of doing it himself, Sir Wolfstan had them go for the kill, mauling them to death which he seemed to enjoy watch. Sometimes he even had them only weaken his targets while he delivered the final blow, be it by sword, arrow, or this special claw weapon he had. Eventually, he started devoting most of his services to the Templars and their cause.

    Weapons: Longsword, Bow and Arrow, & Claws

    Hardwin Longstaff

    Hardwin is a mercenary who earned his epithet for his great skill with a quarterstaff. During his life he had competed in many a quarterstaff tournament and usually came on top. However, since competitions didn’t take place every day, he would sometimes perform special moves for some crowd to earn a few coins as well as taking a few jobs as a mercenary.

    Weapons: Quarterstaff and Dagger

    Genevieve the Archer

    Genevieve was well known for her marksmanship, and had one many an archery competition with her incredible skill. When not competing, she would take jobs as a mercenary, especially ones where her archery skills could be put to use. Yet, although she had defeated many of the best archers, there was still one man whom she always wanted to challenge, Robin Hood, the greatest archer in all of England.

    Weapons: Bow and Arrow & Quarterstaff

    Petronilla of Winchelsea

    Petronilla of Winchelsea aka Petronilla of the Spear, was very highly skilled with different types of weaponry, especially with the spear, which she preferred over the others. Since women were not allowed to join the army, she instead became a mercenary, so she could put her spearman skills to use. She was even known to carry a pair of swords, which she used as a last resort. Although she had caught many fugitives in her life, what she truly wanted was to one day catch a man’s heart.

    Weapons: Spear & a Pair of Swords

    Ida Warhammer

    Being the daughter of a blacksmith, Ida had always been fascinated with hammers. After having learned the trade herself, she forged many a tool, weapon, etc. In time, however, she soon gained a fascination for warhammers, and then forged one of her own and trained herself in how to use it. She then eventually left her life as a blacksmith behind and became a mercenary.

    Weapons: Warhammer

    As you can see, some of these mercenaries; Sir Rowan of the Thames, George of Spalding, and Isolda of the Greenwood, or only taking jobs since they are desperate and have families to feed. This being the case, I've decided that these three can only be spared and recruited into the Merry Men/Brotherhood. You see, I believe that these mercenaries should be killed or recruited based on their background, which is why there will also be some who can only be killed; Sir Manfred of Lancaster, Gamel the Dragon's Claw, Drogo the Terrible, Lord Elias Longsword, Gundred the Witch's Apprentice, Lucius o' Seacourt, Lady Magdalen de Beauvais, Barbetta the Queen of Savages, Sir Thurston de Balon, Jasper the Mad Jester, and Sir Wolfstan de Logris. The rest of them will be player's choice. For those of you who see Jasper the Mad Jester as reference to the Joker from DC Comics, you are correct because even though he doesn't have a permanent smile, green hair, or bone-white skin, his nature does seem to match that of the Joker. If the player chooses to recruit certain mercenaries, special after-stories will occur back at the hideout. For example: if Isembard the Wandering Minstrel is recruited then he and Allan-a-Dale will form a duet and perform many ballads together. Ida Warhammer, if recruited, will assist Gurth in blacksmithing. As may have noticed, Galleron of the Mountains is missing something in his life, Petronilla of Winchelsea is hoping to catch a man's heart. So if they are both recruited, they find each other, kind of like Barnabas and Iola in Odyssey. As for Sir Wolfstan de Logris, as you may have noticed, he is a Templar affiliate. The reason for this is because I intend to portray Sir William of the Wolfbane as Sir Wolfstan's former apprentice, plus Sir William will also have the same claw weapons as Sir Wolfstan. As for Faramond the Suppressor, at first I was gonna have him as one of those that can only be killed, but when I reread the biography I started thinking that maybe he's not worth killing or recruiting. So I decided that he can be player's choice, however, if the player tries to recruit him he'll just refuse, but if the player chooses to send him away he'll just come back again later and then Robin will have to kill him because it is clear that Faramond won't give up until he finally catches him. There will also be side quests involving some of the mercenaries, especially the ones that can only be spared and recruited. But I'll get back to that later, for now back to the story, after breakfast at first light, Robin and the others head up the River Conway to a dock where they buy a few boats and take them into the river. As they row down the river, we hear them talking about the stories they've heard about the creature, including the one about King Arthur slaying it. They continue downstream until they enter the Llyn yr Afanc, and as they do, we soon see what seems to be a pair of crocodile eyes popping out of the water along with a pair of beaver ears. It is the Afanc itself, and it is watching our heroes in curiosity before it submerges again. As they row across the small lake, Robin and the others soon spot a number of dead bodies as well as a few severed limbs both in the water and on the land. They can tell that they are the mercenaries Sir William had lost while trying to capture the beast. They even see nets that are all torn up as well as pieces of rope. All of those who aren't busy at the oars has a spear at the ready. Suddenly something bumps Robin's boat from underneath and everyone looks around over the sides. Next we see our heroes from above, and in the water we see a strange dark shape that seems to be moving right under them. Then all of a sudden, there's a huge splash, and out leaps the monster right over Robin and the others like a dolphin. After it lands back into the water, it makes waves and our heroes struggle to keep the boats steady. Now a battle ensues, first it takes place above water and Robin and the others try to spear the monster every chance they get until it leaps out and breaks Robins boat in two with its jaws, forcing him and the others to abandon ship. Now the fight takes place underwater, while the others swim for the other boats, Robin continues to fight the monster. During the fight, he uses spears, oars, sticks, etc. to keep the Afanc's jaws open, although it eventually manages to break each one in two. Finally, Robin manages to get a spear into the monster's back and holds on tight as it tries to shake him off. Then, feeling quite irritated, the Afanc starts swimming and eventually surfaces, and we see Robin standing on it's back while still holding on tight to the spear. Ivanhoe, Marian, and the others watch as Robin and the monster head straight for shore, and then do the same themselves. As soon as they are on land, the Afanc manages to shake Robin off its back and the battle continues. During that time Robin hides behind trees uses his bow, and the special arrows he and the others used against Beowulf's Dragon, but as soon as the monster sees where the arrows are coming from, it leaps sideways and chomps right through the tree trunk, breaking it into splinters, and does the same to every tree Robin uses for cover. Once there is no cover left, the fight is now hand-to-hand and Robin draws out Excalibur and Pridwen. Ivanhoe and the others arrive just in time to join in the action. Then at last, after a long fight, Robin manages to slay the beast, and the people of Betws-y-Coed arrive just in time to see it breath its last breath. Suddenly a patch of scales on its back starts to glow. Knowing what this means, Robin draw's Carnwennan and skins off the glowing scales, which turn back into the sphere. When Robin and the others look back, they see two corpses, one of a beaver and one of a crocodile. The beaver is native to the British Isles but not the crocodile. Robin believes it may have been imported from the Holy Land, having remembered seeing crocodiles there before. Altair confirms his theory when he takes a closer look at the dead croc and recognizes its features. The village folk don't understand what's going on at first but when Robin and the others tell them the whole story, they see things more clear. As thanks, they invite Robin and his companions to a party to celebrate their victory. Although they are anxious to head down to Swansea, our heroes know that the Templars won't be going after Rhitta Gawr or any other monsters anytime soon, so they accept the invitation and decide to leave the following day.

    To be continued...
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    Before we continue with the story, I recently thought up more mercenaries:

    Gunter the Goblin Spawn
    Ivan the Viking Descendant
    Tephania of Cleremont
    Sarah the Enchanting
    Lovota of the Raven’s Eye
    Sir Maynard of Benwick
    Sir Gareth the Axe-Handler
    Ysmeina de Servian
    Daniel o’ Bristol
    Alphonse de Montfort
    Sir Hector the Courageous
    Dame Dionisia de Stafford
    Sir Berenger de Beaumont
    Swanhild of Ipswich
    Gerard of the Crimson Lance
    Leofwin of Colchester
    John the Headhunter
    Etheldreda of the White Rose
    Constance de La Reue
    Felicia the Precious

    I haven't figured out all their biographies yet so we'll have to wait a while. Anyway, I've also decided to change Sir William's epithet to "of the Wolf Pack" because I found out that wolfbane is actually some kind of poisonous flower or plant that is used to kill predator animals in much of the world, plus it also plays a large part in werewolf legends and mythology. Oh and I've also decided that each assassination target who is a knight should have a helmet, which the player will see them holding in their profiles. Here are some examples of what they should look like for each knight:

    Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert

    Sir Reginald Front-de-Beouf

    Sir Philip de Malvoisin

    Sir Maurice de Bracy

    Sir Albert de Malvoisin

    Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil

    Sir Ralph de Vipont

    Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, for any mercenaries who get recruited, instead of having them looking down as if they're depressed like in Odyssey, I thought why not have them do a different gesture or pose and have their cloths changed to that of the Lincoln Green or whatever the outlaws wear.
    Anyway, back to the story, while our heroes are enjoying a celebration that the people of Betws-y-Coed are throwing for them, back at the abandoned castle near Wakefield, Sirs Conrad and William have just arrived and report to the Grand Master saying that they had failed to capture monster and had suffered heavy losses as a result. Sir Lucas is both disappointed and disturbed by this and decides that they should postpone their next monster hunt until they recover from their losses. Little do they know that Philip of Cognac, Mercadier, and their companions, who have followed Sirs Conrad and William all the back to the castle, are listening in on their plans. Anyway, knowing that it would be difficult to find any men who'd be willing to join them as of now, Sir Lucas decides that they should call to their brethren in the Jerusalem for reinforcements (with messenger pigeons they had recently acquired). Knowing that Robin Hood and his Brotherhood must be in Wales by now, the Grand Master believes that may buy them some time, and he also decides that while they're at it they'll also have their Holy Land brethren bring more Knights Hospitalers and also call to their newly found allies, the Teutonic Knights in both Jerusalem and the Holy Roman Empire. After hearing all they need to know, Philip, Mercadier, and the others slip away. As soon as they reach Sherwood Forest, they send a message by pigeon to Betws-y-Coed to inform Robin where the Templars are hiding and what they're up to, as well as asking him what they should do.
    Next, we are back in Wales at the village, and we see Robin receiving the message. After reading it to the others, he sends back another message telling Philip and Mercadier to try and intercept and dispatch the couriers before they reach the shipping docks, and then wait on the border between Wales and England for him and the others to return, which will be within nine to ten days since it is a few days journey from Betws-y-Coed to Swansea and nearly a week's journey back to England. George-a-Greene tells Robin that he knows the castle of which Philip and Mercadier speak of. According to him it once belonged to a Saxon noble until Normans invaded, and instead of claiming the castle for their own, they built another one, the one in which the Earl of Kendall resided. However, they still left the old castle standing and kept it as a fallback spot in case of any Saxon uprisings or foreign invasions.
    Next it is a few days later and we see our heroes arriving at Swansea, where they stay at the local inn. Just like in Betws-y-Coed, they ask around among the locals for information concerning the giant. According to the people, not only have some of their own been attacked but also travelers and peddlers. After having collected all the information they need, Robin and the others once again wait until the next morning to set out to slay the giant.
    Now it is the next morning just after sunrise, and our heroes are heading out of Swansea to find the cave where Rhitta Gawr the Giant dwells. According to the locals, it is about over two miles northeast of the town, and along the way they talk about what they know of the giant, like the story of King Arthur defeating him in battle. Wait I just did some more research and it seems that Rhitta Gawr live in Snowdonia which is where Betws-y-Coed is so I've decided to change his location. So instead of going to Swansea, our heroes will go to the village of Llanrwst, which is but a few miles north of Betws-y-Coed, and the cave will be about three miles away from the village to the northeast. Anyway, they soon find the cave, which looks as big as the one where they found Beowulf's Dragon, and in front of it they see a number of Templar bodies lying around. They leave the horses outside and creep into the cave with weapons drawn.
    As Robin and the others quietly move deeper into the cave they then hear a loud snore, which gets even louder as they go in further. When they finally reach the end of the cave, they find Rhitta Gawr himself, who seems to still be sleeping even though it is morning. Our heroes decide to take advantage of this opportunity and slay the giant before he wakes up. However, before they can even reach him, one of our heroes accidentally knocks down this pile of bones and the giant awakens. Upon spotting Robin and his companions, Rhitta Gawr grabs a club and starts trying to crush them with it. Instead of remaining in the cave, our heroes decide to take the fight outside, remembering what nearly happened the last time they fought a monster this size while inside a cave.
    When our heroes rush out of the cave, Rhitta Gawr chases after them, and once they're outside, they scatter and try to avoid either being crushed or getting swatted around by the giant's club, as well as dodging any boulders he throws at them. In the midst of the fighting, Robin and the others head into a nearby forest and Rhitta Gawr heads in after them. They all scatter through the trees, forcing the giant to smash or knock them down with his club, hoping that it will make him tire. Lucky for them it works and the fight continues until they finally manage to slay the giant. Once Rhitta Gawr is dead, some of the whiskers on his beard starts to glow and Robin cuts or pulls them out and they form back into the sphere. When they all look back at the body, not only is it human, but one that is about the same size as Little John. Then naturally they all head back to Llanrwst where another celebration is held for them and their success, and once it's over our heroes head home for England.
    Now it's less than a week later and we see Robin and the others reach the border where Philip of Cognac and Mercadier are waiting for them. They report that they successfully intercepted and dispatched the couriers before they could leave England, and Robin congratulates them on a job well done, before they head back to Sherwood Forest where they make plans for their next move.
    Now before we continue with the story there are two things that I wish to bring up. First there's this one mercenary biography I wish to show you:

    Lovota of the Raven’s Eye

    Lovota is a mercenary who was once a member of a group of Templar-affiliated assassins known as the Raven’s Eye. This group was formed by her father Lord Solomon Ravenell to act as counter-assassins for the Templars. However, the whole group ended up being wiped out by Robin Hood’s Assassin Brotherhood, along with most of her family, partly due to the betrayal of her younger sisters, leaving Lovota as the sole survivor. While still remaining loyal to the Templars, she vowed that she would have vengeance and collect the reward as well.

    Weapons: Pair of Raven Falchions, Hidden Blade, & Feather Blades

    I'm showing you this biography because there is another mission which I am adding to the story just like the Wakefield one. As I mentioned in the biography above, the Raven's Eye is a group of Templar-affiliated Assassins or counter-assassins that was formed by Lord Solomon Ravenell. They are the English predecessors of the Crows, the group that was formed by Cesare Borgia during the Age of Renaissance. During the Third Crusade, once word had reached the English Templars that there was a Brotherhood in the Holy Land, they had Ravenell, an affiliate of theirs, form this group out of fear that some of those who served King Richard would be inspired to form a new English Brotherhood upon their return. Ravenell himself was a fierce Norman noble whose father, Lord Lucius Ravenell, was killed by the previous Brotherhood before they were wiped out, and had studied the Assassin arts. The outfits which are worn by members of the Raven's Eye are very different from those worn by the Crows. They are made up of black hooded cloaks or capes, black leather clothes and boots, and black tunics with red shields on the front which bare the head of a raven with its eye wide-open. Like Lovota, their weapons include a pair of Raven Falchions, a Hidden Blade, & Feather Blades as well as a mace that looks like a raven's foot gripping onto a sphere. Yes, all their weapons are raven-themed. Maybe I'll even include daggers that look like this:

    As for Lord Solomon Ravenell, he can have a sword like this:

    This is what the maces would look like:

    Maybe I'll even throw in a battleaxe that looks like this:

    As for the falchions and the feather blades, they'll have to be made up. Anyway I found these images on omegaarts.com and chickadeesolutions.com just so you know. Oh and I almost forgot, they'll also have black longbows and raven feather arrows as well as raven themed crossbows. I'm also adding raven feather cloaks to their wardrobe, which they only wear during their gatherings.

    To be continued...
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    Before we continue with the Raven's Eye, I want to show you the rest of the helmets I have in mind for the other knights:

    Sir Nicholas Mannering

    Sir Gilbert Armstrong

    Sir Guy of Gisborne

    Sir Stephen of Trent

    Sir Louis Winkelbrand

    Sir Lachlan Maclean-de Corzon, Baron of Ak’ham

    Sir Conrade de Mountfitchet

    Sir Herman de Goodalricke

    Sir Lucas de Beaumanoir

    Sir Wolfstan de Logris

    Sir William of the Wolf Pack

    To be continued...
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    Now another thing I'd like to bring up concerning the Raven's Eye. As some of you may recall, the Crows' Grand Master Sirus Favero had a son, Matteo Favero, who was a Master in that same organization. I'm bringing this up because I've been thinking about having Ravenell relatives involved in the Raven's Eye as well. I'm not just giving Lord Solomon Ravenell one son but three, Alexander, Bardolph, and Robert. Alexander is the eldest and is the only son who has the rank of Master in spite of having yet to receive his knighthood, Bardolph is the second eldest and is big and strong just like Little John, and Robert is the youngest and has a habit of being over-eager as well as being ill-tempered, but also has an excellent sense of direction. I'm also giving Lord Solomon a brother, Reginald Ravenell, who is his second-in-command. He'll even have a wife, Lady Johanna Ravenell, and two daughters, Athelina and Milicent. Oh and as you may have noticed, I made some changes to Lovota's biography and decided that she too will be a member of the Ravenell family and the eldest daughter. Both she and her mother, Lady Johanna, are very brutal even with Athelina and Milicent, as for the latter they're like the black sheep of the family as well as old friends of Marian and Rowena. Anyway, lets get to the story about, now this takes place right after the incident with Maudlin the Witch of Papplewick. I've decided that the Templars will at least make one attempt to reclaim the Staff of Merlin before letting Robin and his Brotherhood do all the work. So Sir Lucas de Beaumanoir along with the Sheriff and Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert ride out to Ravenell Castle where they are greeted by the Lord Solomon Ravenell himself and his family. They take them to the main dining room where they get down to business. Ravenell is well aware of all that has happened since Robin returned from the Third Crusade, and wants to know why Sir Lucas didn't come to him from the start. Instead of making excuses, the Grand Master admits to his mistakes and then cuts to the chase, which concerns the Staff of Merlin and other artifacts Robin's Brotherhood had taken. Lord Solomon is more than willing to help especially if it means killing Robin and his entire Brotherhood, not because of what the previous one did to his father but because Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf was a good friend of his, as were Prior Vincent of Emmett and Henry Momford, Earl of Kendall. His sons also have a special interest in Robin's Brotherhood, for the Malvoisin Brothers, Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil, Sir Ralph de Vipont, and Sir Stephen of Trent were dear friends of theirs. When Athelina and Milicent ask if it is true that Marian and Rowena are with the Brotherhood, their mother rudely tries to silence them but Sir Lucas says it's quite alright and tells them that they are, and even says that it was Marian who assisted Robin in slaying Sir Stephen of Trent and killed Maudlin the Witch of Papplewick single-handedly, that is after Robin disarmed her. When Alexander asks how he did so, Bois-Guilbert says that he shot the Staff of Merlin out of her hand with the Arrow of Eden, which he won at the tournament in Ashby. Upon hearing "the tournament in Ashby," Bardolph expresses that if he had participated in the fighting event of the tournament and that he would've defeated Little John easily. Bardolph's father Lord Solomon warns him not to underestimate Little John, but also tells him that since he feels that way, Little John is all his. Lord Solomon then says that first he wants to put the Merry Men's skills and techniques to the test. Then when Lovota brings up the fact that the outlaws/assassins are difficult to to find, especially since the live in Sherwood Forest, but her father says that they are bound to come out in the open sometime so he orders Alexander to send out many of their best trackers and spies to keep a lookout on the roads, villages, and countryside.
    Before we continue with the story here are the weapons for Lord Solomon's sons and his brother:

    Reginald Ravenell

    Alexander Ravenell

    Robert Ravenell

    As for Bardolph, he'll have a Raven Double-Headed Axe. The picture you see under Reginald is that of someone's sculpture or something of Gungnir the Spear of Odin. By the way I also found the perfect swords for Sir Wolfstan de Logris and Sir William of the Wolf Pack:

