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    [SUGGESTION][WEAPONS/ATTACHMENTS] Revisions To Allow For Better Gameplay

    1.) Please add more scope attachments to all the weapons. Wildlands had a nice array of scopes to choose from and it was very satisfactory.
    2.) Light machine guns not being able to attach any silencers is a big let down and I would enjoy seeing those able to be equipped again like in Wildlands.
    3.) The aiming reticle from third person view would be nice if you had the option to change its color and shape.
    4.) Assault rifles and any other realistically possible weapons should have the option to attach a long barrel or many other sorts of barrel attachments.
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    Adding a Glock Gen5 would be nice because its the most trusted and reliable weapon and is used in almost every branch of the us military depending on the role and is used widely by law enforcement in the USA. Would be nice to customize slides and the type of slides on the guns like the glock. Please add in a Glock pistol.
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    My requests:
    1. Bring back the weapon menu from Wildlands. The constant scrolling to compare and change weapons is annoying.
    2. Add the VHSD2's integrated 1.5x optic as an option. It just looks bad-***.
    3. Add a shortened underbarrel shotgun option for bullpups.
    4. Add the Stg44 (even if it's just a premium weapon). A number were used in Vietnam and captured by the U.S. military. U.S. special forces trained on them during the war, and may have even used them in covert operations. Given Auroa was a top secret military base during the Cold War, it would make sense that some captured weapons were stored there. In any case, I think it would be a good addition, as low-ROF, short- to medium-range assault rifles are criminally underrepresented, and it fits with Auroa's background.
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    Sort of gun related.. but i would love to see a manual lean option in the customize controls tab. It could be done easy, bfv added it and it improved the game so much, they also made it an optional control(you could keep it auto when close to walls or set to manual lean). This could help the game be more tactical than it is now. As for attachments i would like to see canted sights added.
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    Please add the following firearms:

    Cheytac M200 Intervention, Barret M99, Serbu BFG, M40A5, XM2010 or MSR, the M110 or SR25, Barrett MRAD, and Denel NTW-20. We have so many assault rifles, DMR's, smg's and others, yet we only have like 7 sniper rifles (not including variants).

    I understand that the render distance is limited to ~575 meters because the game world is so large, but it would be really nice to be able to dope scopes for elevation, have higher/adjustable zoom scopes (4-16x, 6x-25x, 8-32x zoom etc.), and be able to render enemies out to 2500m. I understand this may not be achievable in the current game, but if it could be implemented in the next title, that would make the sniping experience so much more enjoyable.

    As suggested previously, it would be so nice (for this title or the next) to have multiple ammunition types and calibers to further customize our weapons and gameplay. To clarify, I mean actually rendering weapons in-game as using their real-life calibers, ie the honey badger using 300 Blackout, heavy, slower sniper rifles being available in 375 Cheytac (highest muzzle velocity, lowest damage), 416 Barrett (higher muzzle velocity, medium damage), and 50 BMG (highest damage, lowest muzzle velocity); medium sniper rifles being available in .338 Lapua (highest damage, lowest muzzle velocity), .300 Norma Magnum (medium muzzle velocity and damage), and 300 Win Mag (highest mv, lowest damage); and light sniper rifles/DMRs using 338 Win Mag (highest damage, lowest muzzle velocity ), 308 Winchester (medium damage and muzzle velocity) and 6.5 Creedmore ( high mv, lowest damage). The three styles of rifles could be balanced by heavy sniper rifles being slow to aim, high recoil outside of prone, with high range and damage with a slow rate of fire; medium sniper rifles being medium in these aspects, and DMR's/light sniper rifles being high rate of fire, lower damage, more portable with lower recoil. And same for all weapons, different calibers and ammo types to customize every aspect of how the weapon behaves.

    In addition, I would like to see different projectile types IE hollow points (more damage to unarmored targets, low penetration and damage to vehicles), FMJ (medium damage and penetration) and armor piercing (high penetration through obstacles, damage to vehicles and armored targets, lower damage to unarmored targets), and explosive rounds for heavy sniper rifles (a ****ton of damage, loud on impact)

    Just some suggestions from a player that has loved the last two titles.
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    however US army is using P320 code name M17 as their next gen pistol to replace M9 cuz its cheap lol
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    add attachments that ordinary weapons have to those Brown, Survive, Custom version weapons, like we should have exactly the same attachments for mk14 assault Brown and mk14 assault, we don't have a bipod, short barrel on mk14 assault Brown, we don't have a extended mag for 416 CQB Brown, and we don't have a control shield muzzle for every Brown, Survive, Custom version of assault rifles, please fix that or we truly spent our money on those weapons for nothing...

    can we have some real life sound record for all the weapons? especially with suppressor on, the gun shot sounds unreal, even the sentinel soldiers don't think its gun shot even in 150m or less
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    One more suggestion could be the addition of anti-materiel rifles. These could be 20mm rifles like the Denel NTW-20, the Anzio 20mm rifle, Snipex T-rex, and Istiglal IST-14.5. They could be 250+ damage rifles with high muzzle velocities and slow rates of fire that can be balanced by only being usable in prone, or supported position. They would be able to two or one-shot vehicles, helicopters and most drones, but do only serious damage to behemoths. This would give us a nice addition to our current arsenal and aid in taking out behemoths/raid bosses/convoys.

    More sniper rifles I would like to see are as follows:
    GM6 Lynx, Accuracy International AX-50 and AS-50, Steyr HS-50, PGM Hecate II, Barrett M95, all in .50 caliber. More rifles include the Surgeon Precision Sniper Rifle, Savage 110 BA Stealth, Ruger Precision Rifle, FN Ballista, and Remington MSR, all in .338 Lapua. Thanks.
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    Canted sights are awful, useless, COD-inspired garbage.
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    Add crossbows and compound bows like this

    Add some new ars like these:
    -Beretta ARX100
    -Bushmaster ACR
    -Bushmaster ACR DMR
    -Bushmaster Carbon-15 Series
    -Colt LE901-16S
    -DPMS GII Recon
    -DS Arms SA58 Mini OSW
    -FN SCAR 16S
    -FN SCAR 17S
    -HK MR556A1
    -HK MR762A1

    -IWI Tavor SAR
    -MasterPiece Arms MPAR556
    -SIG556 Patrol
    -SIG556 Patrol
    -SIG716 Patrol

    AR Images link:
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