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    In all the post s asked ,, you have not explained why there is such a restriction when it comes
    to the gun smith .

    It can't be just down to what you call game play . & why the different damage from the same calibre weapon ?

    So can you please explain why we are restricted when it comes to putting our weapons together.
    As a Spec Ops operator there should be no restriction .
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    i know we have MP5 and MPX

    but can we have the old school MP5 SD and can add attachments? and a better suppressed sound for this..

    Thank you
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    Originally Posted by UbiBard Go to original post
    As we move forward with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on several topics. When it comes to things like Weapons and Attachments, we are happy to take in your requests and recommendations across the forums, but we also want to encourage sharing them collectively here.

    Mega Threads like this will help us with keeping all the different information and conversations in one place. Please keep any suggestions and ensuing discussion respectful and in accordance with our forum rules, as we want to keep this thread populated and productive. For more information on how to structure your posts in the forums, see here.

    Ps4 player here. Can anyone help I've got the mawl da laser from liberty airport and have been using it with the m4a1 until recently. Changed my gun and then when I went back to the m4a1 the laser is no longer available to equip to this gun as an attachment but shows I've collected it. Has anyone else had this problem and have any solutions?? Thanks 😃
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    add Gun slings !!

    can the dev team add slings for the weapons , its really bad how you got this really good dynamic gameworld and good tactical like animations , but weapons still get carried on thin air on the backback !!!! . legit like i seen weapons get carried by slings in 8 year old games with old technology , it would be great to add slings and also make only one weapon carried on the back , the other one should be carried by the sling on the chest if player equiped a handgun or did an interaction , it would really great , also you can minimize clipping by increasing the offset between the gun and the player model . hope dev team think about this to make the game more immersive !!
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    Revamp Night visiion !!

    Night vision is really bad , its super blurry + it shows you like 4 meters onfront of u only > in real life modern NVGs are not blurry and can show you up to a distance of 400 meters infront of you !!
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    add IR ilumination laser beam forAi Team mates !!

    i think adding IR laser beam that you can see only with NVGs also for the AI team mates would be really great and would add to the experience !!
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    Could Ubisoft add the FN-HP pistol (FN Herstal High Powered pistol) to Ghost Recon Breakpoint? That would be perfect for my Ghost.
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    Seeing the barrel and MAWL-DA through the scope on snipers and DMRs

    I find really annoying and not realist at all that we can see the barrel through the scope on a lot of sniper rifles/DMRs (especially with the brand new M110, and the TARS scope for example). It just doesn't make any sense (and doesn't work that way in real life), and deserve a quick fix imo.
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    The new gun audio is an improvement, but the suppressed M4A1 and suppressed ACR still sound much faker/mushier than the suppressed VHSD2, which has always sounded excellent.
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    Please add suppresseors to all Lmg variations (base gun, compacts, and saw) and make them more customizable like the AR's are I love using them and it would be nice so I can use them more often
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