    Sir Wolfstan de Logris

    Sir William of the Wolf Pack


    Anyway, back to the story, we now see Robin and Ivanhoe taking Marian and Rowena out for a picnic. They go to a clearing on the other side of Sherwood Forest where no one can find them, or so they think. As they set up for the picnic, they are soon spotted by two of Lord Solomon's spies, who manage to slip away and head back to Ravenell Castle.
    Now we see the two spies come in to Lord Solomon's quarters and inform him and the family of what they had found. Lord Solomon sees this as an opportunity to put Robin's skills to the test as well as those of Ivanhoe, Marian, and Rowena. He then has his eldest son Alexander and eldest daughter Lovota take a squad of their best and go after them. Athelina and Milicent seem very worried for their two friends.
    Back at the clearing outside of Sherwood Forest, the two couples are enjoying their food as well as each other's company. Meanwhile, we see Alexander and Lovota Ravenell having their squad spread out all around the clearing. Most of them take positions on the ground while others to positions up in the trees. There's one thing that they haven't anticipated, however, and that thing is that Robin can actually sense their presence. You see aside from teaching him all the assassin techniques, Altair also taught Robin how to counter them in case the Templars had learned them and tried to use them against the Assassins or in case any of his fellow Assassins turned traitor. To do that, Robin learned to follow his instincts and to be well aware of his surroundings. He even used these counter-techniques when he went after the turncoat Assassin Hassim Ishmal back in the Holy Land. Now when one of the counter-assassin's springs out at him from the bushes, after he goes to take a look around that is, Robin manages to counter his attack and kill him. Then when another one comes down from above, trying to perform an air assassination, Robin successfully dodges or evades him, and then kills him too. Now Ivanhoe and the women sense the enemy's presence as well, and can tell that they're everywhere. With weapons drawn, the four Assassins gather back to back. Robin tells the others to listen to their instincts just as he had taught them for he can tell that these new enemies are well trained in the assassin techniques, and when four more Raven's Eyes attempt air assassinations, they dodge and counter them all, and do the same with another four who spring out from the bushes. Then Alexander Ravenell kaws like a raven, signaling the rest of those in the trees to use their bows, and soon there are raven-feathered arrows coming down from different directions. Robin, however, manages to grab his bow and dispatches them all. Finally both Alexander and Lovota give the order for those on the ground to come out from the brush and encircle the four Assassins. The two siblings also come out and then remove their hoods as well as introduce themselves as the offspring of Lord Solomon Ravenell and that they represent the Raven's Eye (we even hear Alexander say "Sorry to spoil your picnic my friends" as he and Lovota come out). Marian and Rowena recognize Lovota, even though they are friends of his sisters, they do not get along with her what so ever. Robin has heard of Lord Solomon but demands to know what the Raven's Eye is and how is it that they know the ways of the Assassins. The two Ravenells say that their father studied all the assassin techniques after their grandfather's murderers the previous Brotherhood was wiped out, and that he had been training them ever since the Third Crusade began, that is once the Templars received news that there was another Assassin Brotherhood in the Holy Land. Now that he knows the Templars are behind all this, Robin can see that Altair was right about them trying to use the techniques of the Assassins against them. Ivanhoe and the ladies, however, find it hard to believe that there are actually Assassins who are in league with the Templars. Before we go any further, here is what the feather blades will look like:

    Anyway, Alexander Ravenell then says that he is actually both surprised and impressed that the four Assassins were able to counter their own techniques. And then after a few more words, Ravenell gives the order to attack and the rest of the counter-assassins close in on our heroes. They put up a good fight yet they are greatly outnumbered, but then at the stroke of luck, some of the Merry Men arrive just in-time to even up the odds. Now the Raven's Eye members are outnumbered and the two Ravenell siblings call a retreat. As the surviving ravens run off (or should I say fly off) Robin tells his Brotherhood to let them go. When one of them (Reynold Greenleaf) asks who those people were, Robin says he'll explain as soon as they get back to the hideout.
    When they return, Robin explains what had happened back in the clearing and who their new enemies are. Friar Tuck says that he had heard of Lord Solomon Ravenell and that there have been rumors of him forming some secret army of ruthless killers. He even mentions that Lord Solomon and Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf were close friends, and his friendship with Prior Vincent of Emmett and Henry Momford, Earl of Kendall. Marian then remembers that Lord Solomon's son Alexander was good friends with the Malvoisin Brothers, Sir Hugh de Grantmesnil, Sir Ralph de Vipont, and Sir Stephen of Trent, and that he looked up to them, dreaming that he would become a knight like them. After hearing all of this, Robin can now see that the Ravenell family is also out for revenge as well as doing the Templars' bidding. Then Robin remembers having sent Little John, Much, and a few others over to Birmingham and Coventry the other day and asks if they had returned yet. Friar Tuck says they haven't but that they should be back on the following day. Fearing that these new enemies might go after them next, Robin decides that they must ride out and try to find them first, so he and Ivanhoe take a group of twenty, which includes Will Scathlocke, Reynold Greenleaf, Gilbert of the White Hand, and Thomas of the Green Vale, and ride off.
    Meanwhile, back at Ravenell Castle, we see Alexander and Lovota coming through the castle gate with what's left of their squad. Their father, Lord Solomon is surprised to see that his son and daughter have returned with so few and asks what happened. After Alexander explains the whole episode, he then reports the status of Robin Hood's skills and that they were greater than they anticipated, mainly because he was able to counter the techniques they used on him, as did Ivanhoe, Marian, and Rowena. Lord Solomon now realizes that Robin must've learned more in the Holy Land than they thought. Then suddenly, two of their spies arrive and report that they had spotted Little John coming down the road from Birmingham with Much, the Miller's Son and a few others. Bardolph sees this as an opportunity to put Little John's strength to the test so he has his father lend him only a few other ravens and then rides out at a gallop.
    Now we come to a scene where we see Little John and Much, the Miller's Son riding down the road on their way back from Birmingham and Coventry along with a few others. Now Robin sent them to those two places to see if there were any Templars there and maybe see if they could recruit anyone. There weren't any Templars in either town but they did manage to find some who were interested in joining Robin Hood. These new recruits said they'd be at Sherwood Forest directly as soon as they settled a few matters back at home and were ready to leave. This being the case, Little John, Much, and the others rode on ahead back to Sherwood and bring Robin the news. Anyway, we then see that Bardolph Ravenell and his little party managed to find them before Robin and Ivanhoe's group, and he fills the other ravens in on his plan before having them take positions. They all take to the trees next to the road, and once the Assassin's are right under them, the ravens then pounce and subdue Much and the others. When he dismounts and is about to try and help his companions, Little John is called upon by Bardolph who then comes out from the bushes. He introduces himself the same way Alexander and Lovota did Robin, Ivanhoe, Marian, and Rowena, and then challenges Little John to a duel of unarmed combat. When Little John asks him why, Bardolph says that he heard about how he bested all his opponents in Ashby and wants to prove that he could've done better than Little John if he had been there and that he would've beaten him easily. Little John doesn't feel the least bit provoked by all this boasting and asks why he should even bother, but then Bardolph says that if he refuses, he'll have his ravens put Much and the others to death. Seeing that he has no other alternative, Little John accepts Bardolph's challenge and puts down his quarterstaff. In this fight, these two men use nothing but their bear hands (and of course their feet), and Bardolph tells his men that if any of them interfere, their lives will be forfeit.
    After a long fight, in which Little John not only his great strength but also his cunning, it seems like he is winning but Bardolph refuses to give up. Their fight is soon interrupted, however, when Robin and his party arrive. Seeing that they are outnumbered, Bardolph and his ravens make for their horses and fly the coop. After Little John explains what happened, Robin now realizes that the Raven's Eye is only toying with him and his Brotherhood, putting their skills to the test. Then he asks how things went in Birmingham and Coventry, and Little John says they found no trace of any Templars but they did manage to find plenty of willing volunteers, twenty from Birmingham and ten from Coventry. He even says that he and Much were just talking about it before all that ruckus started. Hearing that suddenly alarms Robin and leads him to suspect that maybe Bardolph and his men overheard them and might come back with reinforcements to set up an ambush. He has Gilbert of the White Hand go back to Sherwood Forest and tell Marian and the others to keep a lookout and try to thwart whatever plans the Raven's Eye has in store for their reinforcements, while he and his party ride back to Birmingham and Coventry to warn them.
    Meanwhile, back at Ravenell Castle, Bardolph and his men enter the courtyard and inform his family of what happened during his fight with Little John. He is upset that Robin Hood interfered, but his father assures him that he'll have another chance. Then Bardolph informs them that before the fight he had overheard Little John and Much talking about new recruits coming from Birmingham and Coventry. Lord Solomon seems very interested in this information and suggests that they set up an ambush for them. He also sees this as a chance to test this new weapon he created known as the Feather Blade, which he has his daughter Lovota demonstrate for the Sheriff who is also there. First she lets them slide out of her sleeve, in which they are hidden, and into her hand, then she spreads them out like a hand-fan, showing that there are five in total, and tosses them at five practicing posts, hitting each one. Knowing it's a one or two days ride from Birmingham and Coventry to Sherwood Forest, meaning they should probably arrive after nightfall which is the best advantage the Raven's Eye has (especially since they don't wear the Lincoln Green like Robin and his Brotherhood), so he tells his offspring to setup the ambush just outside of Sherwood, but he warns them to try and be more discrete since Robin's people are always watching the roads, therefore they always know what goes on outside the forest. Lovota claims that they won't have any trouble because she believes that Robin's lookouts will probably be asleep since they will be setting up the ambush at night.
    Lovota is wrong, however, for back at the hideout in Sherwood Forest, we see Gilbert of the White Hand informing Marian and the rest of the Brotherhood of what occurred on the road to Birmingham and Coventry and that they must trying to thwart whatever the Raven's Eye is going to do next. Marian then tells all the lookouts to also keep watch at night for she too anticipates that Robin and his party will be back in a day or two and by nightfall. Meanwhile, over in Birmingham we see Robin speaking with Charles, the Cobbler's Son who is the one leading the recruits there. He tells him go to Coventry and stay there with Nigel Parry and his recruits because the Raven's Eye may be waiting to ambush them before they reach Sherwood. Of course Charles shows concern that they might ambush Robin and his party instead but Robin assures him that Marian and the rest of the Brotherhood have them covered. Anyway, Robin then tells Charles that he and his Merry Men will come to him and Nigel, which brings me to the reason why these recruits agreed to join Robin's crew. It's because of the Bishop of Hereford, who has been treating the people of the West Midland region no better than the Sheriff has the people of Nottinghamshire. Well not the entire region, not yet, so far the Bishop only has control over the following:

