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    Black Flag download wonít complete on Ubisoft Connect 2021

    I bought Black Flag on PC and tried to install it on Connect. It wonít complete the installation. It sticks at 99%. Ive got space for the installation and Iíve got no internet problems. Iíve got a decent pc. This is Ubisoftís problem. Iíve tried everything that their troubleshooting guide suggests but after 4 attempts at a 26gb install its the same. A quick google search shows that Iím not alone. Ubisoft knows that thereís an issue and they havenít fixed it for months now yet they continue to sell a product that canít be downloaded. Fix the damn thing please. Iíve paid, so deliver what Iíve paid for. Gaming is meant to be fun. This is the opposite
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    If Iíd stolen this game on a torrent Iíd have had a better experience. Give me what I paid for.
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