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    Story unplayable/cannot be loaded properly.

    All of a sudden I load into my story and a message comes up saying

    Can't Load Story
    The story cannot be loaded properly on our side. We are periodically releasing improvements and bug fixes to the Story Creator in order to fix issues like this one. Visit the forums on www.assassinscreed.com to join discussions around current issues and possible workarounds.

    So what happened?

    Is there a checklist of things I can do to try to remedy this because it sucks to work on something and then have it break or become "corrupted" like this.

    I've made sure I have no errors in the program when I'm ready to test.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hello Gmoneymozart,

    Thank you for reaching out to us! I am going to move this to our Dedicated Player Support Forum, so that our team can assist you with this.

    You can also reach out directly to them if you prefer Here.
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    Im having the same problem. Cant play any stories or get mine to work on Xbox One with the latest update.
    Super sucky since I made 3 stories as Xmas presents!
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