    Hereford (itself)

    Anyway, since he and these recruits have a common enemy, Robin has agreed to help them rid the West Midlands of the evil Bishop by any means necessary, especially since it is Robin's goal to liberate all of England from the corrupt followers of Prince John. Anyhow, Charles agrees to wait in Coventry for Robin and wishes him luck on the journey back to Sherwood.
    Now it is a day or so later and night has fallen. Back at the hideout we see David of Doncaster and John-a-Barley reporting to Marian and Rowena that they spotted members of the Raven's Eye just outside of Sherwood Forest. They seem to have setup for ambush along the road, just as Robin anticipated, on both sides too. Marian asks exactly how many there are and David says about twenty, thirty, maybe more. Both she and Rowena decide that they will each take a small group and take them from both sides, Marian from the right and Rowena from the left. After organizing their groups, the two women have David and John each show them where the ravens are. It is difficult to see them at first, but soon the light of the moon peaks out, giving those counter-assassins away. Among those on the right side of the road is Lovota Ravenell and her brother Alexander is with those on the left side. Once they manage to get behind them, both Marian and Rowena wait for Robin, Little John, Ivanhoe, and the others to arrive before they make their move on the ravens.
    Next we see Robin's party coming down the road, and the ravens get ready to use their Feather Blades. As they wait for the two Ravenells to give the word, both Marian's and Rowena's parties start to close in on them from behind. Then as they're about to signal the others, both Alexander and Lovota each get a good look at their targets and realize that they are not the ones they were expecting, and start feeling confused as well as suspicious. During the two siblings' confusion, the two Assassin parties take advantage of the opportunity and pounce on them and the other ravens. Marian tries to take Lovota who manages to grab her wrist before her hidden blade can even touch her. Then Lovota tries to puncture Marian with all five Feather Blades, but Marian grabs her wrist as well and the two women find themselves in a bit of a struggle. Meanwhile, Rowena tries to take Alexander, who blocks her hidden blade and knocks her to the ground. Then as he is about to toss his Feather Blades at her, Ivanhoe jumps him from behind, causing him to drop them. Back on the right side of the road, Marian and Lovota are still struggling to stab one another until Lovota shoves Marian away with her foot. Now with her back against a tree trunk, Marian watches as Lovota then tosses all five Feather Blades at her, but Robin intervenes and blocks them with a wooden shield. Over on the left side, Alexander manages to break loose from Ivanhoe's grip and calls to his sister and any other surviving ravens to retreat. When she hears her brother, Lovota obeys but not before swearing that she and Marian will meet again.
    Later, after our heroes return to the hide out, Wat o' the Crabstaff aka "the Tinker" shows Robin a new weapon he has come up with, the Hidden Dagger. Now I sort of got the inspiration for this new weapon from the Spaghetti Western movie Adios Sabata starring Yul Brynner. You see in this movie, Yul Brynner's character Sabata has this special knife or dagger that he keeps hidden under his sleeve, which he uses mainly as a last resort. When he does use it, he throws it by flinging his arm, making it slide out of his sleeve. I've seen him use it in two scenes, in one scene he uses it to cut this lit fuse when two men are trying to blow up a bridge, and in the other scene he uses it to kill the main antagonist, Colonel Schimel, after being disarmed and is about to be shot after refusing a proposition. Now unlike Sabata's blade, which he simply hides under his sleeve, the one I have in mind is inserted into this loop that is attached to the hidden blade gauntlet. The purpose of the loop is to keep the dagger steady so it won't get caught in the sleeve, but it can still slide out of it if it is oiled or greased enough. To use this weapon, the user has to fling his or her arm just like Sabata. This weapon can come in quite handy to an Assassin, especially it they run out of throwing knives or arrows. Anyway, Wat gives Robin a demonstration by fling-throwing it at one the archery targets. It hits a bulls-eye and Robin is greatly impressed and can't wait to put it to the test. But then Robin remembers that he sent Will Scarlet, Will Stutley, and Wamba the Jester to Wakefield the other day to escort George-a-Greene, his son Wiley, his wife Bettris, and here father Grime to Sherwood Forest. Just so you know, Wamba is another character from Ivanhoe, he was a jester who served Sir Cedric, and I plan to also have him with the Brotherhood ever since Torquilstone Castle. Back to the story, by now it has already been Michaelmas, which means George-a-Greene's contract is up and he's ready to join Robin and his Brotherhood. Now Robin's concerned that the Raven's Eye will go after them next, but probably not until the next morning after what happened this very night among other reasons. So it is decided that Robin would take another party the next morning to meet up with their friends.

    To be continued...
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    As we continue with the story, it is now morning at Ravenell Castle and two spies have just returned. They report to the Ravenells that they had spotted Will Scarlet on the road to Wakefield along with Will Stutley, Wamba the Jester, and George-a-Greene and his family. Knowing that Will Scarlet is the one who killed the Steward of Gamwell, Sir Gilbert Armstrong, and Sir Ralph de Vipont, Lord Solomon believes that his skills need to be tested as well. So he tells his youngest son Robert that he will do the honors of testing those skills, to which Robert is delighted for he had been waiting to finally get his hands dirty. Also knowing that George-a-Greene assisted in the killing of both Armstrong and Clim the Sow Gelder, Lord Solomon thinks his skills should be tested as well and tells Alexander to handle it. With that, Robert and Alexander take a small group of ravens and ride out for the road to Wakefield.
    Next we see Will Scarlet, George-a-Greene, and the others on their way to Sherwood Forest. Will and George converse and reminisce of the events that occurred back in Wakefield while Wamba tries to entertain everyone with jokes. Wiley, meanwhile, is very anxious to see his best friend Edward-a-Barley again after all these months. As for Bettris, she's eager to see Marian, Rowena, and all the other women of Sherwood Forest. As they continue down the road, we then see Alexander and Robert Ravenell hiding among some bushes along with their minions. As they near the bushes, the two Wills and Wamba sense danger is afoot, so they draw their weapons and have George and Grime do the same. Once they are in front of them, Alexander and Robert spring on George and Will Scarlet while the other ravens take Will Stutley, Wamba, and Grime. Then two more come out and keep Bettris and Wiley at bay.
    After a long fight, they are soon interrupted by Robin and the others who come riding down the road. Feeling satisfied by both Will's and George's performances anyway, the two Ravenells call off their men and make a break for it. Will and George seem unscathed while Will Stutely, Wamba, and Grime have received only a few minor injuries, nothing serious. Robin and the others escort them the rest of the way to Sherwood, while Robin explains everything concerning this new enemy as well as their plans for liberating certain towns and villages from the Bishop of Hereford's corruption.
    Back at the hideout, it is night and Robin and the others are going over their strategy. Knowing that the Raven's Eye will be out there watching the roads, they decide to make a few changes to their plans. Instead of leaving the next morning, they will wait until noon and then leave for Coventry at a full gallop, that way not only will they get there by after sunset but also the Raven's Eye won't be able to get ahead of them to warn the Bishop's men. Robin then tells the others that Charles, the Cobbler's Son and Nigel Parry will be waiting for them in the forest outside of Coventry, and when it gets dark they will sneak into the town, and if their are any guards still in town patrolling the streets or doing any other activities, they will dispatch them first before they take the garrison to keep Birmingham or Bromsgrove from being informed of what is happening. Then George brings up the possibility that the Raven's Eye might try to warn Birmingham knowing they won't be able reach Coventry in-time, but Robin has also thought that out (which I'll explain later).
    Now it is the following day at noon and we see Robin and his whole Brotherhood riding out of Sherwood Forest at a gallop and heading towards Coventry. Along the road, as expected, they are soon spotted by members of the Raven's Eye who slip away and head back to Ravenell Castle where they inform the Ravenells, the Sheriff, and Sir Lucas. Lord Solomon then remembers that both Coventry and Birmingham are two of the towns and cities that are under the control of their friend the Bishop of Hereford which means that the Brotherhood aims to remove the Bishop's forces from both those towns and then continue through Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Worcester, Malvern, Ledbury, and finally Hereford itself, plus another one of their comrades Count Godwin de la Pole and his men are also stationed in Worcester. Sir Lucas then remembers that he has Templar Knights stationed in those towns and cities as well, at the Bishop's request that is, and Alexander then asks if they should ride out to Coventry and warn the garrison there but Lord Solomon says it'll be too late for Robin's Brotherhood is probably already miles ahead by now. This being the case, Lord Solomon tells his brother Lord Reginald and his three sons to go to Coventry and see what the outcome will be, and if the garrison falls they are to ride on to Birmingham and warn them. Then the Sheriff tells them that if the garrison there falls as well, they are to ride over to all the other towns and cities under the Bishop's control and tell all his forces to evacuate and fall back to Hereford where they will wait for the Brotherhood and then take them at full-strength when they arrive. Lord Reginald and his nephews agree and leave the room to fetch their horses.
    Next, it is after sunset and we see Charles, the Cobbler's Son and Nigel Parry waiting in the woods with their recruits until they see Robin and his Brotherhood coming their way. After he and the others hide their horses within the forest, Robin fills Charles and Nigel in on the plan. He also tells them of the possibility that the Raven's Eye might try to warn Birmingham since they'll never be able to reach Coventry in-time but assures them that he has plans for that as well. Then Charles tells Robin that there are others waiting for them in the other towns and cities controlled by the Bishop:

    Humphrey Mortmain in Bromsgrove
    James and Thora of Kidderminster in...well Kidderminster
    Leticia Brickenden in Worcester
    Gwendolen, the Tailor's Daughter in Malvern
    Basil Rountree in Ledbury
    Adam of the Cross in Hereford

    Each of them have a number of recruits with them:

    Humphrey 10
    James and Thora 20
    Leticia 30
    Gwendolen 20
    Basil 10
    Adam 30

    Robin and the others are pleased to hear this. Then when Robin asks if there are any guards still in town, Nigel says that there are still some patrolling the streets while there are others in the local tavern. So it is decided that first they will take care of those on patrol and then they will see to those who are in the tavern. With that, the Brotherhood and their recruits take to the roofs and the alleys of Coventry, and then take out every guard they see out on patrol. Once they are all dispatched, Robin and the others then head for the tavern where they find at least a dozen more guards inside, but lucky for them, most of the guards are passed out due to drunkenness and only a few are still standing. So Robin and the others decide to take advantage of this and go into the tavern. In no time they dispatch every last one and remove all the bodies.
    Now that all the guards in town are dispatched, it's time to take the garrison. The first thing they have to do is take care of any sentries that are still awake. This is where Robin and his archery skills come in. First he takes out the two at the main gate across the drawbridge, then those on the main wall. and finally those on the side-towers. As soon as they're all accounted for, Robin leads everyone across the drawbridge and then they scale the wall with ropes on grappling hooks. Once they're inside, they either kill or subdue the Bishop's Guards and kill all the Templar Knights. They even sabotage the beacon so Bromsgrove won't send a relief force. As for the garrison commander Sir Percival Mowbray, Robin puts his Hidden Dagger to the test by killing him with it. Fort is now taken, and Lord Reginald, Alexander, Bardolph, and Robert Ravenell, who have been watching the whole time, observe as the Templar flag gets taken down and burned. Now that they've seen the outcome, the four of them ride out to warn the garrison in Birmingham. They are soon spotted by Reynold Greenleaf and Wat o' the Crabstaff who report to Robin. As they leave town they run into Tobias Grosseteste, one of the Bishop's inquisitors, who joins them upon hearing that Coventry has fallen (the Reynold and Wat saw him as well). Meanwhile, back in Coventry, the Brotherhood and their recruits lock up all the surviving guards in the barracks. Although many of them want to celebrate their victory at the tavern with a few drinks, Robin says there is no time for that and they must get some sleep, for they have a whole day's journey ahead of them to Birmingham. When Reynold and Wat give their report, which includes the inquisitor, Charles, the Cobbler's Son tells Robin that the Bishop of Hereford has sent an inquisitor to every town he had taken over to try and convert more people to the Templar beliefs. Some stay at the inn while the townspeople allow other members to sleep in their homes as an act of gratitude for their having liberated them from the Bishop's men.
    The next morning, after breakfast, Robin has Charles, the Cobbler's Son and Nigel Parry, along with their recruits, swear themselves into the Brotherhood before they depart for Birmingham. As they leave, all the townspeople bid them farewell and wish them luck. Later we see Robin sending Will Scarlet and Charles, the Cobbler's Son on ahead to see what's going on in Birmingham since the Ravenells must already be there by now. Will and Charles keep riding until they are less than a mile from the town. They then make for the nearby woods where they hide their horses and go the rest of the way on foot. Once they are close enough, they can see a barricade made up of wagons, barrels, etc. outside of the town entrance, fully manned by the Bishop's Guards and Templar Knights armed with crossbows, and the buildings behind it are also manned with archers, both in the windows and on the rooftops. Having seen enough, the two Assassins slip away and ride back to warn the rest of the Brotherhood.
    Later, we see Will and Charles riding up to Robin and the others, and inform them of what the enemy is up to. They even told them of the nearby forest they found outside of Birmingham, which gives Robin an idea of what their first move will be. Meanwhile, back at Birmingham, we see the four Ravenells speaking with the fort commander Sir Randel Marchmain, along with Tobias Grosseteste and Manfred Le Grant (another one of the Bishop's inquisitors), about his tactics, mainly concerning the barricade he and his men formed outside the town. They believe that it would be better if all Sir Randel's men remained in the garrison, but that's not what Sir Randel believes, he thinks that Robin Hood and his Merry Men are no more than "bloodthirsty rabble," as he says himself. The Ravenells, of course, remind him that "these bloodthirsty rabble as you call them" are the same ones who already conquered Torquilstone, Wakefield, Templestowe, and now Coventry, and they warn him not to underestimate them. They even point out that forest near the town, where Will Scarlet and Charles, the Cobbler's Son were spying from, and that Robin and his Brotherhood might use it to get around the barricade. Sir Randel, however, only laughs and tells them he's been in that forest and that it's so thick that it would be impossible for them to get through on horseback or on foot.
    Next, we see Sir Randel proven wrong, for it is nightfall now and once they are less than a mile away from Birmingham, Robin and his Brotherhood make for the nearby forest where they hide their horses and continue on foot towards the town. As soon as they make it past the barricade and the archers, the Assassins head into town. They then split up into three groups, one takes the archers on the right, another takes the archers on the left, and the third takes the crossbowmen at the barricade. Back at the fort, more than half the men there are asleep, but Alexander Ravenell, who is above the main gate, suddenly notices that the barricade has been overrun, he sounds the alarm. Sir Randel rushes up to where Alexander is, along with other Ravenells and the two inquisitors, and looks in disbelief at what has happened. We then hear Robert Ravenell mocking him for his foolishness and for not listening to their warnings. Sir Randel then silences him and then orders one of his lieutenants to take a squadron of cavalry armed with lances and crush the Assassins. As the lieutenant obeys him, the Ravenells object to this, knowing that the Assassin's will just pick them off from the roofs with their bows and arrows or just pounce on them from above, and try to order the commander to call them off. Even Grosseteste and Le Grant object to this, but Marchmain refuses to listen to either of them for he only takes orders from the Bishop of Hereford himself. What they don't know is that Robin is actually expecting Sir Randel to make such a move, for Charles, the Cobbler's Son had told him that the commander always sends a cavalry squadron whenever there's a disturbance in town and that he's not very bright when it comes to tactics and strategy. Anyway, Robin and his Assassins take positions on the roofs on both sides of the street and wait for the cavalry squadron to arrive.
    Next we see the squadron as it rides through the town square and head right for the barricade where some of their comrades are still resisting. However, the way to the barricade is soon blocked off by some wagons before they can reach it, and then Robin gives a signal and the Assassins give the soldier a shower of arrows, wiping out a number of them. Then in the midst of confusion, Robin and some others perform air assassinations on some of the soldiers, both mounted and dismounted. After losing so many men, Marchmain's lieutenant calls a retreat and heads back to the garrison with whats left of the squadron. Meanwhile, back at the fort, Sir Randel is furious to see that once again his tactics have failed, and an equally furious Alexander Ravenell angrily scolds him for his stubborn insolence and overconfidence which led to this failure, and for having cost himself a third of his force in the process. Then Alexander's uncle Lord Reginald puts a stop to all this bickering and tells them that they must prepare the defenses with all the manpower they have left before the Assassins can launch an attack. Back in town, we see Robin and the others working on a battering ram made from a tree trunk as well as assault latters. They plan to attack the next morning, however, the assault will mostly be a diversion, for a smaller group is to use the moat around the garrison to get to the other side without being seen while the main force keeps the enemy busy at the main gate. This is somewhat similar to what they did at Torquilstone Castle, only this time there are no secret passages involved.
    Before we go any further, I would like to announce that I've decided to make Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe a playable character. I do have to admit that I've been trying to avoid doing so but then I decided "What the Hell." Oh and I've decided to have him kill the Executioner of Nottingham instead of Much, the Miller's Son. I'll reveal the rest of his targets along the way.
    Anyway, also like Torquilstone there will be a fire involved, only this time it won't be caused by any accidents. Once the small group gets inside the garrison, they will let the horses loose and set fire to the stable and anywhere else that's flammable. This will make it easier for the main force to storm the main wall because Marchmain and his men can't fight them and fight fire at the same time. Once the siege equipment is complete, the Assassins then get some sleep while they can since it's only a few hours before dawn.
    Now it is dawn, and we see Robin and his Brotherhood taking positions. Robin leaves Little John in charge of the main force, while he, Ivanhoe, and Marion lead the small group into the moat. Everyone in the garrison is still asleep, even the Ravenells, who chose not to try and kill the Assassins in their sleep, knowing it would be difficult for them to get away due to their strength in number. Anyway, Robin and the others wait until after sunrise, and then Robin gives Little John the signal to which he sounds the charge with his horn. Meanwhile, as Little John leads the attack, one of the guards inside the garrison awakens to the sound of the shouting and hollers "Here they come" alerting every man including Marchmain and the Ravenells. As they man the main wall, we see Little John leading men across the drawbridge, while Will Scarlet and Allan-a-Dale have some of the others bring homemade bridges, which they place on the moat and cross them instead. Then as the fighting commences, Robin and his group jump into the moat and swim all the way to other side of the garrison. Once they get there, they first dispatch any guards who keep watch during the fighting, and then they scale the wall by either using grappling hooks or just climbing with their hands. Once they are inside, Robin and his party let all the horses loose and then set the stable on fire. Then they light anything else that's flammable including a few supply wagons. Next we see some guards who are trying to brace the main gate, and one of them suddenly notices the fires. He rushes to Marchmain and warns him, and when the fort commander sees the fires as well as those who started them, he orders his lieutenant to take some men and put out the fires and stop Robin's party. Alexander Ravenell tries to tell him that doing so will only lower their numbers and make it easier for the main force to storm the fort but Marchmain still refuses to listen, but when Alexander tells him that Robin Hood is among those setting the fires, Marchmain sees an opportunity and thinks that if they can catch Robin, they can force the rest of the Brotherhood to surrender. So he tells Alexander to assist the lieutenant and capture Robin. Seeing that Marchmain is actually using his brain for once, Alexander agrees and goes to aid the lieutenant, taking his brother Robert with him (plus he's been waiting for a chance to actually fight Robin).
    Back at the burning stable, Robin and his party clash with Marchmain's lieutenant and his squad. Ivanhoe handles the lieutenant while the others handle the rest, then after killing a few guards, Robin is soon finds himself face-to-face with Alexander Ravenell, and after Ivanhoe kills the lieutenant. he then ends up fighting Robert Ravenell. Meanwhile back at the main gate, Little John manages to scale the wall and takes out a couple guards. Then he spots Sir Randel Marchmain and the two engage each other in a duel, and after a long fight, Little John kills Marchmain and the garrison is rendered leaderless. When Bardolph Ravenell sees Little John after he killed the commander, he engages him in battle, seeing this as an opportunity to pick up where they left off on the road to Coventry. Once they realize that their commander and his lieutenant have fallen, the Bishop's guards start to lose moral and everything falls into chaos. Lord Reginald notices this and tries to maintain order, but it's too late for they are already overwhelmed by the Brotherhood. The Templar Knights, however, are still putting up a good fight for they see the Ravenells as their leaders. Seeing that battle is lost, Lord Reginald orders the Templar Knights to try and hold the Merry Men at bay while he and his nephew make a break for it and ride out to warn the other commanders and Count Godwin de la Pole, as well as try to get them to fall back to Hereford. The knights agree and Lord Reginald calls to his nephews who reluctantly obey but swear to their opponents that their duels will continue.
    As the four Ravenells ride for the main gate, the two inquisitors, Tobias Grosseteste and Manfred Le Grant, come running after them and calling out to wait for them. Then Marian spots them and gives chase and follows them all the way to the main gate. As they exit the garrison, Marian then springs on Grosseteste and stabs him with her Hidden Blade and then tosses a throwing knife into the fleeing Le Grant's back, killing the both of them. Once the Ravenells have escaped, the remaining Templar Knights surrender along with the Bishop's guards. As they are taken and locked in the barracks, we then see Robin take a flaming arrow and shoots it at the Templar flag waving above the fort, and sets it a blaze. Meanwhile, we see the four Ravenells watch as the flag burns until there's nothing left of it, before heading off for Bromsgrove.

    To be continued...
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    As we return to the story, we see Arthur-a-Bland reporting to Robin that the Ravenells had escaped, which means that they will alert Count Godwin de la Pole and every commander from Bromsgrove to Hereford that Coventry and Birmingham have been taken. This has Robin feeling concerned for the Ravenells might convince them all to retreat back to Hereford so they can take him and his Brotherhood at full strength. Charles and Nigel, however, assure him that there's no chance of that happening, for they know well that each commander only takes orders from the Bishop himself, although the count might be a different story. Feeling a bit relieved by this, Robin decides that they shall leave for Bromsgrove on the following day, in the mean time he has Will Scarlet and a few others put out the fires and has Charles ride out to Bromsgrove and tell Humphrey Mortmain and his ten recruits to meet them halfway there since Bromsgrove doesn't have any forests nearby like Coventry and Birmingham. Sir Henry of the Lee reports that only less than ten of theirs were lost during the battle, and only twice that many were wounded, but very few seriously. As for the enemy, it would seem that more of the Bishop's guards survived than Templar Knights. As soon as the fires are out, Robin has the prisoners locked up in the barracks.
    On the next day, Robin and his Brotherhood depart from Birmingham, leaving only the seriously wounded behind. By now, Charles, the Cobbler's Son has already returned and Humphrey Mortmain has agreed to meet them halfway to Bromsgrove. Once they do meet up with them, they find a spot to rest and go over their plans of attack, but first Humphrey reports that he did see the Ravenells ride into town the day before. According to him, they tried to convince the garrison commander Sir Diggory de Ireby and the inquisitor, Joseph Parmenter, to fall back to Hereford, but the commander refused to do so for he only took orders from the Bishop, just like Charles and Nigel said. The Templar Knights and the inquisitor, however, were willing to leave but the Ravenells told them to remain in Bromsgrove in case Robin and his Brotherhood arrived before they returned. When Robin asks where the Ravenells are now, Humphrey tells him that they left for Kidderminster after purchasing some new fresh mounts.
    Before we continue with this, I just found out that King Arthur's sword Excalibur was included in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Since it doesn't mention where Eivor found it yet, for now I'll just wait until all the details are shown, and then I'll think of a way to make it flexible, concerning my ideas. Then again, we can always say that the Hidden Ones returned Excalibur to Avalon after the Heathen War ended and the Vikings were all driven out of England.
    Anyway, back to the story, Mortmain then tells Robin that the best way to infiltrate the garrison is through the town's well. According to him there are tunnels underground which the well's comes through that are big enough for a person to walk through, and inside the fortress there is another well that has its own tunnel that runs right into that of the town's well. Robin then decides that come nightfall, he, Little John, and Ivanhoe will lead a small group through the well's tunnels and into the garrison, where they'll open the main gate from the inside. Mortmain warns him that every man in the garrison will be on alert now that they know they are coming. That being the case, Robin decides that they will set up camp outside of town and wait them out until after midnight when most of them have already drifted off to sleep. Mortmain also warns that the main gate is a portcullis one and opening it would cause so much noise that it would awaken all the soldiers. Little John then says that he will open it with his bare-hands, that way it wouldn't make any noise. He even proves that he can by lifting a huge rock and tossing it. So with their plans all set and agreed upon, our heroes mount up and continue on to Bromsgrove.
    Meanwhile, over in Kidderminster, we see the Ravenells trying to convince the garrison commander, Sir Aglovale de Maris, to fall back to Hereford, but to no avail. However, when a Templar Lieutenant offers to go along with them, Alexander Ravenell refuses but then tells him to take his men to Bromsgrove and reinforce Sir Diggory de Ireby. When the commander objects to this, Ravenell then orders the lieutenant to report back to Maris immediately if he and his men get there too late and Bromsgrove is already taken. Reluctantly, Maris agrees and grants the lieutenant permission to leave, and the lieutenant says he will do so within the hour. Little do they know, however, that they are being overheard by James and Thora of Kidderminster who then slip away to fetch their recruits and ride out to warn the Assassins.
    Next we see the town itself and it is night once again, and Robin and his Brotherhood have already set up camp. Since it is not after midnight yet, they decide to get a few hours sleep before then. In the garrison, the Templar Knights suggest to Sir Diggory de Ireby that he let them go out to try and take the Assassins while they're sleeping. The commander refuses, however, believing that it could be a trick to lure them out, and he doesn't want to make the same mistakes that Sir Randel Marchmain did back in Birmingham.
    Now it is after midnight and we see Robin, Little John, and Ivanhoe leading a small party through the streets. Lucky for them, there are no guards it town for they have all been called into the garrison by Sir Diggory, since he knows that they are coming, only he expects that Robin will attempt an all-out assault in spite of what the Ravenells told him. By now, most of the garrison is asleep except for a few sentries, but none of them can see our heroes, for they are keeping to the shadows. As soon as the reach the well, Robin and the others climb down into the tunnels, one-at-a-time, and head for the one that leads to the well inside the garrison. When they get there, Robin goes up first to make doubly sure that everyone in the fortress is asleep. Once he sees that there isn't a single soldier awake except for a few sentries on the wall above the main gate, Robin gives the others the okay to come up and join him. After the first few climb out, Robin and Ivanhoe head up the wall while Little John goes to the portcullis gate and gets ready to lift it. Outside the garrison, the rest of the Brotherhood are lying in waiting for the signal. After he and Ivanhoe dispatch the sentries, Robin gives that signal by shooting a flaming arrow like he did at Wakefield. When they see it, they all quietly advance towards the wall, some of them bringing the latters they used back in Birmingham. As they come in closer, Little John lifts the gate until it is right over his head, and doesn't let it down until everyone's inside. As they come in, they either kill or subdue every soldier and Templar Knight they come upon. As this happens, we suddenly see Ireby coming out of his quarters, and the minute he sees what's going on he shouts "TO ARMS MEN, TO ARMS" and those of the Bishop's Guards and Templar Knights who haven't been killed or subdued yet awaken and go into battle. It is too late, however, for too many have already been put out of commission. While Ivanhoe engages Ireby in battle, we then see Joseph Parmenter, the inquisitor, looking in terror as he comes out of his quarters. As he walks out into the fighting all scared and not knowing what to do, he is spotted by Little John, who comes over and kills him by ringing the inquisitor's neck with his bare hands. As for Ireby, after a long duel he is eventually killed by Ivanhoe. When the fighting is over the prisoners are all locked up in the barracks and the dead are disposed of, and our heroes spend the night in the captured fort.

    To be continued...
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    Before we continue with the story, I just thought up a perfect side quest. In it the player has to find the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain:

    1. White-Hilt, the Sword of Rhydderch Hael
    2. The Hamper of Gwyddno Garanhir
    3. The Horn of Bran Galed
    4. The Chariot of Morgan Mwynfawr
    5. The Halter of Clydno Eiddyn
    6. The Knife of Llawfrodedd Farchog
    7. The Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant
    8. The Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd
    9. The Coat of Padarn Beisrudd
    10-11. The Crock and Dish of Rhygenydd the Cleric
    12. The Chessboard of Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio
    13. The Mantle of Arthur

    According to legend, each of these objects had unspeakable magic powers, which I'll explain later. Since they were magic, perhaps they too can be Pieces of Eden. Some of these treasures (the sword, the coat, and the mantle) will be usable in the game, while the rest will be left in the store cave.

    To be continued...
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    Now back to the story, it is now morning and Robin and the others start bringing down the Templar flag when we hear Thomas of the Green Vale call down from the east wall that riders are coming. Nigel Parry takes a look and tells everyone that it's James and Thora of Kidderminster and their recruits. After they're let in through the gate, James and Thora inform Robin that before leaving for Worcester, the Ravenells had sent the Templar force of Kidderminster to reinforce the Bromsgrove garrison, and that they are to report back if they arrived too late. This being the case, Robin comes up with a plan and has the others raise the flag back up and has some others strip some of the prisoners of their armor and pose as some of the Bishop's Guards. He plans to fool the Templars into thinking that they hadn't lost the garrison and lure them into a trap. This, however, is only half of Robin's plan, which I'll explain later.
    Next it is a few hours later and we see the Templar Lieutenant and his men approaching the garrison. After identifying himself, the lieutenant demands for the gate to be open and our heroes let them in. Once the Templars are all inside the gate is slammed down shut behind them and the entire Brotherhood comes out of hiding. As the fight ensues, Marian shoots an arrow through the lieutenant's neck, killing him, and the ruckus continues until every last Templar Knight is dispatched or subdued. Then when its over, Robin has everyone strip the bodies and the survivors of their helmets, tunics, armor, etc. Now comes the second-half of Robin's plan in which he and some of the others disguise themselves in order to infiltrate the garrison in Kidderminster. Since the lieutenant and his men were ordered to return if they failed to reinforce the garrison in Bromsgrove, Robin intends to use this to their advantage. He, himself of course will pose as the lieutenant (lucky for him the lieutenant was wearing a helmet just like his men). Unfortunately there are only enough uniforms for half of the Brotherhood, which means that they will have to split up into two groups. Robin and Ivanhoe will take the first group and ride ahead to Kidderminster. Little John and Sir Cedric will stay behind with the second group, but will depart for Kidderminster a few hours later. Before they leave, they take down the Templar flag and burn it.
    Now it is after sunset and Robin and Ivanhoe's group has reached Kidderminster and head directly to the fort where they meet with Sir Aglovale de Maris and tell him that they were too late and Bromsgrove had fallen. The commander then asks if they were followed, but they say they didn't see anyone for they made sure all the way back. Lucky for them, Maris believes their story and tells them to return to their posts. Later, Robin sneaks into the kitchen where the cook is preparing stew for the soldiers. As soon as the cook leaves the room to feed the garrison's dogs, Robin then drugs the stew with the same stuff they used at Wakefield, and then leaves to warn the others. Then, hours later we see Little John and Sir Cedric's group sneak into town and make sure there are no guards patrolling the streets. When they are sure that there aren't any, they make for the garrison where they wait for the gates to be opened. Back inside the fortress, all the guards are sound asleep, even the sentries. The only ones who haven't been drugged are Maris and the inquisitor, Lionel de Blays, who had their own supper. Seeing their chance, Robin and the others remove their disguises and open the main gate, letting Little John and the rest of the Brotherhood inside. Then we see Blays come out to see why everything is so quiet all of a sudden and sees guards being killed and subdued everywhere. He calls out the Maris who comes rushing out and tells him to ride out to Worcester to warn Count Godwin de la Pole and Sir Lawrence of Warwick. While Maris gets into a duel with Will Scarlet, the inquisitor mounts a nearby horse and is about to ride off when he is spotted by Robin, who then shoots an arrow into Blays' chest, killing him. As for Maris, he soon ends up being cut down by Will after a long fight. When it's over, the surviving guards are locked up in the barracks, the bodies of the dead are disposed of, the Templar flag is burned, and our heroes spend the night in the captured garrison.
    On the following morning, we see our heroes on their way to Worcester. Upon reaching the town before sunset, they meet up with Leticia Brickenden and her thirty recruits in the woods outside of town where they go over their strategy. Robin asks if the Ravenells had come into Worcester and if their still there, to which Leticia says that they had already left the day before. She even says although Sir Laurence refused to leave his post, Count Godwin and the Templars offered to go with them, however, the Ravenells told the Templars to remain in Worcester but they allowed the count and half of his men to accompany them to Malvern, leaving the other half, including Godwin's Steward, to guard the castle during the count's absence. As for the castle itself, according to Leticia it is not as well fortified as the garrison, even if it was fully manned. Then Robin asks how high the castle's towers are to which Leticia says that they're high enough to get a good view over the garrison's walls. This being the case, Robin suggests they take the castle first, for there's this new tool that he's been wanting to put to the test. So it is agreed that they will wait until nightfall, as usual, and they start making preparations.
    Now the sun has finally set, and we see Robin and a party of thirty or so making their way through town. They do happen upon a few night patrols along the way, but they manage to easily dispatch them. Once they reach the castle, Robin has Alan-a-Dale and Isembard the Traveling Minstrel (if he is recruited) lure the two guards at the main gate into and alley with their music. Then they jump them, remove their armor, and have two of their's pose as guards, but not before Robin takes care of the few guards on the main wall with his bow and arrows. After that, Robin and a few others scale the wall and open the gate from the inside, after cutting down anymore men-at-arms who are awake. Then when the rest of the party is inside, they split into smaller groups and sweep the entire castle of every last enemy soldier, both by assassination and by combat. Little John and his party happen upon Godwin's steward, whom Little John himself dispatches. They also release any prisoners that are locked away in the dungeon, whom they allow to join them. The serfs there also agree to join them since their master never showed any regard for them. After that's all finished, Robin and his party call in the two they had posing as guards, and then go up the high tower that looks over the garrison, where they wait until midnight for their next move. Meanwhile, the rest of the Brotherhood waits within the town for Robin to infiltrate the garrison. Then soon, Will Scarlet spots the inquisitor Adelard Bellecote headed for Count Godwin's castle. Marian tells Will to go after the inquisitor and kill him before he gets there. Will then rushes through the alleys until he reaches a wagon full of hay on the side of the street near the castle. Once Bellecote is close enough, Will whistles to get his attention, and when the inquisitor comes over, Will grabs him and pulls him into the hay while stabbing him with his hidden blade. Then with that finished, Will reports back to Marian that it is done, and the waiting continues.
    Next, it is hours later and we hear the church bell as it strikes twelve. Now it is time to put Robin's new tool to the test; it is called a Rope Arrow, an arrow with a rope attached to the back of it. He takes one of these new arrows and shoots it into one of the wooden beams inside the garrison, and then pulls up the rope until it's a straight line and ties it to a torch holder (or whatever is strong enough) real tight. Finally, Robin and his party each take a weapon and slide down the rope as if they're on a zip-line, but they do it one or two-at-a-time since they're not sure how many people the rope can hold at once. As more and more of them infiltrate the fortress, Robin and his party (including their new found recruits from the castle) go through the same routine of jumping the sentries and opening the main gate. As the rest of the Brotherhood pours into the garrison, killing and subduing every guard and Templar Knight in sight, Sir Laurence of Warwick comes rushing out, trying to awaken every soldier who isn't out of action yet. However, Ivanhoe manages to get above the commander and performs an air assassination, killing him.
    After they lock up the survivors, Robin and the others discover a few catapults which are covered by sheets along with wagons full of boulder ammunition. They decide to take them all to Malvern with them, of course Robin has other plans for these artillery pieces, and in the morning he sends Reynold Greenleaf on ahead to inform Gwendolen, the Tailor's Daughter that they shall reach Malvern around midnight since their newly found artillery will slow them down.
    Now it is the following night and the bell has just struck twelve, meaning it is now midnight. We then see Robin and the others being greeted by Gwendolen and her twenty recruits. As soon as everyone is gathered in the woods outside of Malvern, Robin fills everyone in on his plan, which is to use the catapults as a means to get inside the garrison only not by breaching the walls with the boulder ammunition but by tossing some Assassins, including himself, into the garrison. At first everyone thinks it's a crazy idea, but lucky for them these are special catapults that are fit with special parts that look like giant protractors and are used for measuring distance in terms of yards (I got the idea for this from episode 109 of the 1950s tv series The Adventures of Robin Hood). Also lucky for them, the fortress is outside of Malvern, giving them the distance they need for the launching, and Gwendolen has a map of its layouts so they can find the right places to land. As for the Ravenells and Count Godwin, Gwendolen says that they already left for Ledbury the day before. Before they setup the catapults, Robin sneaks into the garrison and uses a 13-knot rope to measure the distance between the places where they are to land and the main gate. Lucky for him, everyone in the garrison asleep, even Sir Hamon Godferoy the commander, Ingram Ashdown the inquisitor, and the Templar Knights. Then he sneaks back out and then measures the number of yards between the fortress and the town. As he does all this, he writes down the total number of yards which the catapults are to be set for. Once he's finished, Robin heads back into Malvern and shows the results to the others.
    Next, we see the Brotherhood and their recruits placing the catapults right in front of the town which is just some yards away from the fortress. Robin goes first and the catapult sends him flying all the way up to one of the garrison's towers where he lands safely. Marian goes next and is sent flying to the other tower, while Little John lands in a large pile of hay and Ivanhoe lands into a hay wagon. As more are sent flying into the fort, our heroes start getting to work, killing and subduing the guards. After enough Assassins are inside the garrison, Robin fires the flaming arrow signal while Little John and and a few others open the main gate for Will Scarlet and the rest of the Brotherhood. As they storm the garrison, we then see Ingram Ashdown emerge from his chambers, and once he realizes what's happening, the inquisitor panics and rushes to Sir Hamon Godferoy's chambers. As he continuously bangs on the door and calls to Godferoy, Little John rushes over and stabs Ashdown with his Hidden Blade. After the inquisitor falls dead, Little John leaves to rejoin the so-called conflict. Unfortunately for him though, Godferoy had heard Ashdown's calls and soon emerges from his chambers to find the inquisitor lying dead at the door. Upon seeing that the garrison has been invaded, the commander draws his sword and rushes into battle. He is then met with Marian who kills him after an immense duel between the two of them. Once it is over, everyone goes through the same routine of locking up prisoners and disposing of corpses while Robin burns the Templar flag with a flaming arrow.
    Now it is morning once more, and before he and his Brotherhood depart, Robin sends Thomas of the Green Vale on ahead to inform Basil and Bernard Rountree in Ledbury that they would reach them at midnight due to the catapults. Then it is many hours later and we see Robin and the others on the road to Ledbury. By now the sun is beginning to set, and sure enough we see Thomas returning, but he's not alone. With him are the Rountree Brothers and their ten recruits. Basil Rountree tells Robin that he should wait until morning to reach Ledbury because the garrison commander Sir Wymond de Ambray is a real battle-hard type and the minute he finds out that he and the others are in town, he'll come out and attack at full strength. He also says that there are plenty of hiding places in Ledbury for them to setup an ambush. Then Robin asks if the Count Godwin and the Ravenells had been through Ledbury, to which Basil says yes, which means that they probably told him how Sir Randel Marchmain's force was cut down, in other words Ambray would probably be expecting an ambush. But then Robin thinks up a better plan and discusses it with everyone.

    To be continued...
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    As we return to the story, it is the following morning, and we see Robin and the others arriving in Ledbury. They are soon spotted by a lookout at the garrison who rushes down to inform Sir Wymond de Ambray. What he doesn't know is that Bernard Rountree has been listening from below the wall, and he slips away to inform the others that the lookout had taken the bait. Meanwhile, we see Sir Wymond who has just entered his quarters, and with him is the inquisitor Gervase Challener whom, unlike the other inquisitors, is also a warrior and is always dressed for battle, thus earning his epithet, "the Fighting Inquisitor." Suddenly the lookout bursts through the doors and informs both of them that Robin Hood has just arrived. Upon hearing this, Ambray knows for a fact that if Robin has made it this far, then Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Worcester, and Malvern have all been taken, just like Coventry and Birmingham. He then asks if all the men have awakened, to which the lookout says that most of them are still asleep. This being the case, Ambray tells Challener to waken them all and have them ready the horses, for he plans to take on Robin at full strength. When Challener reminds him of what the Ravenells said about what happened at Birmingham, Ambray tells him to arm all the men with shields so they can avoid getting hit by arrows and to knock of any Assassin who try to perform air assassinations.
    Next we see Ambray and Challener leading their men out of the garrison and into the town, leaving the whole fortress undefended. As soon as they are all in the town, we then see Robin and Ivanhoe peaking out from around the corners of the two houses on both sides of the street at the edge of town. Then once their enemies are deep inside the town, they each give a whistle and then we see many of the others popping out of the ground. You see during the night, they dug pits in which they camouflaged with cloth and dirt right on top of wooden covers which they held up with sticks. Others were hiding below the walls on the right and on the left. Quickly, they all slip into the fort, closing and locking the main gate behind them. Robin then has everyone take positions on the walls and ready the defenses, knowing that they shall soon have a battle on their hands.
    Meanwhile, back in the town, we see Ambray having his men search everywhere since nothing has happened since they arrived. Soon one of the Templar Knights comes riding towards him and Challener, and informs them that for some strange reason the main gate of the garrison has been shut, and he says that he could've sworn he saw Robin Hood standing on top of the wall. At first they don't believe him but then Ambray is not so sure, knowing that Robin is said to be full of tricks. So he has Challener call all the men back while he follows the Templar Knight back to the fort along with a few men-at-arms. When they reach it, they are greeted by Robin who is standing on top of the wall just like the knight said. Ambray curses Robin for having tricked him before Challener arrives with the rest of their men. After a brief conversation, Ambray orders his men to fall back into Ledbury, to prepare for an assault.
    Now it is almost noon, and Sir Wymond de Ambray and Gervase Challener have returned with assault latters and a battering ram. First Ambray has his men fire a volley of arrows and crossbow bolts, which doesn't do much damage since Robin and his Brotherhood have shields of their own and plenty of other means of protection. Then before Robin and the others retaliate, Ambray orders his men to ready their shields. Unfortunately for them, however, the shield don't do them much good, for the Assassins now have a new type of arrow, the Shield Penetrator Arrow. These are special arrows that can penetrate through shields, both wood and metal. Although they can't go through far enough to inflict a fatal wound anyway on the shield user, they can impale them through the arm with which they carry the shield, which might force them to drop it. The Assassins send volley after volley, exposing a number of enemies before killing them. Then, once they reach the wall and put up the assault latters, Robin blows his horn, and at the nearby forest we see Little John and some other Assassins remove some of the brush, revealing the catapults. They then start opening fire on the enemy with each shot making a direct hit, smashing the latters, breaking the battering ram in half, and cutting Ambray's force to pieces. As Sir Wymond tries to rally his force and gets to close to the wall, Robin shoots a Shield Penetrator Arrow, which impales the commander's shield arm and causes him to drop his means of protection. Now that he's fully exposed, Robin performs an air assassination on Ambray, killing him. After witnessing this, Gervase Challener tells a few surviving Templar Knights to ride out to Hereford and tell the Bishop that Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Worcester, Malvern, and Ledbury have all been taken, tell Count Godwin that Robin's Brotherhood has his catapults, and tell the Ravenells that they were right all along and that he and Ambray should have listened to them. Before the Templar Knights leave, they watch as Challener rides towards Robin and attacks him. As he does so, he fails to realize that he's gotten too close to the wall and soon suffers Ambray's fate, for Ivanhoe leaps down and performs an air assassination on him. After the last of the inquisitors has fallen, the remaining Templar Knights ride off at top speed before anyone can catch them. Now the battle is over and there are very few survivors, minus the few who left for Hereford. As they are locked away in the garrison barracks, Robin decides that he and the rest of the Brotherhood shall remain in Ledbury until early in the afternoon, for many of the Assassins need rest after nearly a whole week of traveling.
    Meanwhile, over in Hereford, it is noon and we see the Bishop, along with Count Godwin and the Ravenells, handing over written orders to a courier who is to deliver them to Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Worcester, Malvern, and Ledbury. The orders are for all five garrison commanders to fall back to Hereford so they can attack Robin's Brotherhood at full strength. Before the courier can leave, however, the few Templar Knights from Ledbury arrive and inform the Bishop and the others of what has happened. The Bishop can't believe he actually lost seven garrisons in only a week. Count Godwin shouts and complains after hearing that his catapults are now in the hands of outlaws and Assassins. He then angrily demands that they gather whatever forces they have left and attack Ledbury so he can reclaim his precious catapults, but Alexander Ravenell calms him down and assures him that they'll get his catapults back. As for the Bishop, he asks the surviving knights how many Assassins Robin had, to which they say they don't know exactly how many, but there were definitely more than the number the Ravenells told them. Lord Reginald guesses that they may have received reinforcements from each town who even gave them intelligence. This being the case, the Bishop suggests that they prepare the defenses on Hereford's walls and await the arrival of Robin's Brotherhood and that they summon his fighting monks, but little do he and the others know that they are being watched by Adam of the Cross and some of his recruits, who then slip away, gather the rest of the recruits, and ride out to warn Robin and the others.
    Back at Ledbury, it is afternoon now and Robin, Marian, Ivanhoe, and the others are about ready to leave for Hereford when Adam of the Cross and his thirty recruits arrive. They inform Robin of what is going on in Hereford. Robin asks if the Bishop and his men have artillery of their own like Count Godwin did, to which Adam of the Cross says that they do have catapults but none of them are like Count Godwin's. Then Robin asks how thick Hereford's walls are, and Adam says they are pretty thick but the catapults they took from Count Godwin will be able to make short work of them. Finally Robin asks about how big a force the Bishop's got, including the Templar Knights and the men Count Godwin brought with him. To this, Adam says that the Bishop's force is a bit bigger than the one at Worcester was, and it includes his own private army of fighting monks, all trained by the inquisitor Gervase Challener himself, which numbers up to a hundred or more. They are lead by the Bishop's priest Urian Cardonell and his second in command Deacon Ogier FitzAlan, both of whom were also trained by Challener, thus earning their epithets "the Priest of Battle" and "the Warrior Deacon." This has Robin a little worried, but Sir Cedric and Kirjath Jairam assure him that there's no need for that, for just days ago before they left Bromsgrove, the two of them sent messenger pigeons to their friends, the same two forces of Saxons and Jewish refugees who help them take Torquilstone Castle, because they anticipated that Hereford might have the largest number of soldiers. Robin is a little annoyed that they sent for them knowing that they might end up being ambushed by the Raven's Eye, but Sir Cedric and Kirjath say that they told them to be very discrete in order to avoid an ambush. When Robin asks them when the two forces will reach Hereford, Kirjath says they should arrive by the following day. Although Robin is relieved to know that help is coming, he still tells Sir Cedric and Kirjath to consult with him first from now on before doing things like that. With all that being settled, our heroes finish their preparations and depart for Hereford.
    Now it is the following day, and we see the walls of Hereford manned by Count Godwin's men-at-arms, the Bishop's guards, Templar Knights, and some of the fighting monks, including Deacon Ogier FitzAlan. We even see the Bishop himself, along with Count Godwin and the Ravenells, and they soon spot Robin's Brotherhood slowly approaching. As soon as they are within yards away from the walls, the Assassins set up camp and prepare the catapults. Since their allies have not arrived yet, and won't be there for about an hour or so, Robin plans to stall for time by giving the enemy a taste of their artillery fire. They fire a number of shots, battering the walls and demolishing a few towers. Also, the send a number of arrow volleys to try and weaken the enemy's strength.
    Next, an hour has past and at Hereford's walls and we see Count Godwin expressing to the others why Robin's Brotherhood still isn't attacking. Then suddenly, Alexander Ravenell spots two other forces approaching; it's Sir Cedric's Saxons and the Jewish refugees. He then expresses that they were only buying time for reinforcements to arrive. Back at the camp, our heroes welcome their reinforcements and then get them into position and prepare to attack. Now Robin starts getting serious; as the Saxons, led by Sir Cedric and his son Ivanhoe, and the Jewish refugees, led by Isaac of York and Kirjath Jairam, charge, he has the others send more arrow volleys use the catapults to enemy's artillery. Then as their allies near the walls, they use the catapults to break a hole through the walls, and break down the main gate.
    Now that Hereford's walls are breached, Robin and the others join their allies in storming the town itself. As they enter, Count Godwin and the Ravenells rally their forces and try to counter attack, but our heroes manage to overpower them (especially since their strength has already). Robin, himself, soon faces Count Godwin in a one-on-one fight. Meanwhile, Little John and Bardolph Ravenell pick up where they left off about over a week ago, and so do Will Scarlet and Robert Ravenell. All three duels are soon interrupted, however, when the Bishop's forces begin to falter and fall back to the Hereford Cathedral where Priest Urian Cardonell and the rest of the Bishop's fighting monks are waiting. Robin and his Brotherhood take to the roofs and follow them from above, while their allies pursue them on the ground. When they reach the churchyard, Count Godwin, the Ravenells, and FitzAlan combine forces with Cardonell and reform their line for one final stand. Robin's Brotherhood reaches them first and then snipe a few with their bows and arrows. Then when their allies arrive, they use their rope arrows and this time slide down on top of the ropes. As the fight rages on, Count Godwin then tells the Ravenells to take the Bishop and make for the horses and ride back to Ravenell Castle while he, Cardonell, and FitzAlan stay behind and hold Robin's forces off. At first the Bishop, along with Bardolph and Robert Ravenell, object to this, Lord Reginald and Alexander convince them that it's probably best that they escape while they can. As they do so, both Robin and Ivanhoe fight their way through many fighting monks until they find themselves face to face with Count Godwin, Priest Urian, and Deacon Ogier. While Robin resumes his duel with the count, Ivanhoe faces the priest and the deacon in a two on one fight. In spite of being outnumbered, he puts up a good fight, but then, after Ivanhoe knocks FitzAlan to the ground, Cardonell manages to get behind him and grabs hold of him. Then as FitzAlan takes advantage of the opportunity and is about to finish Ivanhoe off, Will Scarlet rush over and pounces the deacon and then they face off. Now the odds are even, and after two short duels, both "the Priest of Battle" and "the Warrior Deacon" are dead. FitzAlan is killed first by Will, and then Cardonell falls by Ivanhoe's sword. As for Robin and Count Godwin, their duel continues until the count is killed by both Robin's sword and his Hidden Blade (which he uses to deliver the final blow).
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